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Already wrote second “thanks“ for the second child of

Ya about the first labor in hospital at 8 GKB here. In the previous note I told many thanks to the chief physician Nikolaev Nikolay Nikolaevich for rescue of my son. Now I want to tell it thanks that I could take out and give birth to the daughter, give rise in year and 2 months after such difficult previous pregnancy and contrary to aggressive and zhizneotritsayushchy mood of doctors who conducted my second pregnancy.

Ya gave birth both times through Caesarian, I can tell that there is nothing impossible in the second pregnancy soon after the first Caesarian.

Shortly after I learned about the second kid and decided - lives to be! - I went for consultation to N. N. N. After a cunning ulybochka and the most detailed inquiries about a state also we wash, both the senior, and survey of a condition of a seam he tells me such information at once.

  1. Needs the most strict self-checking at incubation, to implement all recommendations of doctors and to want to take out very much!
  2. the Probability of a gap is insured by the following - from 25th week carry with yourself all documents in which there are both your analyses, and the prenatal record, and recommendations of doctors, and even the note is where to hospitalize if something happens and to whom to call.

So, ourselves and the child we secured.

  1. remains only to carefully Now to listen to itself. At emergence sharp cutting belly-aches (it is similar to poisoning), at withdrawal of the waters and emergence pulling or tearing be ill - at once gynecologic ambulance to which you explain a situation and you lay down horizontally with the raised legs - where you was, you lay down! - also you wait for kind doctors.
  2. In parallel you call
  3. all the whom you want to warn, and you speak where you as a state and where you are carried. The most important - not to be afraid and not to twitch: the timely help can guarantee happy end in most cases.
  4. If the gap nevertheless began
  5. - at full immovabilities can be counted that you have about about 40 minutes in order that everything came to the end safely. whether
needs to say

that after such detailed lecture I carried myself and a precious tummy as “a crystal vase“. The son was defined to mother on temporary residence, I was torn and came there every day from 8 in the morning and to 21 when he went to bed.

Thanks to understanding of gravity of a situation I safely took out the girl, and on the 37th week laid down in maternity hospital on planned Caesarian. Operation was planned for Thursday, but, as always, the child had the opinion about birth.

lingering nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach - taaak began

On Tuesday night, now we and skhvatochka felt... To tell honestly, fights were not pleasant to me, to give birth most booolnooo!;-) At 6 in the morning me put on the operating table, and in 6. The 15th my daughter saw such fine morning light:-).

Now thanks in turn.:-)

Thanks to my family for the help and support! Thanks to the doctor Nikolay Nikolaevich for support and understanding, for permission to give birth in the same place and at the same doctor who accepted my sonny! And thanks to my doctor from a maternity welfare unit for the fact that it the poison and constant persistent recommendations of interruption, up to the 8th month of pregnancy all - was not so convincing and could not force to kill the new being who was so wanting to see this wonderful and solar world!

Thanks to all of you!

Now both of mine a chudushka sleep and snuffle, just otchmokav the small bottles with a milk, and knowing that their parents very much love them and that there are in this world people to whom the destiny of each kid appearing on this light and who the kindness do everything possible for continuation of this miracle is not indifferent!:-)