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How to return milk

breastfeeding Renewal. Really it is possible?

the subject of a relaktation In itself (restoration of process of a lactation) is very extensive

. It includes not only physiological aspect of feeding, but also psychology of relationship between mother and the child. Therefore at once we will make a reservation: within one article it is impossible to describe all technique of a relaktation entirely especially as in each case (for each couple mother - the child) individual selection of recommendations from the specialist in breastfeeding is necessary. We will just try to tell how it will look in general and to give a necessary minimum of information to those mothers who for some reasons interrupted feeding with a breast and would like to return to natural feeding again, and also to mothers wishing to bring up the adopted child. Often women do not even suspect about a possibility of transition from artificial feeding to chest or do not know how to make it and where to ask for the help.

Back, to mother!

So, dear mothers, a relaktation it is possible!

Moreover, from the point of view of physiology in it is present nothing difficult. Many for certain heard that hormone Prolactinum is responsible for process of production of milk in a female organism. The amount of milk directly depends on its quantity. And strictly speaking, everything that is necessary for stimulation of production of this hormone, - frequent and productive sucking by the child of a breast.

Means, to constantly put the kid to a breast - and milk will appear? In principle and. However not everything is so simple.

First and the main difficulty is that often the child refuses to suck a breast. It is inconvenient to it to take it, unusually, and in general he already so fell in love with the small bottle what there is no wish to change it for any there breast at all!


I at all not that in a breast there is no milk and from there nothing flows, - from a baby`s dummy too, for example, nothing flows... It appears, the kid forgot (and, unfortunately, not without participation of adults) on what style of relationship with mother it is calculated by the nature - the correct way of feeding is put in the child genetically! Our task - “to awaken“ its hereditary program.

Breastfeeding is a continuation of that unity with mother which the child endured, being at it in a tummy. Means, the first that mother needs to make for restoration of a lactation is to come into the same continuous and close contact with the kid, as well as during pregnancy. Before the kid returns to a breast, he has to return from a bed and a carriage on hands to mother!

Mother`s hands, warm skin, heartbeat, the acquaintance began to smell

, vibration of a thorax at conversation, smooth rocking when mother got up and went, a quiet sleep near her breast... There are those main incentives thanks to which the kid “will remember“ the mother, will remember the paradise state accompanying his life in a womb and will want to suck not some there rubber substitutes, and the real, such native and unique breast!

Idyll? And why is also not present?. All mother`s efforts at this stage will consist in providing almost continuous contact with the child and to regularly offer it a breast. It is essential to facilitate this work carrying the kid in a sling will be able (a baby sling, the scrappy holder) - thus it will be possible to combine needs of the child and need of the mother.

Sometimes process of overcoming of refusal of a breast takes with

several days, and sometimes - and several weeks. The main result of this first stage - the child began to suck! Also does it often and with pleasure. Important condition: since that moment as mother began to offer the kid for sucking a breast, from his life baby`s dummies disappear and small bottles - each of these two objects exerts unambiguously negative impact on all process of breastfeeding at any its stage. Now necessary dokorm it will be given in full from a spoon (a small cup, a pipette). And in all situations when there was a baby`s dummy, the breast is used now. As they say, to destination...

It is very convenient to p to use the special soft spoon developed by the Swiss company Medela. The handle of a spoon is similar to a small small bottle where mother pours necessary amount of liquid. And at the basis - soft silicone dredging (as at a usual teaspoon) where easy pressing of fingers adds a new portion of food from a small bottle. Thus mother`s time is significantly saved, all dokorm can manage to be given before the child is tired or will begin to be nervous, and also it is almost impossible to spill something by a mouth of the kid. If you have an opportunity to get this spoon - by all means it use!

In general the soft spoon is useful to

not only in case of a relaktation. It is very convenient to use it for a dokorm of the kid the decanted milk in the absence of mother, for a dokarmlivaniye of the premature and malovesny kids which are quickly tired at a breast. Use of a soft spoon helps to avoid such unpleasant phenomenon as refusal of a breast which is in most cases provoked by existence of a small bottle with a pacifier.

Here milk!

So, the child sucks often and with pleasure. What further?

needs to teach him to do to

it correctly Further, that is to train the kid in the correct applying to a breast . I will remind that at the correct applying the radius of capture of an areola has to be about 2,5 cm from the nipple basis. It is necessary for effective stimulation of a mammary gland - and respectively, for full production of milk. And also to prevent emergence of cracks of nipples at mother and to avoid stagnation of milk.

the Following stage - the strengthened stimulation of production of milk .

two options of succession of events are possible

Here. The first is when milk at mother comes quickly (sometimes even without application of lactogene means). As a rule, usual recommendations at a lack of milk are suitable for such situations:

the breast is given to

Main that will need to be controlled is an optimum quantity of a dokorm (again we will remind - not from a bottle!). If the volume of the received mix is insufficient per day for the child - it will affect his health (it can starve!) . And if on the contrary, the dokorma is too much - it will slow down process of production of maternal milk.

So that the child had an incentive to suck a breast, it has to be moderately full! How to define it? The standard test offered by World Health Organization for determination of sufficient volume of food of the child till 6 months is a calculation of quantity of urinations per day. If the kid has enough - them has to be not less than 12.

was Counted how many times the kid peed in days (for this purpose it is necessary to refuse disposable diapers!) - reduced the volume of a dokorm. Waited (usually 3 - 4 days) until the quantity of urinations rises to 12 times again - mix volume can be reduced again. And so to the bitter end! As a rule, all process takes 2 - 3 weeks. Again - I will make a reservation: it is better to do it under control of the skilled expert.

Special means

the Second option of succession of events at a relaktation is when milk comes not at once or comes in quantity, insufficient for the child. Usually it happens if:

What actions in this situation will be considered as correct? Here they:

you never heard

about it? Unfortunately, and most of the Russian mothers do not know about existence of SNS too. How it looks? It is a small small bottle which runs after mother in the turned state. Only below it has not a pacifier, but a thin and soft capillary which is attached by the lower end near a mother`s nipple in such a way that the kid who stuck to a breast captures also him.

I what turns out? The child sucks a breast, and receives mix. Adaptation it is made by the Swiss company Medela and extends through their company shops. It is ideal replacement to a small bottle in all cases when mother has (or is not enough) no milk. Thus those advantages of breastfeeding which belong to area of relationship between mother and the child remain. And probability that normal feeding by a breast, immeasurably will be gradually adjusted above, than when using bottles.

Only wants to warn at once: the scheme of a dokorm through SNS has to be developed in common with the specialist in breastfeeding too. And one more remark: this measure - temporary. Thanks to active mother`s efforts on stimulation of a lactation the quantity of a dokorm will decrease too (can be, not so quickly, as in the first case), and need for SNS will gradually disappear.

All process of a relaktation takes

several days (if to the kid - several days) about several weeks. Sometimes some volume of a dokorm remains before execution to the kid of 6 months (age when it is time to acquaint its with adult food) - and then mix is gradually replaced with a feeding up. Anyway now mother can nurse the child as long as it it will want her and her kid.

Here in the main that work which is necessary to mother wishing to restore full breastfeeding of the or adopted child. Hard work but grateful. Because all efforts will pay off normal physical and mental health of the kid, and also improbable pleasure, harmony and feeling of completeness of life which are endured by each woman feeding the child according to his natural requirements. Dare, dear mothers! Good luck to you!

of History from life

In spite of the fact that milk at Olya came for the third day, in maternity hospital it was called “not dairy mother“ and appointed to the kid regular dokorm mix from a bottle. When on 10 - y day arrived to them the consultant for a lactation, little Egor already entirely was on artificial feeding. Mother did not put it to a breast.

First the kid reacted to the offer to suck a breast with sharp crying and refusal. In a day thanks to competent mother`s actions the kid took a breast every time when it was given such opportunity. In 5 days Egor already was on full breastfeeding. Mother answered a question why she wanted to return milk: “Without it I do not represent myself as the woman!“

at the time of consultation to little Vera was nearly 2 months old. “Iskusstvennitsey“ it was from 3 weeks. Mother had no milk for a long time. Motivating the desire to return breastfeeding, she told:“ I am not satisfied with the level of psychological contact with the child. If the woman nurses the kid, she understands and feels him much better“.

the Ardent desire of mother and confidence that her girl needs natural feeding played a crucial role: milk began to come in 5 days. Approximately in 10 days after the beginning of work refusal of a breast was finally overcome. Now the baby is fed only with breast milk.

When Nastya asked for the help, her daughter was 3,5 months old. Since the birth Ania was on artificial feeding. Mother was disturbed by deviations in physical development of the child: in spite of the fact that doctors could not find any pathologies, the girl badly put on weight. Process of “return“ of the child to a breast took about a month: the baby very long restored the normal relations with mother. By 6 months in its daily diet about 200 g of mix continued to remain. For 7 - y month mother completely replaced artificial nutrition with the feeding up put for this age. Having received full contact, necessary for any child, with mother and irreplaceable breast milk, Ania began to put on weight well. For today mother is sure that she will be able to feed the girl still very long.

Konstantin was born

in 36 weeks. The first three weeks was on artificial feeding. That day when to Natasha there arrived the consultant to help mother to begin process of a relaktation, her husband just bought more dairy mix: “That for a long time lasted!“ It was its second marriage, and he brought up the first two children with own hand from a bottle. The father was going to look after little Konstantin in the same way.

Mother dreamed to nurse

. Her persistence was enough for a week: then the husband forbade “to put experiments on the child“. And though in 4 days the volume of artificial nutrition was cut by half, Natasha could not overcome negative attitude of the spouse to breastfeeding. Without moral support of the loved one so necessary in this case it lowered hands. Everything returned into place: a baby`s dummy, a bottle, lonely hours in a bed (“that did not get used to hands!“).

Twice Larisa was going to restore a lactation. For the first time recommendations of her gynecologist were an obstacle: according to that expert (probably, badly familiar with physiological processes in reproductive system of the woman?) it is impossible to return a lactation categorically! The second time mother changed the mind after visit of the consultant: it did not suit the recommendation to offer the kid a breast at night and if necessary to take him in the bed. It appears, for the night Larisa stuck in ears of a plug (“earplug“) that grunting and crying of the child did not prevent it to sleep. The prospect of night awakenings for applying of the child to a breast seemed to it intolerable. Relaktation was not successful.