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Cold at the baby of

the First 9 months of life of our daughter the problem of treatment of children`s cold was unfamiliar to us - because of that absence at the child. During this time I so believed in the miracle force of maternal milk with which I fed the daughter that could not imagine that it can have snivels - though in children`s policlinic of such babies I saw enough.

But it turned out p that breast milk does not give absolute protection against the viruses forcing children to sniff. It became clear when our girl, having been going “to have a bite“ as usual in the middle of the night a mother`s milk, found out that she cannot suck from at all - for a stuffy nose. It is clear, that was immediately reported on us on it - shout. (Later I understood the first mistake: it was not necessary to allow to the girl to play with the sneezing grandfather who “became unstuck“ in couple of days too).

First that I made, having woken up from children`s crying at 2 o`clock in the morning, - grabbed William and Marta Serz`s book “Your child“ (very much I advise all) and read the section on treatment of cold. Authors, the American pediatricians and parents of eight children, advise at first to dig in each nostril on several drops of salt solution (1/4 h l. on a glass of warm water) - it promotes fluidifying of slime in a nose, and then to remove allocations from a nose with an aspirator (in my opinion, it is more convenient to use an enema No. 1 without plastic tip).

As for cold drops, M. and U. Serz mention only the preparations which are let out in the industrial way. However all of them including drops for babies (for example, “Nazivin“) possess vasoconstrictive action therefore more than 5 days do not recommend to apply them (at Serzov - not longer than three). And what to do if in three days cold did not pass (all - usually it lasts week)?

also the fact that such preparations give only a temporary relief Confused with

me, it is impossible to apply them more often than two - three times a day, their overdose is very dangerous and, besides, they can cause accustoming. And I decided to resort to folk remedies. Drops from onions juice with oil (1 drop of juice on 5 drops of oil, I used vaseline), which I dripped after the described procedure of cleaning of a nose, helped to liquidate cold in 5 days.

Ya coped with a role of mother - nurses, but I cannot tell that it was pleasant to me. To live with cold - it is awful, and I do not understand how for weeks familiar children and their mothers stay in this state. Therefore I decided to do everything possible that this episode was the first and the last.

Turned out what to nurse and just not to muffle up the child (houses the daughter always barefoot, in shorts and a T-shirt, on walk is dressed easier than the peers too) - insufficiently. It is necessary to increase organism resilience somehow. I am not a supporter of an early or extreme hardening, but to the daughter was nearly a year, and I decided that it is time for us to begin to have a shower bath with it.

It was in the spring, douches by cold water continued at the dacha - in the fresh air, in combination with jogs on a dewy grass. The daughter quickly got used (can because I had a shower bath even during pregnancy?) everything went remarkably, and I was completely assured that to my tempered child at all any viruses. And, having lost vigilance, repeated the first mistake, having allowed the daughter to play with the sick child.

This time the situation was complicated also by the fact that 14 months were it, and she understood that if the nose is bunged up, it is possible to breathe through the mouth (babies usually are not able it therefore during the first illness the daughter successfully “prodykhivat“ a nose during feeding by a breast).

I Want to warn against commission and my second mistake - result of inexperience: try not to pass the beginnings of a disease. As soon as you hear characteristic “pokhryukivaniye“ (or you will notice other symptoms) - right there take measures.

If outside day: drip breast milk (best of all - the child cries less, and effect good), onions drops (see. above), garlick drops (to dissolve juice of garlic with boiled water in the ratio 1:20 or 1:50 - quite caustic piece, at first try on yourself).

For the night put on to the child the wet well wrung out cotton socks, wrap up from above plastic bags, fix them by elastic bands, and from above put on woolen socks. Other “night“ option: rub a foot of the kid with the Vietnamese balm “Gold Star“ (“asterisk“), beginning from the basis of fingers on width not less than 5 cm, and then put on cotton and woolen socks. It is good to warm a nose blue light (it turned out that it is convenient to do it when the child strong fell asleep).

All this I subtracted

in books of the famous pediatrician Stanislav Martynov “Your child should not be ill“, “Treatment of children by nonconventional methods“ and in Renata Ravich`s book “The moneybox of family health“, at first tried on itself and only then used for the child. There a set of similar non-drug recipes, and, maybe, you will choose something else for the child. I tell only that I did.

If to take all these measures at an initial stage of an illness, cold it is possible or to avoid at all, or he will recover very quickly.

But if you faced finally “clogged“ nose, slime in the way described above (the kid will shout, but it is necessary to make it) and to dig the milk, and for the lack of it - a drop is the best of all to suck away

. The child after a year it is possible to teach to blow nose if to give it a game shape (we asked the daughter to show how the hedgehog snuffles). The most important - any way clean to the child a nose, do not allow slime to crowd. Then there will be no complications.

By the way, about complications on ears of which all so are afraid. If you nurse the child, for ears can not worry - they are protected by the mechanism of sucking of a breast. But just in case I will give the ancient grandmother`s recipe: you give to drink to the child a train - otitis will not be. I together with a train just in case made mother - and - the stepmother, a plantain, a clover and a calendula, added 15 drops of spirit tincture of propolis (a beekeeping product, a natural antibiotic) there and allowed the daughter to drink during the day as often as possible. (It is possible to part with water 5 drops of propolis 3 times a day, but it turns out bitterly and there is no guarantee that the child will drink everything.)

R. Ravich and other supporters of natural methods of treatment advise

also during an illness to exclude animal protein which loads and so weakened organism from the child`s diet (it is clear that it does not belong to breast milk, even on the contrary!) not to give to the child products from the refined flour, potatoes, milk - these products promote education in a slime organism.

Finally I want to warn against my third mistake: do not go in cycles in an illness. Of course, it is impossible to neglect everything, but also every second to wait for recurrence too harmfully. It is known that if to keep thinking about bad, it surely happens. Therefore reasonably take care, the children - and good luck!