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Happiness to have the kid sometimes is followed by chagrin of young mother from - for the figure which deteriorated after the delivery, consciousness that former beauty somewhere was late and does not hurry to return to the owner: there were a sticking-out tummy, the grown plump waist and excess weight. The most effective way of fight against similar “troubles“, of course, sport. But if there is nobody to leave the baby, fitness - club should be forgotten about visit. What to do to the woman who cannot go in in “doberemenny“ jeans and zip on a favourite skirt? Not to lose courage and to buy the home exercise machine!

by means of exercise machines it is possible not only to return itself a former form, but also to literally “mold“ a desirable figure. For this purpose it is necessary to forget about laziness and to remember about will power. Fight never happens easy, and achieve result persistence and persistence. However before going behind purchase, it is useful to consult to the doctor - perhaps, some types of loadings are undesirable at present or at all are contraindicated. Exercise machines are not so harmless as they seem, they are capable to render considerable loading on warmly - vascular system, joints, muscles, sinews.

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the exercise machine

For a start is required to decide what part of a body it would be desirable to correct. Muscles of hands and legs at young mothers usually train from daily carrying the child putting on weight and long foot walks with a carriage. And here to put muscles of a breast, a press, buttocks, hips in order, it is necessary to pick up the suitable exercise machine. They are divided into two groups: cardiovascular machines and power simulators .

Cardiovascular machines are intended to

for training warmly - vascular and respiratory systems, maintenance of sportswear in general and weight reduction.

If young mother feels the general decrease in a tone, wants to grow thin and lose extra kilos, she should pay attention to this group: racetracks, steppers, elliptic, rowing and exercise bikes . They help to spend the “eaten“ calories and to prevent their adjournment in the form of unattractive fat.

of the Task of power simulators - strengthening of muscles, development of force and correction of a figure by means of purposeful load of separate parts of a body. They are intended for work with burdenings, for training of force, endurance and too allow to lose weight. Power benches, press benches , and also full athletic complexes concern to them which are equipped with the top and lower draft, blocks for training of various groups of muscles, basic racks for a bar etc.

However, it is possible “to tighten“ these or those problem places and by means of cardiovascular machines.

If special experiences is delivered by a shape of a breast, will be helped by the rowing exercise machine . It imitates the movements of the oarsman and is created first of all for strengthening of muscles of a breast, a back and humeral muscles. Besides, it is excellent training for heart and a way to lose excess weight. The rowing exercise machine is considered universal because combines as aerobic 1 , and power loading therefore practically all groups of muscles of a body are involved.

of the Hip and a buttock will be “thanked“ an excellent form of those who will regularly work on them by means of of the stepper - the walking simulator on steps. Such exercise machine remarkably burns unnecessary calories and helps to lose weight. At the same time he does not take a lot of place. It is very easy to be engaged on it - it is necessary to put only legs on platforms and to walk, transferring weight of a body from one leg to another.

Huge popularity exercise bikes won long ago - they help to train warmly - vascular system, to raise the general tone of an organism, to develop muscles of legs, buttocks, hips, and the same as steppers, promote weight reduction.

Elliptic exercise machines represent the modified steppers - they consist of supports for legs and a wheel. During walking the leg moves on an ellipse trajectory - the same as when driving the bicycle, from here and there was their name.

Racetracks are especially loved by those who prefer run and walking, but have no opportunity to do it outdoors. Occupations on such path promote pleasant changes in weight too, not bad train warmly - vascular and respiratory system, joints, gastrocnemius muscles, and also knees and muscles of hips. Rate of occupation can be chosen at a personal discretion - to run or go.

the Majority of modern models of exercise machines is equipped with the built-in computer which helps to control the number of the destroyed calories, time of occupations, intensity of training, and also measures pulse and controls health of the person during occupation.

Narrowness - not the barrier

If in the apartment is not enough place, and even the stepper (not to mention a racetrack) could not be put, it is yet not an occasion to leave a self-improvement invention in house conditions. There is a mass of devices which, though not such solid as big exercise machines, are not worse capable to help muscles at all. For example, good service to women easy dumbbells (the cost from 200 to 3000 rubles) will serve and the expanders (hand - from 20 rubles, spring humeral - from 240 rubles) strengthening muscles of hands and a breast, the big ball for aerobics (from 200 rubles) promoting relaxation of muscles of a back, the sports bench (1500 - 3500 rubles) intended for improvement of a waist.

If an opportunity “to find“ though a little free space is, it is possible to establish small the Swedish wall with a crossbeam on which shells for development of various groups of muscles are serially fixed: of a ring and bars for training of muscles of hands, an inclined bench to swing a press and to strengthen back muscles. Such house “walls“ happen both for adults, and for children.

also absolutely simple, small, but effective exercise machines Are. For example, the disk “Health“ familiar to many (about 250 rubles) - a metal plate on internal castors. This amusing pass - the exercise machine is very compact and easily finds room under a sofa. And the advantage of it for a waist and muscles of a stomach is very notable. The disk is very simple in use: it is necessary to rise on it both legs and slowly, smoothly to rotate the case in different directions, holding a support.

the Elastic tape (perhaps, the simplest and compact detail of sports equipment, from 150 rubles) will help to develop practically all groups of muscles. Tapes happen different degree of elasticity therefore it is necessary to select suitable individually. If after 10 exercises with it there is no wish to fall from legs from an overload, so the tape is picked up correctly. But if, having executed exercise bigger number of times, engaged did not feel fatigue at all, it is necessary to pick up harder. The elastic tape is equipped with a special clip by means of which it is possible to regulate its length.

the dzhimflekstor
(from 1000 rubles) - a heavy rubber hoop which can be twisted as usual Is optimum

for house occupations and . It represents very effective remedy for achievement of a slender waist. Besides, as peculiar exercise machines of the house it is possible to use also usual children`s a jump rope (from 15 rubles) and even a crossbeam for pullings up which is established in a doorway (about 700 rubles).

House occupations: pros and cons

Existence of the exercise machine of the house has the advantages and shortcomings. First of all an opportunity to train in any time, convenient for itself, according to own desire and physical capacities belongs to undoubted advantages of house occupations. At the same time it is not necessary to go or go far, and after classes it is possible to take a shower at once. Besides, money for purchase of the exercise machine is spent once, and for visit of sports club it is necessary to buy the subscription constantly. And at last, during occupations on home exercise machines it is possible to listen to favourite music, to watch TV or even to read.

in acquisition of the home exercise machine also the minuses Are. In - the first, regardless of the sizes it all - demands the place in the room. In - the second, independent occupations of the house demand big will power. The initial enthusiasm, as a rule, runs low approximately in a month, and then to expensive acquisition the hanger role for clothes or a stove bench for a cat is prepared.

How to achieve effect?

the Main principle of success of all sports occupations - a regularity. It is much more difficult to achieve it in house conditions, than at visit of a gym. Near the exercise machine often there is a soft sofa which attracts much more than the most “advanced“ apparatus. Therefore it is necessary to be prepared for independent trainings with all gravity. For a start it is necessary to develop for himself the individual program, proceeding from specific goals, physical capacities and recommendations of the doctor, and to make the schedule. The optimum schedule of trainings - is not less than three times in a week. You should not choose big loading at once and to bring yourself to a faint. It is better to begin with small and to increase it gradually, day by day. The purpose of occupations - beauty and health, but not exhaustion from unreasonable efforts. Similar eagerness threatens an unexercised organism with overloads, deterioration in health, increase of arterial pressure, injuries. Very important and what place in the house will be allocated to the exercise machine. Irrespective of its sizes and cost, the apparatus has to be conveniently located. If every time before occupation it is necessary to pull out it from a hard-to-reach spot, to move furniture for its installation, and after to return everything in a starting position, then preparation for training will take more time, than occupation. The regularity of occupations for certain considerably will suffer from it. And still: it is not necessary to wait for too fast results. Usually progress becomes noticeable at least after a month of trainings, and sometimes it occurs later. You should not despair if it seems that all works are vain and nothing changes. The success will come surely if not to lower a hand and not to stop being engaged. Moreover, you should not finish trainings even then when the desirable result is achieved. Otherwise it is necessary to start everything anew soon.

How much is loading

the Cost of the exercise machine depends on many parameters, in particular - on the number of functions, materials of which it is made, and its software.

Exercise bikes have several levels of loading and are equipped with the sensor - a clip or sensors on handles which measure pulse rate, and also the display displaying such parameters as movement speed, the passable distance, the number of the spent calories. Many models allow to define coefficient of the main metabolism, percentage of fat in an organism, an index of body weight and type of a constitution. Expensive exercise bikes can be equipped with breast cardiosensors, several programs of trainings, pulsozavisimy programs and give an opportunity to the person independently to set training parameters. Besides, they determine temperature of the room and average values of parameters at the end of occupation. The prices of this type of exercise machines fluctuate ranging from 2700 to 150 000 rubles.

Steppers , as a rule, too are equipped with the display on which training parameters - the spent time, quantity of the taken steps are displayed. More expensive models grant the right to set the parameters for occupation, and also count an expense of calories, the received loading and the passable distance. The prices vary from 1500 rubles and above for pass - steppers, and from 6000 rubles and above - for usual.

the Rowing exercise machines equipped with the display output on it the same information, as exercise bikes, and steppers, is amount of the spent energy, a distance, pulse etc. Some are capable to give special sound signals to set a movement rhythm. It is possible to buy house “boat“ at the price from 12 000 rubles and above.

In racetracks an opportunity to set a tilt angle of a running cloth, to predict an expense of calories per hour at a certain loading is. Besides, they have various programs for individual selection of trainings. Upon purchase of a path it is necessary to pay not less than 20 000 rubles.

Elliptic exercise machines are also equipped with the computers allowing to watch the training course. Though the main functions of this type of exercise machines - development of muscles of buttocks, hips and shins, many models have potential to provide with training and an upper body. There are they from 16 500 rubles.

the Way to a perfect figure is put by

, but is surmountable. It is only necessary to choose means of achievement of this purpose, to work hard and there will be an occasion to be proud, the achieved results soon. And reflection in a mirror will cause the satisfied smile in the owner of a new, beautiful figure.