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Luck from first minute of

the luck with future midwife Lukina Elena Grigoryevna (maternity hospital No. 18, St. Petersburg) I felt from first minute of acquaintance to it, even long before childbirth. I felt surprisingly positive energy of Elena Grigoryevna on myself: she joked with me, encouraged, told about the forthcoming childbirth as it is perfect about an ordinary thing.

Remained such feeling that I did not come to meet future midwife - my irreplaceable assistant at childbirth and as if I sit, talk to the mother. And from this point (before childbirth was for a long time - 1 month) I understood that you should not be afraid of the forthcoming most important event in my life that we will cope with Elena Grigoryevna with a bang!

And turned out. I had long childbirth, about days. Elena Grigoryevna besides me in a day delivered some more, at the same time without having deprived me of the attention. Constantly watched my state, told about all changes happening to my organism organized a shower, gave injections, encouraged, and meanwhile was interested in my life, specially, to distract me from comprehensive pain.

I in short ragovor with it at the time of delivery I did not feel a barrier “the woman in labor - the obstetrician“. It besides a joke calmed me that a pier “God punished Eve, and now all women give birth tormently“. Now it is ridiculous to me to remember it, but then these words had for me a greater effect. Elena Grigoryevna so rejoiced when I gave birth to the girl, gently dressed her in the linen prepared by me, talked to her.

It is undoubted when there is difficult childbirth, the positive outcome depends on the doctor - the obstetrician, and then it is possible to tell surely that the doctor - the obstetrician was luck at a rodorazresheniye.

U me childbirth proceeded without special complications though it was insufferably sick at fights, and I can tell in the affirmative that I was lucky with my Elena Grigoryevna! Probably, my history banal will seem to much, but, in my opinion, the main thing to feel this luck from the very beginning, even at the first acquaintance to the doctor (whenever possible).


I then the first fights in pleasure, both it is morally prepared, and there is a huge self-confidence because nearby the remarkable person to whom you trust as to nobody else which together with you does hard and responsible work - helps to give birth to the child.

Ya it is happy that at me so all it developed and that this luck passed into huge invisible force between me and my midwife with whom we gave birth to little Yanochka.