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Tricks of the little prankish

In infancy our firstborn Anton was not the child, and dream of parents. At night he with pleasure slept, exhausted by long bathing and a plentiful dinner. Having got hungry, he did not cry as he most of babies in the world, and began to groan, gradually raising the voice.

In the same way he warned us about the approaching accident in diapers or panties. He did not like to lie in wet awfully, and we quickly managed to accustom him to celebrate all affairs over a basin. Having put it on knees, we began the spells: pis - pis - pis and and--. It was necessary to erase after that much less.

to the Students having children at that time. Quite often it was necessary to call to the aid my girlfriends from other groups. The kid and here did not bring us. Almost all the time on a visit he slept, and having woken up, with pleasure took part in entertainment program which little girls for whom it was something like a big doll arranged it. I think, it misled many future mothers the good behavior. Even teeth at it were cut without problems, foretelling the emergence by only more plentiful salivation.

As soon as we decided to release

it to the big world, having spread a blanket on a floor, he right there got up on all fours and, without awarding with attention the mountain of toys before it, spread to the shoe shelf. With concentration puffing, it methodically threw out everything from there, having joyfully begun to patter palms on the released surface. “Our quiet days cried!“ - the husband told. Also was not mistaken!

Now Anton resolutely did not want to play

in a bed, lifting silent skulezh, demanding it to let out. State examinations came nearer, and the grandmother to the aid was urgently called. Having offered the holiday, for days on end she walked with it in park, bringing home only to eat.

Having gained diplomas, we got on distribution to the far Siberian village. The apartment as to young specialists, promised, but after arrival it became clear to us that it began to be built only. For now we have to live in a small old lodge without conveniences. Kitchen and one room. The hall was not, from the street got on kitchen at once, but to us, after the student`s hostel, and this lodge seemed a fantastic mansion.

Household difficulties did not frighten us by

, we were young and happy. The husband left for work, and I began to strive on economy, mastering knowledge of rural life.


to Anton already executed year. Inquisitiveness of the child knew no limit! If still yesterday it played with pleasure chess figures, then the next day they left it indifferent. Toys quickly bothered it. With great pleasure he investigated contents of bedside tables and kitchen cases, directing an improbable disorder. Some doors had to be tied strings, to lock others.

for its minute could not be left unguarded! The special pleasure to it was given by an oven! We had to work very much to explain to him what this piece can burn. Quite often, having improved the moment, he dipped hands into cold ashes, strewing with it all around and himself, darling.

Got also to our Chernushka whom Anton, without paying attention to her desperate miaow, tried to jostle in the furnace. I went crazy, inventing it all new and new occupations to manage to make all housework, in the village even such simple affairs as washing and washing of ware, turn into the whole epics! As often I remembered that time when neighbors in the hostel terribly were surprised that to see and not to hear our child. But now it was necessary to notice it! By the evening I just from legs was ready to drop.

I was going to wash

that day. Since morning the husband brought from a water well, having filled with it the flask standing at a threshold and two tanks. Having put a big pan on the furnace, I presoaked in it linen. The son, as always, span with a row. Such event could not pass by it. Sitting on lots of the shirts and tights prepared for washing he sharp-sightedly monitored my actions. Meanwhile lunch time approached. Letting in frosty clubs of cold the house, the husband came. He quickly undressed, having put a cap on a shop at an entrance.

- Well, mother, give, feed! - cheerfully he ordered. - And you, the kind good fellow, help mother? - it threw to a ceiling of the son who is laughing loudly from pleasure.

After a lunch I called the husband to the room to show it where it is necessary to hammer nails to pull a rope under linen.

- Above, below? - he asked, putting a nail in a wall.

At last, all was made, the husband started to hurry for work. He put on a jacket, boots. To Hvat, and there is no cap!

- That for a misfortune, I left it here. Where it could get lost? - he kept saying, looking under a bed and chairs.
- Yes here - that you what look for that here to do to it!? - I became angry. - Eternally you do not put anything back!
- Yes I on a shop left it, precisely I remember, at me memory blackouts did not begin yet! - the husband was boiled. - Means, under a bench look, it seems, fell! Without me you can find nothing!

Together we went to look for a cap under a bench. The son followed us as a thread behind a needle. Under a bench nothing was.

- What to do, on the street a frost, I cannot without cap go for work!

On the second circle we oblazit all back streets of our tiny apartment. The cap disappeared without a trace.

- You already absolutely were late! Here to you an autumn cap, you will throw with a hood, it seems, you will not freeze. And I will lay Anton and again now, without hurrying, I will look. For certain in a visible place lies also to us not on eyes!

the Kid already yawned and rubbed eyes, he always had a nap after dinner.

- Is not present

, but where - the same it got to! - the angry husband was not appeased.
- So, everything, go! Now Anton will clear up, by any forces then will not lay, and I should erase! - I pushed out it for a door.
- we Will go, the sonny, baink, - I called Anton.

Having put him to bed, I washed up ware, without stopping thinking about where the cap was gone. It was new, mink and cost to us considerable money. Trying not to rustle, centimeter behind centimeter I rummaged around kitchen and the room. There is no cap! The mysticism is some! Tired, I sat down on a bed, looking at the son who blushed in a dream. Sleeps as the angel! And I should erase, did not wake up yet!

Water in a tank quickly came to an end in

. Having taken a basin, I went to gather water from the flask standing at a threshold. Opened a cover and put a bucket there. What is?! The bucket does not scoop water. I look in a flask: something big, black, hairy and inflated floats at a surface.

- My God, it is our Chernushka! - there was my first thought. - But how it got there? Got to drink also a utopl?

Me even sweat proshib!

- Meow! - went from here - beyond Chernushk`s ovens.

Was struck dumb I looked at it: if it is not a utopla, what here, in a flask, floats?!

With a shiver I put a hand in water and pulled out something, being once a new mink cap. There was a loss! At the bottom still something was seen. From a bottom of a flask my scarf and one mitten of the son was got.

- So - so - so, - I whose it is tricks began to guess.

Ya sat on a shop, without knowing, whether to cry to me, whether to laugh. It was awfully a pity for a very expensive cap. What else the father will tell about leprosy synochkina!

- Yes it helped me! - I guessed at last! - Watched how I presoak linen, and decided to be engaged in washing too. Wetted the first that came to hand!

I looked forward to the husband from work.

- your loss Was! - I pleased him directly from a threshold.
- Well and where it was?
- You will never guess! In a flask! Here it!

the Husband was struck dumb looked at the shaggy monster hanging on a rope.

- your son decided to help to wash to me. And you from now on science, things you will not scatter, anywhere!

This case taught us to look after the kid more attentively. Anton was simply inexhaustible on similar problems for inexperienced parents. It was not necessary to miss to us. But now is what to remember!