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Arsenal of the pro: the correct graters

Among other things the equipment of cold shop and home cuisine, a grater - the most underestimated thing. Meanwhile she allows to save fine on labor costs, and also to increase quality of cooking.


Earlier, to the invention of the electric motor, graters were very simple. And now almost on each home cuisine there is such - conic or flat. But since then a lot of things were changed. First of all their family was divided into actually graters and a vegetable cutter. Besides, the phenomenon assumed literally an industrial scale. Graters and vegetable cutters are reliable, easy-to-work, ergonomic now. Their choice can satisfy kitchen of any restaurant - from tiny to a catering establishment.

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them taking into account estimated output, and also character of kitchen. Matter of course, if at restaurant the kitchen rather high confesses, author`s to buy a vegetable cutter with a productivity of one and a half ton of vegetables an hour senselessly. In these conditions the vegetable cutter of initial level calculated on processing from 10 to 30 kilograms of vegetables an hour will be quite sufficient. It is reasonable if it is besides it is combined with a kuter, the device for crushing and mixing of products.

Now about shortcomings. The professional vegetable cutter or a grater takes the place. It is the most important shortcoming. For many restaurants - a problem almost unsoluble. Shortage of the place in kitchen is, as a rule, expected nearly at a project stage; alas, cooks should be reconciled with such situation. Because for any restaurateur normally as much as possible to increase the area bringing money, that is actually restaurant hall at the expense of the area, money which is not bringing that is kitchens. Even if not to reach in this aspiration to the point of absurdity, there is often not enough place in kitchen.

By the way, the professional vegetable cutter costs money too. The elementary calculations show that it is much cheaper to employ the excess cook of cold shop, and it is silent - will peacefully exhaust so many vegetables how many it is necessary on a small cube. And so far visitors from the adjacent CIS countries will work for that money for which they work now, electric vegetable cutters at restaurants will remain a rarity.

But advantages of mechanization block its shortcomings. You can minimize a human factor and control, thus, quality of cutting. Requirements to qualification of personnel naturally go down. For the sake of justice we will note that requirements to his accuracy raise, and it is unknown, what is more terrible. But it is already a question of the organization of work in kitchen.

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of Producers of industrial vegetable cutters and graters. The undisputed leader - the French firm Robot Coupe. It makes only devices for crushing, cutting and hashing of products. Excellent cars are done by the Swedish firm Hallde. Very expensive, but superproductive and reliable. Except them, at our market there are Italians Sirman and some more foreign plants. In principle, especially fragile devices to Russia are not delivered. At the choice it is necessary to be guided only by such indicators as productivity and the price. Yes, and to remember that at the set high speed of rotation of knives the vegetable cutter cannot cut vegetables a cube and potato straws. That is, if these operations for you necessary and prime, buy a vegetable cutter with a possibility of low-speed work of knives.

In production of pizza everything almost the same, except one. There is one indispensable ingredient demanding special, gentle approach there. It is a mozzarella. In principle, nothing prevents to crush it in any kitchen processor, the benefit density of a product allows. But if you treat pizza seriously, not as a simple fast - foot (and at restaurant of good level it is normal), it will be more correct to use special electric graters for a mozzarella. At their use you keep the incomparable texture of this young cheese bringing an authenticity note in pizza.

Handles, handles

Some ingredients, such as the citrus dried peel, truffles, parmesan, by all culinary rules have to be added to a dish svezhenaterty. Therefore it is reasonable to have in kitchen a grater tiny, absolutely house by sight for a dried peel and to use it only for this purpose. As for grated parmesan, it keeps the aroma no more than half an hour as you do not cover it. Therefore at inevitably arising temptation to rub parmesan for the future it is worth rubbing it everything - gradually, manually, also on a small cheese grater. They are different: both conic, and arranged by the principle of the classical manual meat grinder.


of the Practician that except the above described ghosts with the motor, on any scale to restaurant kitchen surely there has to be a usual vegetable cutter. And it is even better - a set for all occasions. All saw such sets - they are on sale at every turn, happen orange, black or white color. Color, however, does not matter. Moreover, also professional kinds of such vegetable cutters are issued. In particular, the German firm Borner makes the Exclusive series with steel cases.


So, needs the following: the main, so-called V - a figurative knife into which different inserts, actually inserts, a plododerzhatel are serially inserted. It is a minimum.

Main in a manual vegetable cutter - inserts. For example, is included in the package of delivery of a standard vegetable cutter of their Borner three. It is an insert beznozhevy by means of which the product is cut by layers irrespective of its invoice. If to cut cabbage, the straws will turn out; if onions, tomatoes, a lemon, - rings; and the eggplant can be cut long thin plates. Then the insert with knives of 3,5 mm intended for cutting by long or short straws of 3,5 mm in size except for cabbage and onions - their this insert will cut a small cube. And an insert with knives of 7 mm, for cutting by bars and a large cube.

Krom of the listed options also others exist, differing from each other in distance between knives and depending on they are the cuttings intended for different types. So, for receiving classical cutting of French fries it is necessary to use an insert with knives of 10 mm.

Science, as you can see, simple. Service life of knives of a good vegetable cutter is calculated on processing about three tons of vegetables. And if in kitchen of an institution there is a steady deficiency of space, and restaurant small and does not differ in big capacity, there is obviously a sense to pay attention to such equipment - though not electric, but very effective.