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The picture over a fireplace of


Comes winter evening.
zanyatsyas the daughter nothing Us.
Mother - in kitchen “has a rest“, the Cat - kitchen “protects“
And we do nothing...
- So, - I told, -
Bothered! Give
, we will play
a hide-and-seek Or we will read the book?
- Fathers, and mozhetpogulyay?
- Late to us uzhegulyat, We could bypoplyasat
, to drive
In a game of tag.
Only whether you know..., neighbors...
they at us “as children“!
Here idea! To draw! we Will draw
, we will go to sleep...
You, give - bring
of Paint of an ikarandasha.
Ya the artist - “though where“,
You are “clear water“, I draw
Ya on a piece of paper,
You, knead paints. we Will prepare
, and then, we Will decorate


* * *

- we Will draw ours...“ Fir-tree“.
Is green, stroyna is caustic.
I on velvet needles, Raznotsvetnyeshara`s

From magic, from the country.
From far, from heaven,
to us on a fir-tree got down Month. Priglashayetn`s
the top
to Sit a star - the girlfriend.
I “Pole star“ accepted the invitation.
Fell very modestly.
Lit nezhnody to us.
Only houses... still not,
On a leaf - fir-trees a portrait...
... Well, now we draw the house.
That comfortably byl it.
It will be - our “palace“.
to All who trust - lollipop. this
A - our fireplace,
From a fireplace brings down a smoke.
Let a little smokes,
But, fire burns.
is A lot of to us too... it is not necessary,
A to soul... there will be a joy.
At a kaminama with you,
of the Leg we will be a gretzima.
Well, and mamav this time,
Will bake cookies in the furnace...!
Mother from kitchen: - It does not agree!...
- is dangerous to Argue with mother!
Narisuyemnad fireplace
to Zdorovennuyukartin.
A on varenyea ney: cookies,
Everything that it is lovelier to a stomach... we Will vsesidet
together, On neyobudy to watch
The more the merrier,
If is not..., though... to see! Here who - tone is enough
So, so, so... Now we learn...
... These ears and moustaches,
Yes, Like to shkodit two belykhpolosa,
at night,
I to be played itself on...
Well - well - guess-...
Is ours - To. highway... - “Ma...“
- “The Mother.“ .
- Well, you give... Yes as so?
Or the father your gawk,
I in art sense,
Well, he does not understand, in any way...
Is Mike, our cat,
It is a little fool a little bit. by
It it is not slept at night,
It raves on mice. we Will draw with
Maique - “Mouse“,
That did not jump off from roofs.
That did not tear our curtains,
Protected domot the thief.
That run thoroughly,
At a fireplace settled.
I would purr to us songs,
Being proceeded by “dairy flattery“...
Nearby, the father on a sofa,
Exhausting, after a bath.
In a stomach at the father - “Mole“. It there pads scrapes
Truth... I to the egena saw...
the Voice from kitchen: - Hippopotamus!
Hippopotamus there, but not a mole.
If only bykrota,
There hungry...“ Cats“. Feed with
all this gang, As I will weld
here to you - a skilly!...
... This aunt - our mother.
Is rebellious and stubborn. Mother cooks
to the father to eat, That about a codiaeum to listen to
Well, the nemnozhkena is similar,
In life that an onaprigozha.
we Will draw with it a pot.
From a pot grows a flower.
As will see this charm,
Will cease to talk“ nonsense“.
A still, we will present to it,
Pink, a balloon.
It will distract at once,
with you will smile to us!
of Uu..., as with kukhnipakhnt... you Feel
Without our mother - you will begin to miss...
- Fathers, and where zhemy a portrait?
Mamin is, there is no mine?
This baby - our daughter,
is worse a vsyakogosynochka.
Is good only when it sleeps, As call
it? - Bandit...
- At last - a tougadala.
Directly in an apple... got.
A yesterday? Who banged a vase?
Poured vodupo to an oriental carpet?
Well, and nashmagnitofon?
told Us: “That it, not it“!
our cat, from you, Claws tears
, as from fire.
What you with it did?
- I allowed it to eat soap. its
A, nearly threw up.
- Here! And mother speaks.
That washing krovpobedit.
I... wanted the boy...
Interfered mother: - Succeeded! Wait for
, from a slingshot soon,
Will beat off to neighbors of a heel.
- Fathers and what it is “slingshot“?
For menyaeto - “riddle“?
- Eternally the father at you extreme.
Ya at you “is more quiet than a fallow deer“.
Here will come to us “Father Frost“, You to it ask
a question. It
will not begin to tochnovrat
, the hair grew To gray-haired.
You to it will read a rhyme, Will ask
: “Grandfather, and where bag?
Where candies? Where gifts...“ ?
- to it will become hot!
the grandfather Will ask you:
“As behaved all year? Helped
papes mother? whether
Is frequent, was stubborn?“ You our drawing will show
I... about yourself you will tell everything. Then you will ask
“about a slingshot“, you Will set
to it... “riddle“!
It will rub to itself(himself) a nape!
Will tell:“ Yes. character...
is very ardent“!
- Yes he will just escape, - Mother from kitchen tells
, -
After this story,
Everything is clear to a stanetsraz... the Daughter to us does not help
Misbehaves, everything breaks, It the bag will take away
I to other detyampoydyot.
- Oh! This portrait - not mine! with
the Father, draw another!
Ya flower of a vcherapolil,
A vase of a koshkauronil, its
Ya and... scolded, she me - bit
Washed did not want to eat,
A with sausage..., ate everything at once!
our Tape recorder did not break,
It with me was played,
I probably... was tired,
Here therefore - was silent!
He will have a sleep night, will have a rest,
Tomorrow, again will start singing.
Ya good daughter? I to you wish to help
... Draw me... Beautiful!
you, with a smile happy!
be not lazy and try,
be not distracted By me! You will draw
here, I will go to mamepomogat
If at a door ktopostuchitsya!
Without me not to open!

* * *

... So there passed our winter evening.
Everywhere, lit candles,
I filled a coniferous smell:
Be you: though it is old though it is small. everyone something thought of
I we, family... at a table...
Painted... our New Year`s “house“!