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The spring of

At last remained behind long cold winter, and on a calendar dank March is replaced solar April. Also there is a feeling that all troubles remained in the past, life and mood are adjusted and everything will be good soon. These optimistic hopes will surely be equaled, once a little it helps to be realized without possible spring problems.

What specific spring problems trap future mother and how to cope with them?

the Spring condition of a body and soul

Strangely enough, despite the spring sun and obviously increased light day, the spring health leaves much to be desired: instead of the expected joyful mood at the beginning of spring there are an apathy, irritability and drowsiness - strong indications of a spring depression, instead of a fresh complexion - avitaminosis, slackness, readiness of an organism to catch the next infection and a look pale in every respect, and sharp temperature drops and pressure, all natural jumps and climatic bends are reflected on health especially sensitively. Let`s try to solve problems of soul and a body in process of receipt.

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as far as you are subject to a spring depression, traditional for many, your sincere answers to the following questions will help: whether

If you answered

in the affirmative the most part of questions, then the spring depression, characteristic of many, did not pass you. Besides during pregnancy the psychoemotional state as a result of hormonal changes becomes especially unstable - too it is worth to remember about it.

So, traditional question: what to do if the spring and pregnancy take its course, and you not really - that also are glad to it?

As a seasonal depression - for a long time the conventional and proved by doctors fact, but not a leisure invention, exist certain recommendations, following which it is possible to improve the mood and health obviously.

In - the first, it is very important to develop for himself an optimum day regimen and to try to adhere to it. Do not refuse to yourself a dream, offer something another better.

In - the second, try to be more often on the street, to walk, especially in a sunny weather, and to walk in pleasant personally to you places.

B - the third, invaluable help sex can give. Practice shows that such type of sensual pleasure is capable to change instantly mood, and long ago it is known that pregnancy to sex not a hindrance (except for exceptional cases about which the doctor warns).

B - the fourth, you do not go in the spring on a diet. Pregnancy in itself contraindication for any diets, leave it for a while after the delivery. The organism and so lacks many substances, and one-sided and unbalanced food will reduce their contents several times that will be reflected at once in your mood and health.

B - the fifth, be engaged in what gives you pleasure, do not refuse to yourself small pleasures which are known to you. The most depressive spring month is a cold March, but it will pass, and the farther, the spring will be warmer and more pleasant to become.

Spring avitaminosis

Is rather widespread problem too, besides the condition of shortage of vitamins in many respects affects not only on physical, but also an emotional state.

of the Reason of spring avitaminosis lie on a surface: shortage of fresh vegetables and fruit as the fruit and vegetables of a last year`s harvest which remained till spring contain already few vitamins and other useful substances, as well as imported import fruit or vegetables.

How to endure this period and to live up to summer with its abundance?

Of course, the complex of vitamins recommended to you by the doctor for future mothers remains that constant on which other spring sources of vitamins and first of all fresh greens can be imposed. Even if it is brought to a midland from the South of Russia, it is all the same not its pale greenhouse replacement. Right now greens differ in special tenderness, excellent taste and a huge amount of vitamins, and many handymen manage to grow up it on a balcony in the city apartment and even on window sills. If you have time, the place and desire, it is possible to try to seed it independently. It is possible that transfer of its useful properties will play a role and your enthusiasm of a spring zelenevod will increase.

Fennel - the real well of vitamins. In its gentle greens there is a lot of vitamin C, carotene, vitamin B, nicotinic and folic acids. Fennel contains also many valuable minerals, for example, calcium salts, potassium, iron and phosphorus. It is experimentally proved that greens of fennel are capable to reduce pressure at a hypertension, helps at diseases of a stomach and intestines, well influences warm activity. Fresh greens of fennel - a remarkable prophylactic against a headache and diseases of vessels.

Besides, greens of fennel it is possible to use also as house cosmetics. The matter is that leaves of fennel contain a large amount of phytoncides (vegetable antibiotics), and therefore the masks containing fennel help to cope with inflammations on skin, eels, heat-spots.


Parsley - the bunch of these fresh greens provides daily need of an organism for carotene and vitamin C. In parsley especially there is a lot of last, even lemons and blackcurrant cannot brag of such high content of ascorbic acid. However, during pregnancy by parsley it is strong you should not be fond as in large numbers it can cause increase of a tone of a uterus, promote pregnancy interruption threat.

Cosmetic masks on the basis of parsley have the bleaching effect, help to cope with eels and prevent early emergence of wrinkles.

the Green onions contain vitamins and minerals: carotene, vitamins C, E, B 1 , folic acid, salts of potassium and iron. It possesses zhelchegonny action, is useful to prevention of avitaminosis and flu.

the Celery is vitamin-rich A, C, B 1 , B 2 , nicotinic acid, magnesium, manganese, iodine, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

the Sorrel - a source of vitamin C, carotene and iron. The sorrel is applied at diarrheas, violations of a liver, as zhelchegonny means. You should not be fond of a sorrel only of that at whom acidity of a stomach is increased, there is stomach ulcer or disagreement with kidneys. Oxalic acid is capable to provoke an exacerbation of these diseases. Green Russian cabbage soup with a sorrel very much diversifies your spring diet.

the Ramson - wild garlic which is on sale in the markets among other greens, since April when she is brought together. The ramson is rich with carotene, vitamin C, contains essential oil, phytoncides. It is used as antifebrile means. Its gentle and at the same time ostrovaty taste will add a savor to any salad.

Salad contains vitamins C, In 1 , In 2 , P, K, E, carotene, mineral salts K, Sa, Mg, P. It normalizes work of a stomach, improves a dream, has soft zhelchegonny effect, strengthens blood vessels.

Spinach contains vitamins P, PP, K, D, E, H, B 3 , In 6 , Page. At the same time vitamins C and And in spinach in large numbers remain when cooking. Besides, spinach is protein-rich, folic acid is available iron, in it.

of Basilicas is improved by digestion, stimulates appetite, possesses disinfecting action, strengthens nervous system.

Cilantro strengthens capillaries, improves digestion and a dream, is applied as zhelchegonny and expectorant means, reduces a blood pressure.

Krom on sale in the markets and in shops of greens can quite be used as a source of vitamins and wild-growing herbs. Only consider that it is the best of all to collect these plants far away from city bustle and from roads as herbs absorb all harmful emissions.

the Nettle - contains vitamin C (2,5 times more, than a lemon), A, B 1 vitamins , B 2 , carotene, salts of iron, magnesium, copper, phytoncides and organic acids. Besides in a nettle there are many irreplaceable amino acids which in combination with mineral substances help to maintain high performance and to quickly restore forces after a hard work or an illness. Leaves of a young nettle long since use in food as additives in soups, sauces and salads.

the Dandelion - remarkable tonic. It not only is capable to improve appetite, to help at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, but also possesses property to bring harmful cholesterol out of an organism, and therefore salads from a dandelion often recommend for prevention of atherosclerosis, and the vitamins which are contained in it (And, With and In 2 ) are capable to increase the organism resilience to infections.

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From leaves of a dandelion very tasty salads, it is used as an additive to meat dishes, extinguished. For this reason in many countries the dandelion is grown up as a cultural plant, apart from its weed at all.

Spring beauty

Cosmetologists came to a conclusion long ago that after winter skin has the real stress. And all this because that she was tired and demands vitamins. Traditional cosmetic problems are well-known at this time: it is the dry dehydrated skin, feeling of tightness, an inflammation and a peeling of skin, emergence of acne rash and irritations. Are capable to combat these unpleasant phenomena not only modern and expensive cosmetics, but also simple and at the same time inexpensive natural spring grass masks. They will help your skin to freshen up and receive a portion of vitamins.

the first greens in gardens and kitchen gardens did not appear Yet, as cosmetic raw materials for masks it is possible to use dry medicinal herbs. For example, a camomile pharmaceutical which will help to cope with many problems of skin arising in the spring: it is capable to soften skin and to remove irritation.


For preparation of a mask to you needs 2 tablespoons of a camomile. Fill in it 200 ml of abrupt boiled water, cover and let`s be drawn 15 minutes. Then impregnate with warm infusion of a camomile a layer of cotton wool and put on a face for 25 minutes. If skin dry and sensitive, add several drops of vegetable oil to infusion. Over a mask put still a cotton wool layer. After a mask grease skin with nutritious cream.

the mask from a dandelion is Very useful to

: crush land part of a dandelion (1 tablespoon), fill in with warm milk (2 tablespoons), let`s be drawn 10 minutes and add one egg yolk. Apply on skin for 20 minutes. This mask will well feed face skin and will saturate it with the necessary vitamins.

Will calm the angry skin and the mask from salad will saturate it with vitamins and minerals. Small cut a salad bunch, fill in it with a small amount of water and boil thoroughly 5 minutes. Lay out the boiled lettuce leaves on a gauze napkin, cool a little and apply on skin. Such mask is recommended also for treatment of acne rash and at solar burns. By the way, liquid in which leaves were boiled can be used as lotion.

before at us conversation went about masks from the first natural spring gifts which, undoubtedly, are very useful. And now we suggest you to glance in the refrigerator and to use those food which nutritionists recommend in spring time for masks. Namely: mix from 1 h a spoon of juice of an aloe, 1 h a spoon of an egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of sour cream will be the universal nutritious mask suitable for any type of skin. Impose the first layer of a mask, wait until it dries up, and impose the second and the subsequent layers. In 20 minutes wash away a mask warm water, and then rinse cold. Besides nutritious action, the mask will smooth your skin and will improve complexion.

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other option which is not less effective for people with sensitive skin. Carefully crush 50 g of fresh cabbage, pound 3 h a spoon of cottage cheese with 1 h a spoon of lemon juice, add 1 h a spoon of the honey divorced in 0,5 glass of water. Mix everything and put this mask on a face for 15 minutes, then wash away it water, and then make a light massage of the person.

can offer

For fat skin such mask: Mix 2 tablespoons of juice of sauerkraut with egg white and 1 tablespoon of wheat flour. Wipe a face with any lotion, and then put a mask for 30 minutes then wash away warm water. This mask will well humidify and will feed your skin.

If you look after properly the skin, then at the moment when reserves of vitamins and energy in an organism are almost spent, she will reciprocate to you - will be fresh, young and beautiful. And then you will be able to estimate really all charm of warm spring days and the first appeared leaflets.

Spring entertainments

All listed spring problems do not cancel progress of the nature from cold to heat which cannot but be reflected in a condition of future mother - when the spring sun shines, life becomes more vigorous and more cheerful, there is a wish to walk, to be engaged in something, to meet someone - after hibernation the movement time came. Try to use this energy in the peace purposes.

In - the first, spring - April and May - good time for visit of courses for pregnant women. Rather warm weather will allow to leave the house without preliminary ukutyvaniye, and communication with experts: doctors, psychologists - and other pregnant women who surely will have problems similar to yours will make your life waiting for the child more filled.

In - the second, walks on fresh spring air will not remind short winter dashes from the house to transport and back any more, besides with risk to slip and fall. Now it is possible to walk in the pleasure. In the city it is desirable to choose the place far away from the noisy and sated with the movement highways: on a height or open space harmful emissions do not accumulate.

B - the third, first May departures on the dacha diversify days off - the main thing not to overtire in a labor rush to put in order the country house as soon as possible.

So, following the wise principle: “The nature has no bad weather“, - it is possible to derive pleasure from any season, the main thing - to see it entirely, in total merits and demerits. And spring in this plan - not the most hard time for search of pluses.