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Six steps to a threshold of the Temple of arts: a step the sixth - and we in the museum


(how to acquaint the kid with history of the fine arts)

the Museums are everywhere. Or at least local art galleries. Or at least exhibitions of works of local masters. And if there is an opportunity to visit the good museum where there are real masterpieces - it is just great luck! Contrary to the opinion which developed at us what to the preschool child in the museum early (so, by the way, almost all inspectors of museum halls sincerely consider), in the west of children begins to be taken out from infantile age there. And 4 - 5 - letka already grandly go group from a picture to a picture or, having conveniently settled down on a floor before exhibits, attentively listen to the teacher - the guide (itself saw such groups in Paris, in the museum Modernist Style Arth where kids in all seriousness studied Matisse, Chagall, Miro).

So, if you were going to the museum:


will So made the first ascension - to a threshold behind which you will get to huge and is delightful a wonderful world where man-made miracles will meet continually and where you will gently and carefully lead the son or the daughter. And, perhaps, too you will open for yourself on this road at all not less unexpected and interesting, than your children. Happy to you way!