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A hair to a hair of

Hair - our main ornament and therefore it is necessary to care for them especially. Fortunately, for this purpose modern beauties have all opportunities.

the Vitamin mode

Daily we lose about one hundred hair - and it is natural. But during pregnancy hair practically cease to drop out from - for the raised estrogen hormone level. But in several weeks after the delivery we begin to lose them with the doubled force - at some women the volume of a head of hear can be reduced by 30%! Without panic! By then, as to the kid year will be executed, you will forget about this problem.

What to do? To facilitate them growth. For the life each hair bulb has to bring into world of at least 25 hair. But some of them “are lazy“ and for various reasons drop out of reproduction process. The substances stimulating growth influence directly a hair root. Now vitamins, special leaving and your good mood are necessary for it! Now B6 vitamin is very important for you. With it an offal, fish, soy, nuts, brown rice is rich. And the Magne - B6 complex, Sanofi - Synthelabo (only if you do not nurse) besides saturation by the mentioned vitamin will relieve of a postnatal depression. Not all vitamin complexes can be accepted in the period of a lactation, previously consult with the doctor.

During this period should not dry often hair the hair dryer and to long comb them a brush. Visit a hairdressing salon: at cut hair tips are restored, and coloring in 2 or 3 tones optically increases hairdress volume.

Water procedures
of Means for washing are not basic care behind hair, they only pave fertile “way“ for remedies for loss.

growth Factor Any program for treatment can begin

not earlier, than in 2 months after the delivery when the hormonal background is normalized. Remedies stimulate “lazy“ bulbs, fix hair in a bulb, interfering with their loss. You should not wait that as a result of treatment the volume of a head of hear considerably will increase as the purpose of the medical program - to prevent loss. It is necessary to begin with peelings for head skin. They will improve blood circulation, will help to get rid of the dead cages “hammering“ hair bulbs and interfering growth of hair. Following item of the program: the serums containing medical active agents. It is not necessary to wash away them after drawing. Usually experts recommend 2 - a monthly course.

  • the Power concentrate - serum for fight against Anti hair loss - Age Capillaire from Carrta
  • Intensive Scalp Revitalizer Serum from j. f. Lazartigue - an intensive remedy against a hair loss and anemia of roots.
  • Hair become dense and brilliant at regular application of means against Phytocyane hair loss from Phyto.
  • the Vitamin complex for a hair reconstruction of Revitalizing Hair Vitamins, j. f. Iazartigue.

Is protected and we feed

the Main reason for dry hair - genetically low production of skin fat. And too frequent coloring or a chemical wave, the sun and cold, incorrectly picked up leaving do not add them health. As a result communication between the horn scales covering a hair collapses (normal imposed at each other like a tile), they rise and loosened. Therefore dry hair are confused, break and split.

First rule of leaving: to wash them or at least it is necessary to rinse with the filtered water. To dry - not pounding, and the blotting movements. Saturated conditioner after shampoo is necessary for them. Do not wash away it within 2 minutes. One - two times a week indulge them with a mask for dry hair either before washing, or for the night. After washing you put a protectant and if hair split, you carry it with yourself in a handbag as powder or lipstick, and regularly grease tips. Such hair need to be protected from any peresushivaniye: not only in the summer from sunshine, but also in the winter from cold.

Water procedures
Nutritious shampoo with nutrivitaminy from Nivea Hair Care strengthens the damaged structure of hair and prevents formation of split ends.

  • T / Gel Shampoo from Neutrogena calms the dry and angry head skin, restoring its microflora.
  • Solid medical shampoo with oil Karma Korba patchoulis from Lush.

the Restoring leaving of Intense Repair Creme from L`Oreal Professionnel feeds

After a bathtub with

Continuous overindulgence

  • the Nutritious mask for the dry and injured hair of Nivea Hair Care with vitamin E returns to hair healthy gloss and elasticity.
  • the Restoring Elseve mask from L`Oreal Paris feeds
  • and restores hair from roots to the tips.
  • the Hydrorestoring Masque Fiuide Hydroreparateur Ozon`C mask from Santeri, Paris gives vital force to the injured hair.

of 7 mistakes in care of hair

  1. Economy on means for leaving. Do not replace professional national: they were good only at poverty of the cosmetic market.
  2. Wrong putting shampoo. Previously make foam it in hands: you make active the necessary substances and correctly distribute means on all length of hair.
  3. Haste at washing off of means. Leave them on hair for about 2 - 3 minutes. Clean hair after washing off of shampoo have to squeak slightly.
  4. Excessive efforts. Head skin loves a gentle light massage finger-tips.
  5. Fast drying. The hair dryer works at full capacity, you win several seconds, and hair lose gloss and health. Dry them a towel, and then - the cool hair dryer, keeping it at arm`s length 30 cm from the head.
  6. Refusal of means for laying. Gels, varnishes and mousses perfectly hold a hairdress and protect from dust and dirt.
  7. Chaotic and excessive use of means on leaving.

Is dried!

Strictly speaking, fat are not hair, but head skin. From - for the increased work of its sebaceous glands already next day after washing hair look bound together and dim.

your task: to reduce activity of sebaceous glands and to revitalize head skin. Hair should be washed as soon as they begin to be salted though every day. But at the same time to choose special an oily hair shampoos and for frequent use. At a ytya do not rub strongly head skin, and slightly mass. To clean excess of fat from the head and to lower activity of sebaceous glands, once a week impose the “absorbing“ mask. You apply it directly on roots of hair, it is the best of all by means of the syringe - a nozzle. And do not use the hot hair dryer at all! Sometimes, fat roots, can have too dry ends of long hair. In this case they need special leaving - apply on them dry hair balm.

Water procedures

  • Shampoo for daily use of Clinique Hair Care

Medical effect

  • the Restoring mask for head skin regulating work of sebaceous glands from Leaner Greyi.

to Give volume


the Fine hair badly holds a form and easily falls down even after an ideal hairstyle. They demand as much as possible care, especially after coloring and a chemical wave. With a fine hair we are awarded by the nature: at normal hair diameter makes 80 microns, and at thin - 60. Thicker they will not become any more therefore it is necessary just to learn to look after them correctly.

Optically to increase the volume of hair presently - a piece of cake. Ideal option - the accurate geometrical hairstyle of average length, a small amount of mousse or liquid for laying applied on roots of hair, and a varnish for fixing of a hairdress. It is very important not to damage their fragile structure therefore use only brushes from a natural bristle or wooden hairbrushes. Choose means for care of such hair only with easy texture and do not go to far in their quantity.

Shampoos and conditioners needs to wash away, dry carefully hair the hair dryer in the cool mode at roots, having inclined the head, raising locks. There are special means for laying of a fine hair, their mineral components are built in a hair core, raising it.

Water procedures

  • of Energy Shampoo from Wella Professional: volume and energy.
  • Volumizing shampoo with laminaria extract from L`Air Marin.