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Childbirth with the husband, or as we celebrated this day of

Ya very much I love holidays, especially the birthday. I begin to prepare for this day for several months (the hidden director`s talent): I think out the scenario, games, competitions, I buy all necessary, prizes for each guest etc.

Therefore when I decided to become mother then began to prepare for the birth of the sonny. At me everything was planned: 1) to be engaged in the health (inspections, maintaining a healthy lifestyle); 2) conception with a condition of the birth of the baby - a lvenochka; 3) perfectly proceeding pregnancy without toxicoses and doctors; 4) easy and beautiful childbirth; 5) the most favourite, most beautiful, cleverest, healthiest, happiest boy Dimulechka. Well, into the account of a name - it was thought up already later.

But, not everything that we plan, is executed as it was conceived. I already wrote about the pregnancy, and here about “easy and beautiful childbirth“ I will tell now.

We with the husband decided long ago that if we live together, we do the child together, then we will give birth to him too together. And in general, when the native person - nothing terribly is near. Therefore at the beginning of October we with it went to maternity hospital where concluded the contract for joint individual childbirth. Were guaranteed to me the personal doctor certain rodzat, 3 - x local chamber of joint stay with the child and conducting childbirth according to my scenario.

I chose

of the Doctor on the feelings - there is a trust or not. Larisa Nikolaevna (in further L. N.) it was pleasant to me at once. My wishes in labor by it were approved.

my wishes in labor

Ya, full Name, had training of the courses “Creation“ where received skills of patrimonial behavior, breath and patrimonial poses.

would like

Ya that my childbirth took place most naturally therefore I ask to allow me:

  1. to Spend at home the first hours of fights.
  2. by
  3. Independently to make a cleaning enema and to process a pubis.
  4. not to apply the rodovspomogayushchy and stimulating preparations and procedures, and also any other medicines without urgent vital need.
  5. not to open a fetal bubble before full disclosure (except for a flat bubble).
  6. to Allow
  7. presence of my husband on childbirth (he completed a special course of training).
  8. it is active to li to behave in labor (to apply various poses, convenient for me, and respiratory technicians).
  9. in order to avoid patrimonial injuries of my child not to force potuzhny the period.
  10. to Do everything possible for preservation of integrity of a crotch (including massage by oil).
  11. Right after the birth of my child to lay out it to me on a stomach till the afterbirth birth.
  12. to Cross an umbilical cord only after the termination of a pulsation.
  13. to Put the child to a breast only after emergence of a search and sosatelny reflex.
  14. to Resolve and help my husband to expiate the child.
  15. not to erase first-born greasing (I will make it independently).
  16. not to process eyes of my child.
  17. to Dress the child in the clothes.
  18. not to separate the child from me or my husband, under no circumstances.
  19. to Explain to
  20. the name and need carried out to me and the child of procedures. To coordinate any procedures with me or my husband.
  21. by
  22. It is focused on faster extract from maternity hospital.
  23. I Express full confidence to the doctor a full name.
(on October 23) it became clear

On the last survey by li that I already give birth or, at least, I will give rise in the next three days. To what I, naturally did not believe as I thought that I forever will remain a pregnant elephant (on PDR Internet - on October 15). I had no feelings, and I very quietly went to bookstore (on a nose session - I receive the second highest). Having bought a heap of cribs, and the next detective story of D. Dontsova, went to visit to the sister. For some reason sharply the mood deteriorated: there was a wish for nothing and at all, could not find to itself the place.

the next morning, having woken up, decided to roll about in a bed. Especially as still remained half-books it is not read up and the beloved husband volunteered to make a breakfast. As a result: breakfast I waited for more than an hour, macaroni was cold, cheese was not tasty and is rubbed not as I love - offense for the whole world and the word “never to get out of a bed“!

But, to one o`clock in the afternoon the book ended, and I decided to make a sortie on kitchen - to drink a tea. The husband went by then to building (we build the apartment in the new house), and his elder sister stayed at home (despite the life experience - the awful alarmist). Here we sit with it, we stir, I feel, in a back something pulls, or perhaps it seemed. Then once again, minutes through 20 again too feeling. Natalya in panic: “It at you fight, it is necessary to go urgently to maternity hospital, call the doctor“. I think what fights? To me it is not painful! Nobody in a stomach is enough me! Also I do not want any maternity hospital, here to give rise to houses (I hate hospitals). But just in case called the husband:“ Come, apparently, I give birth“. At three o`clock the husband with a notebook in hands and the handle in teeth began to write down “dynamics of my fights“ (it he so on courses was taught). And I with cries: “Hurrah!!! Began!!!!“ began to prepare for a holiday. Fights went every 10 - 20 minutes for 5 - 30 seconds - it was not sick. First of all I ran in a shower, made a pedicure, manicure, set hair (they at me curl - therefore to have to extend them the hair dryer) - the child has to see mother of beautiful. Fights became frequent and became stronger meanwhile, but they could be operated. I feel, in a waist fight arises - I throw everything, itself on a floor in a maternity pose and I breathe, then fight calms down and every second it becomes easier. Everything, fight ended - as though nothing was. I remember about “a prenatal trance“ - it seems, I already entered it - time flies imperceptibly. The main thing here - to catch fight on a breath, to pass through itself with huge pleasure and to let out through a bottom. The husband called the doctor, described my fights. L. N. told that I will give rise about an hour in two nights therefore I can quietly go about the own business, and it is necessary to leave in maternity hospital when I am not able to suffer more.

the Enema I decided not to do

as clarification took place in the natural way, the intimate hairdress was made together with the husband (the prospect to do it in maternity hospital did not seduce me).

For strengthening of fights and the general relaxation drank mulled wine with cinnamon under music of a flamenco and a santalaceous smell of an aromalampa. Danced a little. It became absolutely good!!! Still, after 200 gr. hot red wine for the first time in a year.

of Fight amplified meanwhile: about one minute with a break in a couple of minutes. Very much massage helped: fight was as if extinguished. Time was about nine in the evening. I it seems made everything that wanted, and was ready to go to maternity hospital. While went in the elevator, there passed couple good, strong a svatok. I was loaded into the car on a back seat, standing on knees, the person against the movement. Minutes of an enlightenment raised the head, looked out of the window on headlights of cars and for pleasure put out the tongue at all: “And I go to give birth to the sonnie!!! Hee - hi - hi“.

We came for the doctor. Instead of greeting - I puffed as an engine - breathed fight. In 21. 30 we drove up to maternity hospital. I refused flatly to go there until my doctor comes and will meet me - there were no awful wish to communicate with nurses. And, in general, I work, I give birth synulyu, I will be disturbed by everyones … But all was necessary to come-! In a corridor I was overtaken again by strong fight, and some aunt runs up at this time and asks when I had the last monthly. I wanted to kill her:“ Do not disturb! All questions to the husband“. Here grabs me L. N. hand and conducts in viewing - disclosure of 8 cm. I change clothes in the men`s shirt which is specially acquired for such a case - to give birth in the sick-list - for anything!

Then I go in rodzat. It is a small room, meters 10 probably. European-quality repair, a beautiful tile on walls. In the middle the maternity table towers (the newcomer!) and a couch with new linen. I did not want to lie, but I was asked to lie down for five minutes - to make monitoring. As a result it became clear that heartbeat of the child suffers, and I have weak contractions. Of course, when you lie - fights few, and but when you go zhuravliky - you receive at full scale. I was told that it is necessary to put a dropper, and that will be late! I in horror - do not want to accept oxytocin, and for the sonny it is even more terrible. I take a time - a miss - I run in a toilet. There fights read off scale. I come in rodzat - calm.

heart I hold up

of Skrepya a hand under a needle. Time - already 22. 00. Only put a dropper - the strongest fight - I am enough over the head a metal triangle and I breathe:“ hu - hu - hu - hu“! The doctor says that you so worry, it only the beginning, you have all night ahead. For a second I was frightened, and the following fight seemed bolnovaty. 22. 10 - suddenly as will throw me up: the body does not obey, leads the separate life. It seems I lie on a bed, and the bottom up jumps up - it appeared, attempts. The doctor does not believe that he so early, watches disclosure - full! Lay a maternity table. The husband all the time nearby, holds by a hand, something whispers.

I do not believe

Ya that it is already time. Speak to me, give on a table. And how? In a hand a dropper, it is necessary to climb on a chair, then on a table - me it is ridiculous - I giggle as the little fool for pleasure. Well, here I and on a table. Inconveniently, legs dangle, I see nothing. I began to order: to me raise the head, put legs more conveniently where levers? It seems settled, legs in a bow-legged pose, between them the doctor with the midwife, in a headboard the beloved husband. To me it is ridiculous, I continue to giggle: can, I still attempts to a prodysh (on courses learned: I have a sight - 7,5, itself in lenses), and you only do not cut me! The doctor laughs too, says that she obeyed.

Ask to be extinguished by

- I slightly strain - incorrectly! The head to and fro goes. Once again - I listen only to the husband`s voice: “Already the head is visible, give!“ . The breath delay - chpok - at me is on a stomach the sonnie! Really all? So quickly? And where terrible pain, shouts and the burst vessels on a face (I read on the Internet and listened to the sister with mother)?

the little alien Lies on me, blinks eyes, sponges smacks the lips. I right there gave it the maternal parting word, applied to a breast. Then the son was taken by the father and went to bathe together with the midwife. Forgot to tell that the father still cut an umbilical cord. I lie, all in new impressions - again a stomach jumps - it the placenta is born. Behind the back the father of the son weighs, measures, dresses in a suit - we did not swaddle! To me it is so good, quiet that Dimulechka not in others hands, and with the father.

terrible begins

I here! In one story I did not read it! I as thought: I will give rise and home I will go, but not here - that was. Into me something was thrust and began to be active as a poker in an oven - rescued only breath, then in me poured in iodine (but did not pinch as in gaps was not). It turned out that there is a small gap outside. I speak, or perhaps it is not necessary to sew up me? And if it is necessary, that is you have self-resolving threads? As a result, made a small ukolchik and couple of stitches. And it is possible to sit? It turned out that yes.

Time 22. 35. Let`s me get down! I want in a toilet! Removed a dropper, I with pleasure jump off from a chair and run in a toilet. And still I want in a shower! On what I was told that it is necessary to lie down with a cold hot-water bottle. I lasted for 20 minutes. The husband went to bring the doctor, and I with the midwife went to a shower, changed clothes in the favourite sundress. There arrived mother, came in rodzat. I was not hungry, to sleep too. It was very cheerful and again on “hi - hi“ scolded. Synulya slept in a kyuvezika nearby. As it is healthy - here we one family, nobody, only mother, the father and the son nearby.

I sent to

At midnight the husband home, to sleep. And itself remained in the rodzal. All chambers were occupied, and to me suggested to spend the night on the place. As soon as all dispersed - I run to scales in an accident ward. At the midwife of an eye climb on a forehead: “The woman, with you everything is all right, you just gave rise?“ And it is interesting to me, it turned out that in labor only five kg left. The sonny was born 3412 g and 54 cm Was obvity therefore it was necessary to give birth quickly - here and tore slightly. And the midwife not really was pleasant. For the morning I passed into chamber - there was an awful wish home. I gave rise on Sunday night, and on Thursday morning was already at home. The second time it was ready to give birth at once, in the rodzal, but then decided to wait slightly - slightly!

Childbirth me was pleasant to

! Pain was not as there was no fear. Everything that happened to me - I knew and was ready to it. When the sonny was born - he was not beaten a bottom, he did not shout (did not get burn of lungs as we), and quietly cleared the throat itself and began to squeak! He smiled! Because in labor did not suffer - mother thought every minute only of it!

Here our Dimulechka so was born

! We with the husband remember this day as a holiday.

All of happy and easy childbirth! Give birth with pleasure!