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Semi-finished products in baby food of

In life of any woman happen the periods when the thought of indispensable watch at the stove drives to despair. Semi-finished products in such situation - real “a stick - a lifesaver“. But whether it is possible to give them to the child? Whether they will do harm to health of the kid?

“Pluses“ and “minuses“ of almost ready dishes

Culinary semi-finished products are various foodstuff (meat, fish, vegetable, krupyany and so forth) which go on sale prepared for further culinary processing. Now they are presented in big assortment and therefore it is possible to choose dishes for every taste. Use of semi-finished products - good help for the hostess as they relieve her of a laborious work on preprocessing of crude foodstuff. But whether it is worth entering them into the menu of the child? It depends on many factors, such as a nutrition value of an initial product (full value on the content of feedstuffs: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral substances), its chemical and microbiological safety, consistence and way of heat treatment . At the same time it is necessary to consider a state of health of the child and age features zheludochno - an intestinal path of kids - the matter is that at preschool children digestion processes, and also development and release of enzymes and bile still unripe were not improved yet.

the Nutrition value can be learned from an inscription on packing where the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and power value is presented. But it is not always possible to learn qualitative composition of protein and fat. Meanwhile in production of chopped semi-finished products the proteins of a phytogenesis conceding on amino-acid structure to proteins of meat and fish are widely applied. And full set of amino acids is necessary for development of the child.


In many chopped semi-finished products use the food additives having negative effect on digestion processes. So, for example, purchased cutlets and pelmeni contain a large amount of salt, various spices and fillers in the form of mushrooms, strong cheeses. And the excessive amount of salt in food is an additional load of kidneys. Salt and spices also render an irritant action on a mucous membrane zheludochno - an intestinal path that can promote emergence of inflammatory processes. Besides, for improvement of quality of semi-finished products ingredients are used (for example, starches) which not always fully are digested in intestines, causing thereby functional frustration in the form of a meteorizm (abdominal distension) and increase of a chair.

As for of heat treatment , the majority of semi-finished products are carried to readiness by means of frying. And for preparation of children`s food ways of preparation as a result of which the sparing effect is had on a mucous membrane of a digestive tract have to be used: boiling, suppression, roasting, preparation on couple.

Attention - to a way of a freezing

Quality of the frozen products - meat and fish semi-finished products, and also vegetables and fruit, depends on a set of factors from which it is possible to allocate three major:

  1. Raw materials and process of production (rather strict requirements are imposed to them).
  2. freezing Process (it widely use to increase period of storage of products, without having lost quality).
  3. Storage conditions (it is impossible to allow defrosting and repeated freezing of products).

we Will stop on freezing process. Distinguish traditional and shock to a frost.

Traditional freezing is carried out by

in three steps. On the first (at a temperature of 5 ° C) there is a cooling of a product. On the second - the liquid which is contained in a product passes into a firm phase, and at the third stage the product “domorazhivatsya“ at a temperature from - 5 to - 18 ° Page

the “Shock“ freezing at a temperature - 35 ° With, unlike traditional, occurs quickly that allows is accelerated to pass to a product from a liquid phase into firm. At the same time crystals of ice happen considerably the smaller sizes and are formed practically at the same time both in cages, and in intercellular space. Therefore cages remain intact. Thereof the structure of fabrics, tastes and a nutrition value of freshly frozen vegetables, fruit and berries as much as possible remain. Besides, at fast freezing biochemical processes and development of microorganisms stop.

the Choice of meat semi-finished products is rather broad

On pleasure to the meat eater. Products from natural or chopped meat (beef, veal, mutton, pork, a bird), not a past of heat treatment concern to them. Among them distinguish:

  • natural (lump, melkokuskovy, portion nepanirovanny and portion panirovanny);
  • chopped;
  • pelmeni;
  • mincemeat.

Natural lump semi-finished products is the boneless meat or layers of meat removed from a certain part of ink in the form of large pieces without sinews and rough superficial films. Such type of semi-finished products can be used for preparation of cutlets, quenelles, meatballs and other dishes in house conditions for children of early and preschool age (from 3 to 6 years) as the independent choice of initial raw materials and control over quality of food is possible.


In baby food do not recommend fat grades of meat. It is preferable to use beef 2 - y categories, veal, fast pork, meat of pigs, a horse-flesh and mutton 2 - y categories, rabbit flesh and meat of hens. As for meat of chest, belly parts, a neck and extremities of ink - it contains a significant amount of connecting fabric, differs in bigger rigidity also needs long culinary processing that leads to decrease in a nutrition value of dishes.

Natural melkokuskovy semi-finished products are the pieces of boneless meat of a certain weight and size intended for preparation of azu, beef Stroganoff, goulash, subfrying and also meat-and-bone semi-finished products for preparation of soups and ragout.

Natural portion semi-finished products are the pieces of boneless meat of a certain form intended for preparation of round steaks, natural cutlets, schnitzels, cutlets, beefsteaks and so on. All of them can be used in food of children is more senior than three years taking into account the sparing heat treatment and without addition of spices. It is inexpedient to use them in food of children of earlier age as and to the small child it will be difficult not only to chew all these dishes of rather rigid consistence, but even to bite off a piece from natural round steak or a cutlet.

Portion panirovanny semi-finished products are the semi-finished products which are beaten off for a loosening of fibers of fabrics and rolled in in small chopped crackers from white loaf. Before a boning the beaten-off pieces of meat immerse in liquid egg weight. Unlike nepanirovanny, such semi-finished products are subject only to roasting that limits their application in a children`s food allowance.

Chopped semi-finished products (round steaks, beefsteaks, cutlets) make

of mincemeat with addition of additional raw materials. It eggs, salt, black pepper, onions or garlic, white loaf. In a compounding of chopped semi-finished products vegetables, grain, soy proteinaceous preparations, fowl of a mechanical boning 1 are often used . At addition of grain and vegetables of a product develop a juicy taste, but their nutrition value decreases. To compensate this shortcoming, and it is frequent also for economy of meat raw materials, add soy to semi-finished products.


on the basis of soy protein make specialized mixes - substitutes of breast milk for newborns with intolerance of proteins of cow`s milk. And here the products containing soy flour have to be entered into a food allowance not earlier than 3 years as it contains the substances braking activity of digestive enzymes, and also a large amount of rough food fibers and carbohydrates which are not digested and cause irritation of a thick gut.

Should pay also attention that in pale forcemeat there can be a large amount of connecting fabrics and fat, and liquid for certain contains meat, fat and leather of birds. Therefore you should not give to the child till 7 years products from forcemeat of industrial production, it is better to train him independently from natural meat.

Pelmeni , as we know, consist of forcemeat and the test. Forcemeat for “purchased“ pelmeni prepares from beef, pork, onions, black or white pepper, salt. For preparation of the test high-grade flour, yaytseprodukta, serum or plasma of blood of animals is used. According to the production technology it is allowed by 20% of meat raw materials to replace with fowl of a mechanical boning or soy proteinaceous preparations. An offal, cabbage or potatoes enter a compounding of some pelmeni. As a result they contain a small amount of qualitative animal protein, but the content of fats and spices is high. For this reason consumption of pelmeni of industrial production by children is younger than 7 years it is necessary to limit.

can find

the myasorublenny semi-finished products which are specially prepared for baby food (on packing there is the corresponding marking) in sale Now. These products are presented by cutlets, meatballs, quenelles for children of early age and round steaks, schnitzels, zrazas, pelmeni for children of preschool and early school age. In these products quality and percentage of nutrients is strictly controlled, strict requirements for indicators of safety of meat raw materials are imposed. And in production use meat of the cattle which is grown up in environmentally friendly zones without application of growth factors, hormonal preparations, fodder antibiotics and other nonconventional feed additives.

Be caught by

, a small fish low-fat!

the Most widespread fish portion semi-finished product is fillet. Thanks to gentle structure, high food qualities and absence of bone structures it can be used in food of preschool children - of course, taking into account individual shipping of this sort of products. Distinguish from the formed fish semi-finished products sticks, cutlets, meatballs, meatballs which produce from forcemeat or fillet. However before offering them to the child, it is necessary to know that fish forcemeat is quite often received by processing of invaluable species of sea and fresh-water fishes which from - for rather poor quality of meat and the small sizes have small technological suitability. Generally it is a saury, a pollock, a crucian, a perch, to a putass. To check quality of forcemeat for fish meatballs or cutlets only experts in the course of production can, consumers are content with information on a label. Therefore for baby food it is better to cook fish forcemeat independently. It is desirable to use at the same time semi-finished products of low-fat sea grades of fishes (a pollock, a cod, a haddock).

in a deep freeze

Freshly frozen vegetables and fruit can be used Summer widely in food of children of preschool age, especially during the winter period. In - the first, in them there are more vitamins, than in tinned or dried. And in - the second, they remain an important source of gentle food fibers and carbohydrates.

At production of compotes and kissels from the frozen berries and fruit should not allow them full defrosting as the form and a consistence of raw materials will change. Especially you should not defreeze them under a water stream - “fruit porridge“ will turn out. It is recommended to lower slightly defrozen berries in already ready boiling syrup and as soon as water begins to boil again, to remove from fire. Tasty and useful compote with beautiful whole berries will turn out.

Freshly frozen “summer gifts“ can be used also for fruit salad. In this case they need also to allow to thaw independently, then to merge thawed snow, to add sugar or honey and to decorate with whipped cream. Ready whipped cream contains fragrances, and if the child has an allergy, it is better to shake up them independently, or to use as filling with yogurt.

of Times -

now several words about products of fast and instant preparation are also ready

A (or an instant - products). The difference, between them consists that instant products are enough to be filled in with boiled water for full readiness, and it is necessary to boil junk foods several minutes.

Special distribution among an instant - products were received by noodles and pasta. In the course of production such macaroni is cooked in the boiling water, washed out from starch, dried and packed. But everything is not so harmless as it seems. In - the first, these products of a vysokokaloriyna at the expense of carbohydrates, and in them are practically not present vitamins and proteins; and in - the second, bags of thermally processed oil and spices are applied to them. Besides salt and pepper, the fragrances impacting to noodles various relishes, and also preservatives and amplifiers of taste are included in “package“. Therefore application an instant - products in baby food in the form of pasta inadmissibly. If in food of the kid not to do without similar noodles, it is not necessary to add to it oil and spices at least. These restrictions concern also some soups and mashed potatoes of instant preparation.

here “fast“ porridges proved

A well. In their production specially processed grain is used, and dried fruit are added to some types. Besides, they are in addition enriched with vitamins. But parents of children - allergic persons and here have to be on the alert: sometimes such porridges contain the fragrances identical natural, capable to cause allergic reaction.

This tasty sausage

the Statistics shows that sausages (sausages, sausages, pork sausages) are very often used in food of children. These products belong to myasozameshchayushchy products and are not semi-finished products though are similar to them speed of preparation. The sausages coming to a food network are made according to the determined norms - state standard specifications and TU. State standard specifications mean the state standards imposing requirements obligatory to observance of management by all government bodies and subjects of economic activity. And so, according to state standard specification, enter into structure of forcemeat of sausages and sausages of the premium: beef of the first or premium, pork fat and semifat, powdered milk or cream, eggs. In production of lower grade use to 10%zhilovan - the meat leg (containing a large amount of connecting and fatty tissue), the proteinaceous 2 stabilizer (a proteinaceous preparation from a pork skin, pork and beef veins, sinews), up to 5% of mass of raw materials and starch is allowed. But these standards were developed still in “Soviet“ 80 - e years, and not by sight or group of products, and on goods with a certain name. Therefore they already hopelessly became outdated. Modern producers were come to the rescue by so-called TU - specifications which are developed, as a rule, by producers, depending on price policy of the enterprise and the developed technologies. The structure of sausages, according to TU, besides various fillers (cheese, mushrooms, a paprika), can include proteinaceous preparations of a phytogenesis, fowl of a mechanical boning, also increase in percentage of trimmed meat and the proteinaceous stabilizer is possible.

Sausages (practically all range) are not intended to

for baby food as contain salt in various quantities, spices, sodium nitrite (food preservative, the stabilizer of color of mincemeat), food phosphates and gum (are necessary for stabilization of a consistence), ascorbic acid, lemon acid and the amplifier of taste - a sodium glutamate. The listed components can negatively affect health of the child, depending on their concentrationand and its age. Therefore it is better to protect small children from “adult“ food, but it is possible to treat with the specialized children`s sausages to which production strict requirements are imposed. They are made of quality forcemeat, do not contain harmful substances, passed the necessary examinations and have the corresponding marking. How to define that sausages are specially made for children, sometimes and “adults“ can be called “Nurseries“ or “Cinderella“? Information that the product is recommended for food of children together with the instruction at what age it can be used, has to be on packing or a label. If there are no similar inscriptions, sausage has no relation to the children`s range.

I in conclusion wants to be reminded: if parents worry about the child, they should not save the time for its health.