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Yes the hands accepting life are well!

I long dreamed Of the second child - 2 years. One disturbed, another. It is not enough money, there is no health, works be filled up. But all the same there was a strong wish to nurse, and at night dreamed that I nurse the kid.

I here everything met - and in a family everything is normal, both earnings decent, and health allow. Two months of attempts - but are ineffectual, monthly go strictly according to the schedule. And here foreign business trip was given, and I with confidence that she is not pregnant, fly to America, but just in case I take with myself the test - strips.

In 10 days I expect arrival monthly, and they are absent! And the next day, without having restrained, I do the test - and here, staring in disbelief, I see 2 strips. Just in case I do the second test - and I already trust the happiness. I suffer the whole week that already for certain know that in me already there lives a kid, and I run to call the husband - it seems, he is glad to my striped news too.

Pregnancy took place

perfectly, worked 8 months, last month put the apartment in order, erased - ironed children`s things, and thrust to go to hospital a bit earlier - all seemed to me that I will give rise earlier.

I Went to hospital (the regional perinatal center in Belgorod) one week prior to estimated term with hope that here - here I will give rise, but not here - that was. To me already and the gel softening a neck was entered, and pricks put - there is no vein left, and droppers - and all in any way.

there Passed week after an established period, and we with my doctor decided that it is already time - there is no place to pull especially as on ultrasonography threatened that the cub already approaches 4 kg. And on April 8 at 8 in the morning I was transferred to delivery room and punctured a bubble, then put a heap of pricks and ordered to wait for fights.

there Passed 2 hours, and they also do not think to begin. Put 2 more droppers, and at last, at 12 o`clock process went. Probably, because I seriously morally got ready for childbirth, I remember everything and was never disconnected, tried to breathe, even communicated with midwifes, generally with young people, I do not remember, what are their names, but they were pleasant in every respect.

the senior midwife - Raisa Came to get acquainted with me also, I do not remember a middle name. I at first thought:“ Something old cotton wool is also too strict“, - but it was very vigorous and knowing the business. I with myself brought a lot of magazines and even the receiver - listened to music, and the senior midwife told that during it 40 - a summer experience she the first time sees the woman in labor with the receiver.

By the woman`s lunch with which I treated already lay in a corridor on wheelchairs and fed kids, and I all wandered about the maternity chamber and breathed. All went perfectly, the only minus - there were no attempts from - for abundance of water and restretching of a uterus, and I had to make an effort most at the command of midwifes.

the Last 2 hours all crew did not depart from me - encouraged, praised, ordered attempts. Masha was born in 16 - 40, and at her birth there were 6 people - all crew which was on duty in the rodzal, my attending physician and the doctor who suited me in this center - they very much worried about me.

Manyasha was born

Xing - red - the hypoxia affected, peeped, and I only specified - the girl? whether also all on the place? - and the children`s doctor, and me - still some new doctor was engaged in it. Probably, she specializes in mending, but at me, thanks to skillful actions of the midwife, there was no uniform crack. Here it is necessary - in 25 years at first labor I was so cut that even the nurse processing seams after the delivery swung the head, and in 35 - all as the newcomer, any crack.

the Doctor gave

to me my mobile, and I called all who worried about me - mother, to the husband and employees, all were very glad and congratulated us on Manechka. Generally they already knew that I gave rise - all continuously called in rodzat, but I wanted to calm all that I at memory.

childbirth I remember

with gratitude to personnel. All were just on the ball. At all not as for the first time - there were continuous fear and pain, I even do not remember details, and here all to trifles.

to me were told Then weight - 3520 g, growth - 52 cm, rolled out in a corridor, put a dropper and at once alienate Marusya, it right there efficiently zachmokat and even exhausted something.

the Husband rushed off behind cake and fruit (the maternity crew refused alcohol), and even arranged us appointment in the elevator so the father got acquainted with the daughter, and the brother Maxim with the sister in 2 hours after the birth. Then we were taken away in postnatal, Manya for an hour was taken away in children`s office on inspection, I descended in a shower at this time, and we did not leave her any more.

I feel

Ya that my dream came true - I have such small miracle for which so far only I am food, a consolation, caress and in general all this world. She already sees off me eyes, tries to turn the head in my party, and a week ago Marusya began to smile the small toothless mouth, and for one this smile I would take out it again and gave rise.

Many thanks to all midwifes and doctors of the Belgorod Perinatal Center. Yes the hands accepting life are well!