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Cheerful starts of

Oh, are also restless these kids! It seems that in them the small bright motor hid. You remember words from a song: “It rushes all day somewhere, it will awfully be upset if something on light suddenly happens without it“. Indeed! The movement is necessary for the kid who only begins to open the world as air. The he will “be more bright“, the more will be able to understand, comprehend, touch handles and to taste.

the Need for the movement is put by

in the kid since the birth. And a task of mothers and fathers not only to help the child to develop, master harmoniously new skills and abilities, but also not to beat off desire to play sports in the future. “Do not run - you will fall! Do not climb - you will fall down!“ As often we hear similar hails at playgrounds. Most often they belong to the loving grandmothers sponsoring grandsons and granddaughters. And then we are surprised from where the grown-up child has an excess weight, bad marks on physical culture why it clumsy, “unsportsmanlike“, diffident. To the kid it is just necessary both to run and to climb, and even to fall. And how without it? Only this way, through own feelings the huge and attractive world is learned.

to Consolidate by

innate love to the movement, to make the baby more dexterous and hardy, simple games and exercises which we with pleasure will share with you will help to send irrepressible energy to the “peace“ course.

Age stupenechka

Not all parents know that physical development of the kid is unseparably connected with his intellectual development. The better the child is able to run, jump, climb, the quicker and more harmoniously his brain develops. Therefore it is important that from the earliest age sports occupations were for the kid a source of pleasure and pleasure.

the norms of physical development of the kid determined by experts Exist. Similar norms are very conditional, each child has the individual rate of development. Also you should not be upset if yours the baby in any parameters “falls short“. But it is necessary to know them in order that in games to pay attention to “a weak link“, not to demand from the baby of abilities, excessive on age, and in time to start development of this or that skill.

Here approximate indicators of physical development for the three-year-old kid. The child performs at the same time two operations - stamps and claps; easily steps through obstacles in a floor (bars) the alternating step; quickly passes on an inclined board; jumps through the line on a floor; jumps in length from the place on two legs; jumps off from small height; runs, jumps up; throws and catches a ball; imitates the movements of peers; rides a tricycle.

Hey, a toptyzhka, stamp, stamp...


For children who hardly learned to go will be suitable the games and exercises helping to be improved with this difficult business. Show to the baby different types of walking, and let him repeat after you. There is a camel, slowly and important throwing out legs forward, the horse here jumps, highly raising knees, on socks cunning chanterelle here is stolen, here the clodhopper - a bear waddlingly stamps. And now hare jumped, and behind him moves back a back small krabik forward. Here the butterfly began to whirl over florets, cheerfully Masha wings.

the game moment is very important

For kids. Try to beat cheerfully any exercise, carrying away the baby own example. You teach the child to go on tiptoe and on patches, on internal and outer side of foot.

Kids very much love various game rhymes. You for certain and know many such games. For example, “The woman sowed peas“ or “There was a king on the wood...“ And even, if the part of words was forgotten, they can be thought up on the course of game anew. The main thing what would be cheerful. And here one more such rhyme - “Zainka“.

of Zaink, resemble,
Greyish, resemble,
Here so, here syak,

Further instead of the word “resemble“ in each new quatrain we add: be encouraged, stamp a leg, jump, turn, squat, dance, slap the handle, bow etc. It is good if you tell not just a rhyme, and to sing. Such games help the kid to understand better the speech of adults, to perform operations on command, and, of course, promote physical development. It is possible to play them also at home, and in the yard, having collected around itself in a circle small “zainek“.

Chalk lined asphalt on small squares


Modern children almost do not play in classics. And this game is good in every respect. Both the sense of equilibrium develops, and coordination moreover and learns to consider. Let`s try to adapt it for 2 - 3 summer kids.


quite wide site of asphalt, line cells of classics. They have to be small that small children`s legs could make jumps easily. Of course, the bat is not required to us yet. Show to the kid as it is necessary to jump from one square in another, trying not to attack the line.

Let at first the baby jumps two legs. Even it will be for it a difficult task. For bigger fun, put a toy which “got lost“ in the last section and she needs to be “helped“ out of trouble. Absolutely small will just cross through lines enough.

in process of improvement, suggest the baby to jump on one leg. But be not upset if at it it does not turn out. It is difficult, but very useful skill, as a rule, children manage which closer by three years.

If you write to

in cages large accurate figures, then you will help the child to learn quickly them and to master the serial account to 10. At first the kid will jump, and you - to consider, and then he also with pleasure will do it.

Still can be drawn with

in addition in each cage a circle, traces or just to put on a leaflet from a tree. A task of the kid - to get legs to the designated place. It is healthy if you jump with the child in turn, and, of course, sometimes too to attack the line...

Balls and balls

the Ball - a remarkable toy! Both useful, and cheerful at the same time. At home it is good to roll a ball each other or in the set direction (for example, having made gate of cubes or having placed size on a floor), and on the street it is possible and to abandon it, without being afraid to break something. Ability to throw a ball - important skill.

Pay attention of the child that it is possible to throw a ball differently: from - for the heads, from a breast, from below up, two hands, only left or only right. Gradually master all ways and be improved in them. It is not less important to teach the kid to catch a ball. Begin with small distance, almost putting a ball in hands of the baby, then increase distance.

it is important to p to pick up a suitable ball. It has to be rather big, but at the same time easy. Well a little lowered beach ball which it will be convenient to kid to catch and hold in handles will approach. Ability to catch a ball can begin to be mastered from balloons. They are loved by one and all kids.

is pleasant to be Played soccer not only to boys. Too will give to girls considerable pleasure to push a ball with a leg on pleasure to the father. Such exercise well develops coordination and sense of equilibrium. Also the simplified basketball is not less useful. If you have no special ring with a grid, it is possible to play the improvised basketball, having put a cardboard box on a bench or other height and trying to throw in it a ball. It develops the accuracy and an eye estimation.

can be Thrown into a box not only balls, and and cones, stones, chestnuts. Natural material will always be near at hand during family walk in park or the wood. Use trees for throws in the purpose (let the kid throw cones one, other hand) or arrange “hunting“ for the father with the baby, trying to get to him the cone.

If by means of an adhesive tape to attach a rope to a ball, the excellent exercise machine for the kid will turn out. Hang up it on a tree branch at the level of the child`s breast, and let it beat it with handles sideways or from below up. If to attach a ball over the earth - the little football player will be able to work the accuracy of kicks.

Hoops - jump ropes

Sports occupations will become even more fascinating than

if you manage to attract in allies and other mothers of kids. Till three years, owing to age features, children cannot play team games yet - competitions. But with pleasure will play the relay offered by you where not competition, but fun and the movement will be a main objective.

It is good if you have couple of plastic hoops. For these purposes they can be bought specially and to take out on the street. They cost absolutely not much, and advantage will bring much. Put hoops at some distance from each other (the children are younger, the less there has to be this distance). In one hoop - “lodge“ at you there will live toys (cones, stones etc.) who need to be “moved“ in other lodge.

Now each kid takes

on a toy and with joyful squeal carries it in other hoop. Then comes back for following, and so until all objects are not transferred. To complicate game, show to kids different types of movement: on tiptoe or on heels, jumps or an added step. It is possible to draw chalk on asphalt a straight line or a twisting line (or to put a long tape) and to suggest kids to take place on the bridge from one lodge in another. Lines maybe two, then it is necessary to go precisely between them.

Spread out to ways at remains the sheets of paper brought from the house, and let them stamp on “hummocks“, passing from one leaf to another. It is possible to spread out between “lodges“ of a branch and large stones or bricks in order that children through them stepped. If you have no hoops, draw circles with chalk. And it is possible even to draw lodges, then everything will be more natural.

Still hoops can be rolled, trying what they would not fall. Very much it is pleasant to kids “to catch a small fish“ or “butterflies“ - to run for mothers or friends and to put on them easy hoops. If you take a jump rope on walk, it will be possible to play a horse. At first the driver - mother, then the kid.

A can be played also the engine: someone from mothers ahead, and kids - cars - behind, having grasped a long jump rope. Bothered to be the engine - we turn into a caterpillar or a centipede. Well, and now, who will catch a snake? We pull along a jump rope, and the flock of kids tries to step on it a leg. Still it is possible to start up soap bubbles, and remains let jump up and catch them. Of course, mother can also play these games with the kid, but in the company - that is more cheerful!

of the Hill - short flights of stairs...

It is good if in your yard there is a sports ground for children. If is not present, look for it in the neighboring yards or go with the baby to school stadium. Kids adore climbing short flights of stairs. It is necessary to encourage it in every possible way. You serve to the child bad service if, insuring, you hold him with hands. The kid has to learn to count only on the forces, at some moment you it can not appear nearby... It does not mean, of course, that it is not necessary to insure it absolutely. Just quietly stand nearby and observe. In case of falling you will always manage to pick up the kid.

On a short flight of stairs can be played entertaining game which we will call “a cat and a mouse“ or “the hare and a wolf“ depending on preferences of the baby. The kid will be a mouse, and mother, respectively, a cat. The short flight of stairs is myshkin the house. Here it can hide from a cunning cat.“ The cat“ sleeps aside, the mouse “runs“ and peeps. But here “cat“ woke up. Quicker, “mouse“, climb on a short flight of stairs!

give to the child More often the chance to hang for a while on a turnichka. Let he will try to rock forward - back. And lifting and lowering of legs will well strengthen its abdominal tension. Various hills - it is not simple entertainment too, and piece very useful. Also they will most of all bring advantage if on the baby old trousers are put on. In this case it will be easier for mother to reconcile to a hill.

On big hills should observe a certain share of care, and with small it is possible to move down both on a back, and on a stomach, and even standing on the feet. Try not to determine for the child of a frame by words:“ So do not ride a hill“...

On a footpath whether on a path

Should saying

that for development of endurance with the kid it is necessary to go as much as possible? But not all babies agree to follow mother in the necessary direction. Here too cheerful games will help. For example, “in a game of tag“. At first the kid runs away, and mother catches up and embraces him, and then the baby catches mother. “Ran to a tree!“ - mother says and carries away the child to the next tree. “And now you run to that bush!“ . So, short dashes, it is possible to overcome long distances.

If your way lies not along the brisk road, and through the yards, use a sidewalk border as the exercise machine, allowing the kid to go on it. At first the baby will hold you by a hand, and then will learn also to keep balance.

the Paving slabs will be put to use too. On it it is possible to jump one or two legs, without coming, or, on the contrary, stepping on joints. If at you on the way the branch or a piece of paper lies - step or jump through it if you meet an empty plastic bottle - play it soccer and if you see a bench - try to get through it.

Cheerful entertainment for remains - game with own shadow. With it together it is possible to run about, or to try to step on it... Try to use the slightest opportunity to involve the baby in game. Then any road will bring the mass of fun and advantage.

But, perhaps, your positive example is the most important than

. It is difficult to wait from the child of sports records if the father spends days off on a sofa, and mother last time did jog at a physical education class. So begin changes with yourself!