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The absolute trust of

was not anything special - either bleedings, or the emergency sorts - all according to the plan, according to the preliminary arrangement. Two planned Caesarian. With a break in 2 years 3 months. Anna Valentinovna Merkulova (the manager 2 - m obstetric office in r / n operated me at 7 GKB g of Moscow).

I will Never forget

how she said: “Oh - and - ryshnya!“, and in 2 years, with feeling of deep satisfaction: “Little man!“. Writing out us with the daughter, told:“ In 2 years you come for the successor“. It appears, its prophecies come true.

We with the husband doctors, and, probably, therefore we place great demands on colleagues, but we believed Anna Valentinovna at once. It somewhere at the level of subconsciousness - absolute trust. It became clear that it is a doctor, and not only on entry in the diploma. This is the fan of the business, this is the professional of the highest level.

Both operations were performed by

faultlessly. It is enough to tell that for the first time on 7 - e, and for the second time on 6 - e days after Caesarian we were already at home. I only heard about possible postoperative problems.

I still. Often I meet articles about problems with breastfeeding after operation, and also that joint stay with the child after operation is impossible, at least, in the first days. Fortunately, we solved these problems thanks to two factors - to my deep belief in need to nurse only and positions of Anna Valentinovna and doctors of her office: “If there is such dominant, then take to yourself and feed!“ . So next day after operation as soon as rose, I went to a far campaign on long - to a long hospital corridor (literally on a stenochka) to the nursery to take away to itself the baby. Nobody forbade it to me, stopped. There were only a support and approval. And it, believe, very important!

It is natural, it was very heavy and sick. Who passed through operation, that knows what just it is worth getting out of a bed, and then to lay down again. But every next day I felt better and better, forces increased, milk came very quickly. I fed the daughter almost till one and a half years, now I feed the son (he is 3 months old).

Here so to us was lucky

. We met the remarkable doctor and the beautiful person - Anna Valentinovna Merkulova who has clever fingers and a heart of gold. She delivers and operates day and night. Long ago it would be possible to get used both to good, and to bad, feelings could become dull long ago. Perhaps, for someone rather simply honestly to perform the work, but, fortunately, not for it. It it is absolutely sincere (there it is impossible to deceive), fully shares with you huge pleasure of the birth of your child.

... I am carried from the operating room.

- Ren how the son - that is called?
- I do not know, thought, maybe, Mischa?
- And that, it is similar to Mischa!


Of course, it is more visible who to whom is similar - experience - that what! Named Mischa.

At parting (for the second time) Anna Valentinovna told

to us: “Years through five come for the little daughter!“ We plan nothing yet, but as shows experience, its prophecies come true....

I know

One precisely if and we are going to give birth to the third, then only at Anna Valentinovna.