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Rest in Anapa - to madness brave is devoted to

Anapa 2004. The recreation facility of “Dynamo“

In Anapa I had a rest three times.

the First time in 19 years - “savage“, in a big party of other “savages“. We removed a lodge with conveniences in the yard and without hot water, is far from the sea, fried on a fire of independently caught mussels, a chicken shish kebab, and washed down with casting natural wine. The prices in the Anapa market struck with availability. We proceeded Anapa up and down, came off in the only then summer disco in the city, songs under the star sky shouted, burned down fires on the beach and tore huge, full of sunflower seeds, sunflowers on fields - romanticism - and - and. That holiday very much was pleasant to me.

the Second time I arrived to Anapa in 25 years, together with the girlfriend, according to the free permit from sanatorium “Neptune“. Not to learn Anapa any more - from former romanticism there was only an aroma of a sea breeze. One on another summer cafes captivated all embankment, the shouting discos, the beach covered with yuzany syringes, criminal leaders and thought:“ Here - that got to a dyrishcha“... The melancholy is green, any “fan“. From 10 put according to the permit of days we held on 4, to us all - was succeeded to change tickets for the fifth and to depart back home. It was my most unsuccessful holiday.

For the third time I was

in Anapa summer of 2004, in 30 years, with the husband and 1,5 - the summer child. For our summer family holiday we chose Anapa because of short-term flight - only about 2 hours - and general opinion on soft and curative climate. And recreation facility of “Dynamo“ on numerous positive responses. We redeemed permits in the Moscow representation of “Dynamo“.

we did not feed

of Illusions of rather high service and quality of the provided services, but counted on basic household conveniences.

Anyway, we started on the journey in vigorous mood in an anticipation of good rest.

the Arrival

our flight was delayed by

for 4 hours - and to Anapa we arrived about 11 nights. The first that shocked us - baggage needed to be unloaded independently! Directly on an airfield at an exit suitcases and trunks were got away by a huge heap on a loader to the city - swearing, 160 tired passengers in the dark tried to identify the baggage and to get it from a loader under close attention of staff of the Anapa airport. So if you are a tall man on top form of forces, then you have nothing to worry at all and if you are a fragile girl moreover and with the juvenile child on hands - do not take a lot of baggage or take with yourself the tall man. Porters at the Anapa airport are absent as a class, obviously, in view of not prestigiousness of this profession among local population.

At the Moscow office of “Dynamo“ we ordered a transfer from the airport to recreation facility. We were lucky - despite 4 - an hour delay of flight, the driver waited for us and took to Dynamo for 250 rub. According to him, in case of a flight delay drivers at own discretion make the decision to wait or not to wait for visitors.

the Dynamo Administrator met us by words: “And you that so late?“ took away the permit and passports (which we took away from her back next day), gave a room key and showed the way to us to the case. From - for a roar of discos we had to sleep with the battened-down windows, it is good though they were plastic and not bad constrained noise. Already filling up, I thought that at us in Moscow on Leninsky Avenue, perhaps, will be more silent.


in the Morning the administrator gave us a talonchik on food and invited to the dining room to a breakfast by 10 in the morning. As the day before we had not supper, looked forward to a hot breakfast, and I hoped to feed also the child. The dining room in “Dynamo“ includes one main room and two covered terraces on the street. To our surprise there was no limit when we came to the dining room at 10 in the morning and found out that the breakfast already ended. A breakfast, it appeared, with 9 to 10, but why newcomers are forced to come to 10 - ti for us and remained a riddle. In perplexity we gave the coupon of the catering manager - main on plateaus - and asked to put us for a little table on the street.“ Main on plateaus“ in reply long got a grasp of the coupon and declared that the administrator on the coupon wrote that we will not have breakfast (+15 more minutes of dismantling), and will seat us at that table at which will consider it necessary. As a result of us put for a little table to the main room, and for breakfast offered cold porridge and still some not requirement. The child refused to eat, the husband too, I already also did not gather. We took cold tea and left the dining room.

further at our table calculated on four put one more family also of three people. So we sat six together. If it is necessary to put the child on food, then and the place in the dining room to it, respectively in the dining room pretend that these children are absent just. At the same time a half of tables is free, but convenience of vacationers obviously does not cost that the personnel of the dining room strained. The family at our table was very lovely people from Kostroma, and we quickly made friends. They told us that they appealed too to put them for a little table on a terrace, and too refused to them, having reasoned with the fact that:“ And then you ask for the main room and we what, and we will replace you to and fro? You sit at once here“.

During all holiday we resorted more than once to alternative food as food in “Dynamo“ was not pleasant to us. It seems there is a lot of food, but its quality leaves much to be desired. And to feed the small child there is nothing. Porridges tasteless, first / second courses are strong salted and peppered with all the heart. Yogurts gave only poor quality - type fruttis (yogurt product) with the modified starch. Milk was put every other day on an incomplete glass on a table (in our case on six people). Oil to us was often put by three pieces, instead of four. When we did the remark - the waitress took away our plate and went with it on all dining room in search of an unclaimed piece of oil, and then returned a plate to us.

By the way, employees of the dining room always had couple of the lovely trifles capable to support a tone at vacationers in a stock: their favourite number - to accuse vacationers of theft of aluminum spoons. Good, by the way, trick: you address to the waitress with some request, and you in reply:“ At first return spoons“ - theorists of the NLP would die of envy - and to cover there is nothing: well you have no proofs in non-participation in theft of tableware.

Soup was cooked same all the time: potatoes, onions, carrots, tomato paste, mayonnaise, adding to it every day on one additional ingredient: either pearl-barley / corn / oat grain, or sausages / sausages / cucumbers, unfinished since festive evening. Second course most often was during the lunchtime or strongly roast chicken with corn grits / rice, or sinewy cutlet with macaroni / buckwheat. The dinner was or baked pudding with macaroni / carrots, either krupinchaty cottage cheese, or yesterday`s store rolls, or chicken, on holidays - meat / sausage / sausage. To all other, all this prepared surprisingly tastelessly.


offered fruit From time to time: apples / pear, by holidays - unripe grapes with terrible quantity of stones on one berry. To tea gave caramels, cookies, wafers or still that - and it was the only stolovsky pleasure which was laid up for the evening - when a sit-round gathering in the yard was arranged.

generally, the suitcase with food for the child was very useful.

Alternative the Alternative food in Anapa is presented to


in several options.

  • Table (it for courageous. I, frankly speaking, was sure that similar institutions already sank at summer together with socialism).
  • of Cafe, bars, restaurants (the prices Moscow, quality of food - as will carry, service from the category “this word abusive“, but with small children you will not be put there - music very loudly shouts, well and sanitary questions and remain rhetorical).
  • Enterprising locals directly in the middle of the street, most often opposite to the house, sell complex lunches at the similar price. Quality too similar, since. their task - to increase profit due to minimization of costs of raw materials. What with you will be after their lunch - to nobody interesting.
  • “Hot belyashes, chebureks, pies“ - can hear shouts of sellers for long before you see tent with this fast food. There is a lot of tents, belyashes will be enough for all too. It is option for people with “an iron stomach“. Speak, somewhere in the city there is a McDonald`s and others.
  • Shops. The vast majority of vacationers is grazed in shops. The main thing - to find good shop, with the big range. Such it is a little, but they are. The range quite good, it is possible to find even some delicacy. Fruit can be bought on bazarchik, at the prices of the Cheremushkinsky market. Well, unless water-melons are 5 rubles cheaper.
We all food bought

in shop, having specifically sat down on the “small baskets“ sold there with whipped cream and Abrau champagne - Dyurso.

Wine, by the way, can be bought by

only in shops and it is exclusive in bottles, and 150 rub for a bottle are not cheaper in any way. All the rest - the divorced powder, a local hit. Powder wine is on sale continually under the guise of natural grape in pouring, at the same time is beautifully issued in oak kegs with a faucet. Generally, do not trust the eyes. In bottles, by the way, too there can be a powder wine - it differs in the low price, from 30 rub for 0,75l. Strongly do not recommend to buy wine of the producer of “Vityazevo“. Natural grape wine in flood or classical “The southern night“, “Muscat“ etc. in bottles of high quality it is possible to buy in Anapa only in two points from wineries (the exact address can be specified at local taxi drivers) and they not on Pionersky Avenue.


By the way, a taxi or private traders in Anapa - expensive pleasure, quotations are higher than Moscow. To bargain from “Dynamo“ to the center for 150 rubles. but not for 200 rubles - it is almost impossible since taxi drivers have a short conversation: “To you what, 50 rubles are a pity?“. And, quotations everything is universal observe and do not play a dumping. When once I was blown up at 11 in the evening to find a taxi to the central drugstore and back - the task was impracticable since the journey sum twice exceeded the cost of the necessary medicine (for 300 rubles) . Generally, since the situation was not critical, the trip to a drugstore was postponed until morning.

the Most popular type of transport - minibuses. But they sometimes are not enough. Pionersky Avenue big, densely populated with sanatoria, and in bad weather when there is a mass outflow of vacationers in the morning to the city, and in the evening - back, it is almost impossible to sit down in a minibus. The only chance - to walk to Dzhemete - there time 10 min. empty minibuses come.


Us noticed also buses, but they very seldom run to some timetable.

of Difficulty of life

In our Dinamo junior suite (two rooms, a bathroom), it seems, also cleaned up every day, but it is somehow superficial: under a bed and under a sofa, judging by a thick dust layer, cleaning was provided time in a season. The bed linen was changed time in 5 days, and linen on an additional set a pillow / blanket we were not given. When we once fed the child in the dining room and him then, I apologize for naturalism, pulled out on a blanket cover - refused to change bed linen to me. I had to wash independently a blanket cover in a basin and to wait when it dries. Towels changed time in 5 days too - but beach I had to erase and dry daily since otherwise they begin to stink (sea water, a humid climate and so on), and bathing I erased somewhere time in 2 - 3 days.

the Bathroom the cleaner cleaned up half-heartedly too.

So, to all other, me did not manage to avoid daily washing of children`s linen, some adult, washing of ware and a floor in a bathroom. Romanticism - and - and.

Still I began to hate a local cat from - for her inexplicable thirst for our junior suite. This striped infection jumped at night in a window and shamelessly gadded according to our number. And, the window was not wide open - we left only a small shchelochka. Darling a morning “surprise from a cat“ - a shit on an oriental carpet. It was necessary to make every evening carefully new and new difficulties in a window sill, and in the morning fixedly to examine number regarding “surprises“.

Separately would like to mention a number of rooms of “Dynamo“. I recommend to be under a delusion to nobody with pictures from the website or in prospectuses. More - less decent situation in luxury, junior suites, in double rooms at the case with luxury, well and in several lodges on 3 - 4 persons. All the rest - without got down you will not look. Furniture really from a natural pine, but judging by its state are trophies of times of the Turkish Gambit. And the joint bathroom in some numbers causes shock - on the patch of a brown tile 0,5 meter by 0,5 meters are squeezed: a toilet bowl, a sink and the hose symbolizing a shower. Generally, I recommend to be three times attentive at the choice of number in “Dynamo“.

“On a heating plant something was blown up...“

As we had a rest in Anapa at the end of a season - from August 20 to September 4 - that experienced on ourselves a fashionable local counter - rolling blackout of electricity.

Without declaration of war, the electricity was suddenly cut down on an uncertain number of hours. And so nearly an every day since August 28. And what absence of electricity means? It means that in number there is no light, there is no hot water (a water heater - that electric), the refrigerator is defrozen, the TV does not show, the teapot does not boil water. In total. The dexterous movement of a knife switch, number with conveniences automatically turns into number without conveniences. Voila. The Dynamo administrator carefully carries candles according to numbers and wishes pleasant romantic evening. At the same time you have to buy matches independently.


Plus to everything impaired a little weather: became cold, watered rains. As result - at first the child, then the husband, then and I zasoplivitsya and zatemperaturit. Thanks of cellular communication - I could consult daily by the mobile phone with our pediatrician concerning the choice of drugs and methods of treatment. We recovered in the same sequence: the first the child, the second the husband, I recovered already in Moscow.

I again about Dinamo service. When I in the absence of electricity at the height of a thunder-storm (Anapa hooked edge of the Novorossiysk tornado) asked one night the administrator a question where I can warm up a small bottle with baby food - the answer was such: make fire on the beach, you will boil water and warm up everything that want. Curtain. The show “Last Hero“ - has a rest. Having slightly applauded, it was necessary to fight for service and to force the administrator to tear off a bum from a chair and to look nevertheless together with me for an opportunity to warm up a bottle. An opportunity was found in 10 minutes - in one of cafe on Pionersky Avenue there was a gas stove on which to me as a result boiled water. So before a trip to “Dynamo“ be convinced that you have the gift of belief. If is not present - in every possible way in yourself develop it, it surely is required to you.

When weather was adjusted by

, and supply of electricity was not, vacationers faced a new problem. In the last dates of August we were called from the house and warned that somewhere in mass media the note flew that the Krasnodar sanepidemstantion recommends to refrain from bathing on the coast near Anapa in connection with detection in coastal waters of some causative agent of intestinal infection. Generally, we gave up bathing until the end of holiday - unless came into the sea knee-deep urinate legs. We warned about it and everything with whom we communicated in “Dynamo“, but did not treat our prevention seriously. Perhaps it was also a mere coincidence, but at children who continued to swim after that in the sea (besides that there was no place to be washed after bathing - hot water - that was not, at best, it appeared early in the morning) identical symptoms were noted next day: vomiting, diarrhea, temperature, slackness. For a traceyushchy day the same symptoms were shown at some adults. Generally, the pharmaceutical booth became the most popular place.

Sit-round gathering and other entertainments

the Sit-round gathering is, perhaps, the only thing that to us helped to remove daily stresses. In the evenings, if did not pour a rain, “good company“ - vacationers from 3kh - 4kh numbers gathered in the yard about our case, sat down to a big plastic table, and group therapy began: it was discussed how to live up to departure.

at the same time the range of a table was formed by

by the principle of “common fund“ - everyone brought with itself(himself) everything that it had: who wine, who tea, who snack, who fruit, who sweets. Generally, it turned out very sincerely and cheerfully.

From children`s entertainments can note the amusement park. The one that to the left of “Dynamo“ was pleasant to us most of all. Our child with pleasure came off on attractions.

Aquapark. Cost - 500 rub on the person. Amusement park. We were not there, but responses were heard by positive.

Periodically people with a loud-hailer and in suits of turtles - ninjias invite on children`s evening submissions to nearby sanatoria - an entrance of 200 rub. We did not go since turtles - the ninjia do not excite us.

of Excursion. I recommend to buy excursions in Anapa from the station. The choice of excursions big, but if to get to talking with the shop assistant of excursions heart-to-heart, then will become clear that it is worth going to one - two excursions which really interesting, other - so, for the range.

Souvenirs. Even I do not know what can be brought as a souvenir from there. Unless a sink of a rapan, or the dried-up lavender. All the rest - is made in China.

the Beach

the Sand beach along Pionersky Avenue is saturated with quartz. On this it is considered curative. Curative quartz sand begins from Anapki`s small river and lasts along all Pionersky Avenue. Exact coordinates where this curative quartz sand reaches a limit, we could not learn. Obvious minus - all beach is richly covered with stubs. For an example: in everyone sand a Kulichiki, the made child, came across from two to four stubs. Perhaps at the beginning of a season of stubs it is less, than at the end, but I nevertheless strongly doubt that someone cares for clarification of sand till spring / fall.

Still that strained me - so this abundance of dogs on the beach. And not the local homeless, and carefully brought on rest by owners. It as it is necessary to love the dog to arrange her it sanatorno - resort treatment! The track from the case to the beach strained also on both sides zakakany these dogs. Owners obviously consider to clean after the adored dogs below the advantage. One pleased - the majority of canine friends appeared on public at a lead and a muzzle, and bathed them in the sea early in the morning and in the evening when on the beach it is not populous.

Plastic plank beds and umbrellas - paid. And, if you intend to use an umbrella of days 10, then will be cheaper than it to buy in the nearby market, in the same place it is possible to buy also the air-bed.

Also board plank beds with awnings which boards were boxes for oranges, earlier not differently are. And for an opportunity to use this shikarnost, it is necessary to pay 60 rubles.

We dragged on the beach an umbrella from our number, having ignored the plate “umbrellas from number on the beach not to take out“. Well, honestly, we did not understand how to use this umbrella in number.


without going into details, I will tell that the sum which we paid for the permit in Dynamo did not correspond to quality of rest there. Plus to everything we spent in day not less than 500 rubles for food, transport, entertainments, a drugstore, other trifles in any way yet.

the Final point in expenditure - at us revealed overweight (which in Moscow was not observed) and loudly suggested to pay 800 rubles in cash desk, and intimate whisper added that it is possible to invest 350 rubles in the passport and to solve all problems with overweight immediately. Yassen a stub, we gave 350, for it to us also wrote out the most trump places on the plane. Already in you weed me dawned that the bag from the remains of baby food - and by rules of air transportation a bag with baby food was overweight, as well as the carriage, is transported free of charge. Generally, the main thing - we departed without delay, and arrived to Moscow even for 15 minutes earlier. The early arrival in the Vnukovo airport was carefully compensated by the 40th minute delay of delivery of baggage.

I do not know

whether I will decide to return to Anapa sometime once again. Of course, this town has a certain resort charm. These lovely small streets in acacias, architectural eclecticism, and this blue Black Sea - everything is not deprived of charm. But the main secret of good rest in Anapa are to find suitable housing. As they say, places should be known. If you do not know exact addresses - it is almost impossible to hit the bull`s eye at random.

That who there nevertheless gathers this summer - I will recommend to try to have a rest in d / about “the Oil industry worker of Kuban“ or r/c “Crystal“, they though look somehow also the territory well-groomed is more modern. Somewhere near the beginning of Pionersky Avenue, on the first line, there is also a boarding house of mother and child - the name is not remembered, but it looked lovely. It is also possible to stop in some private pass - hotel, or to rent the room with conveniences at “owners“. But, to find good option, it is necessary or to have aiming to the concrete address, or to spend a lot of time for independent searches. Generally, to madness of brave it is devoted....