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Bridget Jones and all - all - all of

Reading in a foreign language - an easy way not to forget it. However books which we choose not always bring benefit and pleasure. Far more often - disappointment.

If you not the philologist and not the fan of classics, is not pleasant to read Shakespeare, Defoe, Swift or even Wilde in the original to you, most likely. Especially as there are remarkable Russian translations. Who would begin to read Karamzina or Radishchev for the sake of practice in modern Russian? Experience shows that further the fiftieth page of volume of popular classics seldom who comes if it not for offset, and as a hobby. A set of the forgotten realities, the confused syntax, heavy designs, an outdated slang, archaic language - all this does creations of favourite writers almost impassable at the average level of language proficiency. Why to read books in a foreign language? For expansion of a lexicon, activization of familiar lexicon, the independent analysis of grammar - any textbook will not give such food for mind. In the textbook all leksikogrammatichesky material is presented in the prepared form, in rules and exercises, and in the book it is included in a context. At last, read in general for pleasure. But there is more to come. Modern books help to understand daily reality of others life and culture.“ At schools, institutes, business - schools, on courses we are taught as has to be, - Irina Hang, the CEO of the Dinternal Limited company says, - and here is how it happens actually, it is possible to learn only from personal experience or fiction. For example, learn to conduct negotiations politely and correctly; facing reality, the person is lost: he does not even know that rigid language which his partners speak. Happens, the people for the first time deceived by foreign firms fondly are surprised: how, and there too throw?! Yes you at least one foreign detective read? In female English-speaking prose the constant mention of fashion brands irritates - but they should be known, it is necessary to pay attention to all these “as it is possible to put on white shoes after Thanksgiving Day?“, on indecent brown suits in the business environment at men is a dress code who differently it is necessary to comprehend on the bitter experience...“ . As a rule, in shops take classics and three - four fashionable writers.

“Well Grisham, Rowling, Stephen King, Dan Brown (“Da Vinci Code“), two more - three a name go“, - say in Shakespeare and Company bookstore. In library of the American center one of leaders of reader`s demand - old kind Arthur Haley. In the House of the foreign book on Kuznetsk most often ask Richard Bach, Terry Pratchett, Fleming...

“People come and ask the concrete book about which read in the fashionable magazine a year ago. They do not want to look for something new independently. It is non-standard to think of ability (valuable line of the modern businessman) and to choose the book out of the stereotypic list - the phenomena of one order“, - note in England shop. The choice of the book depends not only on the general erudition and tendencies, but also on level of proficiency in a foreign language. If you are going to read without dictionary - run eyes at least a page: whether the text too easy or excessively difficult seems? It is often possible to guess sense of unknown words also on a context, and here if familiar words do not want to develop in the intelligent offer - it is worse. Such offers has to be no more than fifteen on the page. Too easy text - too it is bad: there is no effort - there is no progress also. Than enough adapted books for any age and level of proficiency in language are now published more.“ But too long to sit on the adapted literature - all the same what to eat one wiped food, - Irina Hang comments. - Set big tasks for yourself. If not adapted text difficult is given - begin with books which were already read in Russian: you will have a hint“. When studying language, especially if your level is lower upper intermediate, “mass“ literature can bring more benefit, than “real“. Elite - it is difficult and peculiar. Mass - it is stereotypic, in it its art shortcoming and educational advantage. Dialogues in which a lot of modern slang and cliched colloquial designs meets are especially useful. Serious literature interweaves all this into the pattern which to understand - difficult pleasure for experts. The classics is irreplaceable for understanding of culture, mentality, soul of the people. For example, one Russian graduate student assures of Nottingham university that it became far easier for it to understand British after reading of “Magician“ Fowles. here in transport serious literature it is difficult for p to read

A. So why not to take something from modern western novels about life and work of young professinal? Even in “Bridget Jones“ there will be a set of details of office life.

the Abundance of realities, special terms, a professional slang is both it is bad, and it is good. On the one hand, all of them do the text unclear and complicate reading. With another - enrich the dictionary. Then look for what is close to you: to the working mothers - about a family and career, to journalists - about editions... Detectives as if are thought specially up for lawyers and businessmen. Especially John Grisham and Steve Martini.

the Fantasy and a fantasy are on the fan too. Here the reader is trapped by almost comical problem: in dictionaries you can not find kakikhnibud “platiferichesky sintepulkator“. However, most of writers everything are do not abuse the detailed image of other worlds. Let`s tell, Harry Garrison to master not so difficult: he is more busy with a plot, but not finishing of landscapes and interiors. By the way, about the created worlds: “Lord of the Rings“ it is possible to read, of course, and in the original.

But at the same time should consider both abundance of mythical realities, and conscious archaism of lexicon. “Harry Potter“ is read rather easily too. Original language - quite standard, without magnificent excesses though lovely small language surprises meet from time to time. Be not afraid to risk with the choice of the book, you do not tsiklitsya on one Earvin Shaw or Bradbury: in literature there are many other worthy names and books more interesting from the point of view of today`s language and realities. Be not afraid to set difficult tasks for yourself: only this way it is possible to reach something.