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Come on a visit, dear milk!

“And only 10 ml!“ - with horror I thought, looking at unfortunate drops which I managed to decant from both breasts. There was the fifth day after the delivery, and milk everything was not, only colostrum. All consoled and helped: “At you Caesarian, wait, suffer!“ And I almost cried together with Varyushka, it is good to speak to them “suffer“.

my daughter was put for the first days after operation, I at once began to rise and take away for the evening it to myself in chamber where she continuously sucked a breast. For the fourth day I took away it to myself absolutely, the night which followed it became only sleepless for all this time (Varyushke 1,1 year now).

Night. In chamber it is dark not to awake the neigbour with the child, and in a corridor it is silent. And here in this intimate situation, having hardly climbed up the bed, “I admire“ playing by moonlight 10 ml of milk. Night for me - a time of deception of my own organism. Varyushka began to lose quickly flesh, and we with the pediatrician compromised - to give dokorm for the night, and most to stimulate a lactation, manually decanting milk.

Then I understood the first law GV:“ What inquiry, such is the answer“. Then at night, by moonlight, I almost swore to myself and the daughter that I will fight for milk by all means all means which are available in a medicine arsenal.


Day of the sixth, I feel some heat in a breast and most somehow hot. I run to a window, I look at a breast, it seems bulked up, does not prick anything anywhere. I press a nipple, and... Oh, My God, milk fountainlets! It is not enough, but a put ago nothing was! The husband came, demanded that allowed it to taste. Embraced me and told: “Dasha, this milk!“ (it at me the expert, nursed the little sister at twelve-year age).

When we were written out by

home, there was not enough milk. All day I sat from Varyushkaya on hands and fed, fed, fed... And the husband approached me with a plate and fed me from a spoon. For the night still gave mix. My state was on the verge of a hysterics, and in the head words of the children`s nurse sounded:“ Dasha, by 14th day there have to be 100 ml!“ 100 ml - same are a lot of! And again deception of an organism... Only then understood that it and was 48 - an hour method of adjustment of GV, instinctively and followed it.

For the 14th day Varyushka refused a bottle, by three weeks of life she established to herself 2. 5 - 3 hour mode of feeding. All this time I fed only on demand and at all did not regret about it.

I Try to help people around to adjust breastfeeding, however I see that not all mothers want. It becomes very offensive for children to whom refuse mother`s milk and attention. For them already decided that the small bottle and independence of the dearest person are better. It seems to me, something happens to mothers, to their maternal instinct. There is not enough knowledge, it is not enough desire to learn, read, ask and consult, it is not enough patience, it is not enough desire to feed, but not enough milk does not happen.