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Children`s cerebral palsy: possibilities of social adaptation

Since that moment as in a medical record of the child the abbreviation of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis appears, his relatives sensation of fear does not leave, a grief and hopelessness as in their understanding the similar diagnosis means helplessness and isolation from usual, full-fledged life. Alas, the children`s cerebral palsy cannot be cured. But in many cases to parents by means of experts quite in forces to bring up the sick child so that he felt happy and the popular person.

Before taking measures to social adaptation of the kid suffering from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis it is important to em to get acquainted with the nature of the pathology which arose at it, and also with the main difficulties which it should overcome.

Children`s cerebral 1 paralysis 2 (cerebral spastic infantile paralysis) is a disease of the central nervous system at which there is a defeat of one (or several) departments of a brain therefore not progressing violations of physical and muscular activity, coordination of movements, functions of sight, hearing, and also the speech and mentality develop. The main reasons for cerebral spastic infantile paralysis are connected with a hypoxia , that is with insufficiency of supply of a brain of a fruit during pregnancy or the newborn in labor by oxygen. The cerebral spastic infantile paralysis form and severity of a disease are established by the doctor - the neuropathologist. At easy degree the child is trained, capable to move independently, owns skills of self-service. Average degree demands the additional help from adults. Children with a heavy current of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis completely depend on people around, intellectual development fluctuates between moderate and heavy degree of intellectual backwardness.

to Parents of the sick kid should be

ready to the fact that the very first problems which their child will face will be:

  1. the Expressed violations in the motive sphere.
  2. Insufficient speech development, and in certain cases and total absence of the speech.
  3. Small stock of knowledge of the world around phenomena.

Of course, alone to a family it will be very difficult to cope with the test which fell to its lot, and the success of rehabilitation will depend in many respects on coordination and the coordinated work of different experts. However they take a position of consultants and assistants, and the leading role in this labor-intensive and long process nevertheless is allocated for the closest and native people for the kid.

I am!


Unfortunately, in some families to the kid with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis initially allocate a position of a so-called “ailing vessel“. And actions of parents are reduced only saving the child from “pernicious“ influences of external environment. At such approach children, as a rule, with great difficulty adapt to independent adulthood. In the bosom of the family they get used that the constant, everyday help becomes an integral part of their life. Of course, kids with violations oporno - the motive device need bigger support from adults, than usual, but it is impossible to forget that the boundless and boundless help often leads to a passive way of life, lack of an initiative. Besides, at the child who is brought up in this way the resistant consumer relation to all people around is formed (and they will hardly rush to the aid on the first call). That is why it is very important that the baby always had direct duties for which only he is responsible. For example, during cleaning it can dust and if mother washes the dishes, - to be attached by a row and to wash doll service. Houses are an aquarium? Then the kid can feed small fishes. And it is possible, with pleasure will water flowers on a window sill. The main thing that parents did not forget to praise it even for the slightest manifestation of activity and did not show the discontent at all - even if traces of “rough activity“ of the little owner should be eliminated several hours. It is that case when the patience and a certain dedication of adults do well to the child. For example, independent clothing promotes strengthening of muscles of hands, development of coordination of movements and orientations in space, even allows to enrich an active lexicon. In the beginning let the baby will dress on walk a doll or a teddy bear and at the same time will explain to mother as as he does. The adult`s task - to encourage the child to speak not only one - the disyllabic offers but also full the developed phrases. Over time his speech will change, and with each attempt of the statement will be more similar to those which he hears from parents.

to the kid can entrust to put on Subsequently independently the hat or to clasp “flypapers“ on boots.

we Go for a walk

Walk - very important action, and she demands preliminary preparation. For a start it is possible to acquaint the child with the district, to specify an arrangement of various constructions at a playground, to observe from outside as other children play. You should not include the baby in collective game at once. Some time he can just stay near players to get used to strangers, to adapt to a new situation. Then the kid can offer the help to children who are younger than him. For example, if the kulichik from sand is impossible to the neighbour`s girl in any way, and he learned to do a remarkable Kulichiki for a long time.

Unfortunately, attempt to get acquainted with children in the yard not always comes to an end successfully. At failure the kid becomes reserved, loses confidence and refuses any actions in general. Similar situation can be improved, “having lost“ the injuring situations in a quiet situation. For example, by means of private puppet theater. The performance allows to experiment with various reactions in response to the injuring moments and to choose the most rational type of behavior. But if such attempts cause a protest from the kid, it is not necessary to insist. It is better to postpone game for some time and to return to it when the child himself is ready to it.

Communication on a visit

the Lack of contacts with peers can fill

with visit of acquaintances and friends. For visits it is the best of all to pick up morning hours or time after a lunch dream when the kid is rather vigorous and did not manage to be tired of vigorous activity. However, if the baby, having hardly crossed a threshold of others house, it was suddenly filled in with impetuous crying, you should not be upset. As well as to be under a delusion that it will be possible to distract it bright toys or cheerful games with other children. It is unlikely, having so strong center of overexcitation, the kid will be able instantly to switch to other kind of activity. And his negative perception of a surrounding situation says only that at present the child is not ready to accept yet changed conditions as safe circumstance. In that case parents should from time to time invite friends to themselves to the house that it was easier for kid to get used to new people and to include them in a circle of the close acquaintances. As a rule, children with TsNS diseases well feel the kind attitude towards themselves and reach for sincere, open people. Having high sensitivity of nervous system, they easily adopt an emotional background of a surrounding situation and react as appropriate. First of all such kids notice a timbre and intonation of a voice, and in the last - listen to information part of told.

I am not lonely

In development of any child once there comes such stage when to it there is not enough communication only in the house environment (with parents, the grandmother or the nurse), and contacts in children`s collective are necessary for it. That is it is time to go to kindergarten. This moment, important and for healthy children, has special value for the kid with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. Relationship with peers in the preschool childhood, as a rule, becomes a basis for formation of further skills of communication and socialization in society.

In the large cities the centers where preschool children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis are trained exist. It can be separate groups for children with violations in development in mass kindergartens where accept kids not only with violation oporno - the motive device, but also with a delay of mental development or with intellectual insufficiency. However similar institutions do not specialize in social adaptation of children - disabled people, and kids with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis not always receive the due help there. Much more effectively the specialized rehabilitation centers work in this direction.

Here to preschool children help to solve a problem of loneliness and fear of people around with a cerebral palsy, teach understanding that, despite many restrictions, together it is possible to achieve quite good results, and it is possible to communicate not only by means of words.

at the request of parents kids can be in the center either only in the afternoon, or round the clock. The round-the-clock option will suit those children whose transportation causes special complexity from - for heavy motive violations. In other cases it is much more useful to visit groups of day stay. Being in the center for days, the child is limited in interaction with world around, and it is not in the best way reflected in its ability to social adaptation. And one more important point: being engaged in the center, the baby has to understand that is out of a home only because studies - to communicate and play, to independently solve certain problems. Parents are obliged to pay special attention to this aspect.


Unfortunately, not all comprehensive schools are ready to accept the child with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. But experimental classes where together with ordinary school students also children - disabled people are trained, all - exist. Generally they meet at private schools where the number of pupils are much less, than in mass and where it is easier for teacher to pick up the program of training taking into account specific features of each child.

If motive violations of the kid are so expressed to

that do not allow it to move and seize independently skills of self-service, it is worth thinking of training at home or in boarding school .

we Study

at home

Training in house conditions has both advantages, and shortcomings. Of course, in habitual, well familiar situation the child feels confidence and security. And individual work of the teacher with the kid allows to pay it the maximum attention and to carefully control process of digestion of material. However it is impossible to comprehend all completeness of the human relations, being only in the bosom of the family or reading books. Training in private with the teacher deprives of the sick child of necessary communication with peers. Under such circumstances process of socialization is considerably slowed down, and many problems in relationship with people around and remain unresolved.

Training in a boarding school

This way of education allows to fix a problem of social isolation. In a boarding school the child not only gains the general knowledge, but also is trained in labor skills, and skilled experts hold the events directed to vocational guidance. The timely help of speech pathologists, physicians, instructors of LFK allows not only to eliminate many violations caused by a disease but also prepares the kid for a meeting with world around.

Wants to cite as an example words of one of graduates of such boarding school. Now it is the talented programmer, the director of successful advertizing company. Somehow in conversation he told: to “I am very grateful to parents for the fact that they placed me in a boarding school. Exactly there I learned independence. If they did not make it, I would not have what I have now“ .

However to parents should not be adjusted by

on the fact that lives only skilled teachers will be able to teach their kid to all knowledge. The earlier correctional actions are begun, the it will be easier to take place process of adaptation to surrounding reality. And the child should try to impart elementary skills of self-service before school age.

we Will do without professionals?

Some mothers and fathers prefer to raise the children with house cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, independently. However real help to the child can be given only on condition of collaboration of different experts. Besides, many rehabilitation centers have specially equipped gyms, relaxation rooms, pools, and the program of training in such establishments provides not only the general disciplines, but also the additional classes directed to correction and improvement of psychomotor development, logopedic and psychological assistance, restoration of motive functions. And besides - daily medical control.

Work and career

People with the cerebral spastic infantile paralysis easy form can seize many specialties. These are first of all brainwork professions: economists, the junior medical staff, teachers (but not teachers of elementary grades where calligraphical handwriting is required). The specialties allowing to work at home will be suitable for people with average degree of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis more, are programmers, journalists - freelancers and even (at safety of movements of hands) seamstresses. In hard cases employment is impossible.

Laws of success

If mother and the father want to bring up the kid the full-fledged personality who is most adapted to existence in society despite a heavy illness, they need to acquire two golden rules effective work:

  1. each child has an individual range of available opportunities at which careful studying it is possible to pick up the most adequate share of loading.
  2. can only achieve Good result in case to lean on sides possible, but not to look back at last defeats. The key to success is a systematic, patient and purposeful work.

But the main thing what the child has to know and feel, - that in huge and not always the friendly world there is a small island, where he can always feel protected, favourite and desired. And the aspiration to achieve something in life will appear only when the little man believes that he is capable to change the situation in society. Mothers and fathers always have to remember: each child surely will become an adult. And tomorrow`s victories and defeats of our children will depend on the decisions made by us today.