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We feed only with the best! Gave rise to

Ya in 18 years. During the first hours after the delivery I had colostrum, and next day milk and is so much! The kid was brought only on feeding, and, I will tell honestly, already fed. He slept, neither on mother, nor did not react to a breast.

From wild pain I was ready to climb on a wall, reminded myself the woman - the Viking (with thorns on a breast), the breast became such size that even earlier free t-shirt was in obtyag. You understand, temperature rose, I were decanted by hands as showed. Milk pumps were forbidden and very few people knew about them. All day as the milkmaid, fingers burned and did not obey any more.

ceased to drink

on the advice of mother, it became much easier. It was not necessary to make tests yet. Liquids, you understand, neither there and nor there not, it was necessary to drink urgently a lot of water, to tea, juice. BUT number was not successful - the breast was filled very quickly and was adopted already, and “there“ is empty... It was necessary to wait in the afternoon that though a droplet...


Ya it was cried in a tube to the family that I will not be able to suffer from pain any more, Danila in hours of feeding with pleasure snuffled on hands. The family regretted me and bought me a very expensive Aventsky milk pump a day before an extract. The kid did not try colostrum, he was still fed with mix from which appeared rash, and I drogatsennovat liquid poured out in a sink. Very strongly was afraid that at home will refuse a breast, but we were very strongly lucky, my boy with pleasure was soaked up, and problems with food were behind.

In three months of milk became much less, but we already received food therefore problems were not ispytovat. I froze precious drops in the freezer, not to find the best medicine. And when (my) milk almost reached a limit, the recipe on food was incidentally lost, and I opened a second wind - the lactation and so sharply increased that synulya only and ate my production, and gorged on. He became better to sleep, and behaved more quietly.

Dear mummies, your milk depends directly on the child, your maternal instinct will not allow to leave it hungry. Milk will appear surely (if in the head does not sit mysyl that if it does not turn out, in the refrigerator there is a mix). You remember, with milk you put immunity. Something in us regulates this process, and only we will be able to give to the kid the most useful and the best.

I do not turn the child into the idler, do not indulge him small bottles from which flows, it is work which the child has to face. At the choice of a small bottle take only the checked firm and only with the recommendation of the pediatrician (personally I very much liked small bottles complete with a milk pump, then I received 4 more pieces at purchase of a sterilizer of the same firm).

of Mummy if suddenly your kid badly puts on weight, you do not hurry to lure, try to put more often to a breast, and eat is more nutritious. Not so long ago again milk, surprisingly decreased, but it became more after sparkling water, but about one year I would not advise this option.

you Love

, you feed only with the best, health to you and all benefits.

P. S. To Danila now year and three months, and I feed.