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The new way of receiving a drop of blood

At diabetes needs to be measured regularly blood glucose level. To control the course of a disease, not enough periodic analyses in policlinic: regular self-checking is necessary. Emergence of means for house control of sugar of blood in the last decades allowed to treat patients with diabetes much more effectively. These means represent special portable devices - glyukometra. Today there is a wide choice of various glyukometr for blood sugar definition in house conditions.

One of such devices is “to Akk - Gough`s Check“ . Small by the sizes that allows to carry it with itself, it gives the chance very quickly (within 5 seconds) to measure blood sugar level at people with diabetes. Use of the device does not demand special training. It is only necessary to include it, to insert the test - a strip and to apply on it very small drop of blood. Results remain in memory of the device together with date and time of carrying out the analysis.

It is traditional, the blood drop for measurement of level of glucose of blood is received from finger-tips. For blood capture by the patient it is recommended to use special devices into which needles (lancets) allowing to make a skin puncture less painful are inserted. As touch surrounding objects, as a rule, with small pillows of fingers, punctures in this place are more painful and wounds begin to live worse.

Unlike many glyukometr, the device “to Akk - Gough`s Check“ gives the chance, besides traditional places for receiving a drop of blood, to use samples of the capillary blood received from alternative places, such as a shoulder, a forearm, area of a thumb on palms, part of a palm opposite to area of a thumb, a hip or caviar of legs. This new way of receiving a drop of blood allows patients with the diabetes which is often measuring blood sugar conveniently and almost without serious consequences to carry out the analysis.

the Accuracy of measurement of glucose in blood by means of “to Akk - Gough`s Check“ is comparable

with an accuracy of the laboratory analysis. This hi-tech device is simple and easy to use. Memory size - 300 results with time and date. Besides, “to Akk - Gough`s Check“ allows to make calculation of average values of level of glucose for the last 7, 14 and 30 days and to establish a personal threshold of the warning of a hypoglycemia.

can obtain More detailed information on the device on our website www. accu - chek. ru.