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The home laboratory for diabetics of

The one who is not by hearsay familiar with a diabetes problem, knows that at this disease it is necessary to measure glucose level in blood regularly. Today it is already proved that a main goal of treatment of diabetes - blood sugar maintenance as is possible closer to norm. It is the main condition of prevention and treatment of complications of diabetes. However the person is almost not capable to feel differences of level of sugar from 4 to 10 mmol/l, namely in these limits and it is necessary “to work“ for achievement of compensation of a disease. The made tests in policlinic, and regular and frequent self-checking of sugar of blood are necessary for the correct and effective treatment not from time to time. And here people with diabetes are come to the rescue by modern glyukometra which in house conditions allow to carry out analyses with an accuracy close to laboratory. It is very simple to organize laboratory of the house - the test - strips and the device is for this purpose necessary for receiving a drop of blood itself glyukometr.

Use of the device does not demand special training, it is only necessary to include glyukometr, to insert the test - a strip and to apply on it a small drop of blood. For receiving a drop of blood by the patient it is recommended to use special devices which allow to make a skin puncture less painful. The puncture should be done on a lateral surface of a trailer phalanx of a finger, but not in its small pillow since in small pillows of fingers there is the greatest number of the nervous terminations and punctures in this place are more painful.

Today in the market a large number of various glyukometr is on sale. They significantly differ both on technical characteristics, and on appearance and a complete set. So, choosing glyukometr, it is worth paying attention to the device sizes, time of carrying out the analysis, memory sizes, the minimum quantity of blood necessary for carrying out the analysis. Besides, it is worth taking an interest whether the device for piercing and the test - strips is included in the package.

for house diagnostics various companies are engaged in

in Development of devices.“ Rosh - Diagnostics“, division of the company “F. Hoffmann - La Rosh“ - one of leaders in the field of diagnostics of in - vitro.

“The main requirements which are imposed by people with diabetes to repeated daily analyses of glucose of blood consist that measurement has to be simple and convenient, and the received result - reliable. In view of these requirements, researchers and developers of our company intensively worked on further improvement of means of self-checking and proposed the improved solution for people with diabetes. As a result we represent the new device “to Akk - Gough`s Check“ which possesses such new functions as an opportunity to establish a personal threshold of the warning of a hypoglycemia (the warning of a hypoglycemia will appear in case the result of measurement is below threshold value which the patient established for himself, and there is a probability of approach of a hypoglycemia) and convenient automatic removal the test - strips from the device“, - Steffan Ek, the head of division “Diabetes“ of the Rosh - Diagnostics company says.

“to Akk - Gough`s Check“ unites in itself such characteristics as the zone of drawing a drop of blood which is taken out out of device case limits, and capillary filling the test - strips. The test - a strip is established in the device before the blood drop, and then the test is applied on the test field - the strip itself incorporates necessary amount of blood (a small drop - about 1,5 mkl). Approximately in 5 seconds the analysis will be complete, and the patient will be able automatically to remove the test - a strip from the device with pressing of the special button.

can obtain More detailed information on the device on the website Akka - the Check.