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Whether it is easy to be the chief`s wife? Whether

Are easy to be the chief`s wife? At us there is a lot of chiefs, will tell me, and almost all have wives. But not all wives work under supervision of the husband. Here it, since morning, at breakfast still Petya, Petrusha, and in half an hour at work is the person, already absolutely foreign for you, Pyotr Ivanovich. Has to be. And we together very much try that it and was. Any “mus - pus“ at work. But except me under his supervision rather big collective and, generally female. Somebody saw hornet`s nests? In appearance very harmless. But there it is better not to put a stick!

Difficult is to modern chiefs: were late with a salary - tally-ho, to at a; awards did not give - so it, so; to come for cleaning of the territory - the satrap! And all this for eyes. And in eyes - continuous dithyrambs! Sometimes at work I feel like the spy in a camp of the enemy - and you wait for some dirty trick from lovely colleagues. Dirty tricks, however, are created with the most sweet look. Those who are more senior like to teach me concerning collectively celebrated holidays.

- Cannot leave unguarded the man of one though till one o`clock in the morning, but sit next, watch!

- Or perhaps to it the plate occupied“ at once on a breast, in a nose a wedding ring and on a chain? Any my answer will be interpreted in own way, here you will please nobody!

It is good though our secretary - the woman burdened by numerous family, expecting the first grandson. Such fiasco to our scandal-mongers, and what simplification for me! No, I am not jealous and is sure of the Petenke on all hundred, but there is no wish to listen to inevitable gossips and jokes on the subject “the chief-the secretary“ at all.

- Something yours today not in the spirit of since morning, - is confidentially told by her to me, at a meeting in a corridor. - It happened what? - does not forget and be curious.

- mine since morning in mood was and that here happened to your Pyotr Ivanovich, it is better for you to know, - I try to laugh the matter off.

Production affairs not always flow smoothly. My Petya, such the nice fellow of the house, at work turns into the strict and exacting head. It is pleasant not to all. The conflicts quite often try to solve with my help. By youth of years had stupidity to intercede. The volcano which died away with my assistance blew up again, but already at home. There is nothing more silly, than to swear in the kitchen from - for mistakes in Marya Nikolaevna`s report! Now I learned to keep a neutrality. With own hand disfranchised herself that nobody told that the voice of the people is my voice!

to me should be

extremely collected, accurate and tactful. Both in work, and in talk behind a cup of tea, and behind a cup of what is stronger. Any miscalculation in affairs is commented unambiguously - the chief`s wife, all is possible for her! It is even more difficultly correct to point to mistakes by my subordinate. For the same reason.

should be drunk

after day of work for birthday of the employee. The lead over collective is strictly punishable, besides will suspect of arrogance. Or that it is even worse, in informing about a regrettable case of feasts on the worker by the place. Departure of the chief in holiday grants a temporary respite, but at everything thus in me all the same see eyes and ears of the absent chief. Sometimes all this bothers me, sometimes makes laugh, sometimes angers. I love the work, at work is never boring for me, but for a minute it is impossible to relax when your husband also your chief.