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Children like to pokolbasitsya! You sometime heard

about Kolbaster? Kolbaster - so call young people who lead active lifestyle, seek to change, “to grow up“, become leaders, to be allocated from the environment. They look for ways for self-expression and self-affirmation, like to show the exclusiveness through unusual behavior. Generally, “are thrashed“ on life and remain themselves in any environment. Here for such - that young people the New Epiphany sausage plant (LLC Vostryakovo - 2) let out the new line of production which not only surprises with appetizing design, but also is enriched with various useful additives. And about the new line of production Kolbaster tells about the enterprise the CEO of New Epiphany sausage plant Tatyana Alekseevna Larina.

Tatyana Alekseevna, at the beginning of our conversation, several words about your enterprise .

the Plant is constructed by

on the Gipromyaso project when in our country there was a deficiency with meat products therefore the government of Moscow made the decision to construct 10 identical standard plants with a power of 5 tons per shift. Ours the enterprises is formed in December, 1989. Today about 200 people work at our plant. In 15 years the enterprise endured the period of formation, blossoming, recession, and again developments. The basis of our realization is made by traditional grades of sausage or as still them call “Gostovskiye“. Residents of Moscow, especially Southern federal district of the capital, are well familiar with production of plant.

my Following question will be about the new line of meat products Kolbaster: “Why you decided to make production for children and teenagers? Whether it is necessary for youth whether the product, in such difficult market will be demanded?“

concerning need of a product of youth, I will hit question with a question. And whether are necessary to youth all this infinitely advertized on mass media: chewing gum, beer, alcoholic cocktails, chocolate bars, chips and. etc.? In each advertizing youth images are shamelessly operated! Heroes of advertizing from the screen of the TV speak with youth language clear to it, persuading to buy an excess can of beer for breakfast!

Yes, the market difficult and whatever today`s youth was, it considerably differs from the senior generation, it absolutely another. It has other habits, hobbies, language and that language, life absolutely another! And we with our product want to be pleasant to youth. Our task to make a product not only useful and tasty, but also fashionable that the child (youth) himself asked this product from parents. The qualitative product in cool packing, with modern design and emotional communication, undoubtedly, will cause interest.

Ya it agrees that the modern name, interesting packing will cause interest in the little consumer. What you then differ from a notorious chewing gum, beer, chips in and. etc.? There is a secret?


All secret that our production is not simply tasty, but also it is useful to health. Our sausage, ham and sausages from meat of beef, pork, chicken, a rabbit and a turkey are enriched with various vitamins, minerals, there are also hypoallergenic products. From where there was an idea of creation of similar meat products? Of course, in connection with a solution of the problem of baby and youthful food and vitamin hunger. About use genno - the modified raw materials in sausages were not written only by the lazy journalist.

the percent of diseases, especially at children increases Today. Children not willingly take a pill therefore it will be simpler to parents to buy and offer the child food (sausages, sausages, ham) which is already enriched with minerals, vitamins and the dietary supplements (DS). It allows the minimum means to restore a nutrition value of food, and also to strengthen health, to keep longevity, to prevent emergence and to facilitate treatment of many diseases. Athletes, pregnant women and the feeding women, elderly people, people of extreme professions use specialized food: submariners, climbers, astronauts etc. In Japan where dietary supplement applies more than 50 years, the highest life expectancy in the world. In the USA dietary supplement applies about 20 years, and there life expectancy constantly grows. Unfortunately, polyvitaminic preparations daily accept no more than 3% of the population of Russia. And such products in our country has to be more. Therefore we also developed three lines of functional products:

the Compounding of all line of meat products is developed by specialists of laboratory of baby, dietary and special food of the all-union scientific research institute branch institute of the meat industry under control of institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science taking into account average daily norms of physiological need for feedstuffs at children and teenagers, are approved and recommended to the Moscow scientific research institutes of pediatrics and children`s surgery of Federal agency on health care and social development.


A to no - Hau in a series of products “Kolbaster“ are meat products from meat of a rabbit which in Russia are not offered by any domestic production. At the same time, it is very useful product which contains few fats and many useful substances.

, It is how economic to make such production?

Before start of production we, of course, conducted researches of consumers, made calculations. Without it in today`s competitive environment anywhere. But I once again emphasize that the line of functional products Kolbaster was created by us, first of all, for improvement of food of our younger generation. I will give an example. In the line Kolbaster is a series of hypoallergenic meat products which does not contain gluten, and is intended, including, for the consumers having a rare disease - tseliakiya*. In. To Moscow patients of tseliakiy from 3 to 4 thousand people.


From the point of view of economy it is made an unprofitable product!

generally and. But from the point of view of social responsibility of business to society, no! About social responsibility of business to society, say much. We do. And it is our first step.


As on one production combine such different approaches to production: traditional and innovative, a hit for youth “Kolbaster“?

the Motto of our company is saying of the Japanese wise men:“ the client has to receive that he wants when he wants it and in the form in which he wants it“. We do a product and are glad when the buyer is satisfied. If it is dissatisfied, then we try to understand the reason. If the client turned away, and we do not know what can be corrected is the most terrible for us. Therefore our task to make a good and various product which would be always demanded by our buyers.

In more detail about production can be read to

on the website of New Epiphany sausage plant .