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Short friendship with the midwife of

Why I consider that we were lucky with the midwife? Yes because it did not disturb, but was near if necessary. Because did everything with jokes - humourous catchphrases, and it had an easy hand. And still I read that to the good midwife the kid himself goes willingly, and childbirth easily takes place. My childbirth was very easy.

we Came, it appears, to give birth. Childbirth is planned, I am happy indescribably, all blue and green around. Punctured a bubble, the aunt looks also to itself speaks: “The neck is shortened“. ß: “And what it means?“ Silence... “And what it means?“ Silence... Strange, I think. “And it is normal?“ The aunt, at last, squeezes out:“ Yes“.

Should tell

that such cool welcome did not touch me at all. In - the first, I came to long-awaited childbirth, and in - the second, through a couple of hours my husband had to appear, and I was sure that, having seen the stranger, doctors will sharply become kinder.

So far I acquired fights, other girl, appeared more young. Politely called up me, suggested to fill in the map. Then measured a stomach and surely told: “The baby is medium-sized, 3200 - 3300“. Then Aleshka came... No, not so. At first from a post the surprised nurse rose. “Here to Shadrina the husband, speaks, came to give birth“. “So she does not give birth yet!“ - the midwife was surprised.“ So it also did not rise“, - I adequately answer.

Eight hours we went along a corridor. The midwife Marina did not disturb us at all, periodically listened to heart of the kid, charged us pozameryat fights. Meanwhile the nurse Lena appeared in time, they with Marina about something special “la - la - la“, and did not touch us. Closer to 5 o`clock in the afternoon offered (so, optional, type to offer our business:-) “to drip“ a dropper, I refused.

At this time in next prenatal other girl shouted, she was only 18 years old, and they ran around it. Only it was also heard: “Tuzhsya, Liouba, tuzhsya!“ - “And - and - and! Leave me all!“ - “Liouba, crap, crap!“ - “And - and - and! Leave alone me!“. Then the foamy doctor ran and cried: “Neonatologa here, quickly!“. Well, all had no time for us.

A we went, stirred, did massage. Through an hour Liouba gave rise, and girls were accepted to us. Swore:“ At this woman in labor of water were as a bottom marsh, the basin is not visible. We ask whether smokes - I smoke, speaks. Nippers dragged the child, to ears cut it and what to do? Well, why to itself to spoil health?“

At midpoint Marina tells

: “Oh, apparently, head blue!“ Here I as Leshka speaks, in a face - that changed and - the joint stock company was extinguished! Kiryukh directly took off. It turned out 3400, almost guessed. There was a small razryvchik, Marina quickly sewed up it, led me to chamber, and we still managed to talk about health of the kid, and instructed me about seams. When removed seams, joked: “As to me for the work joyfully! Well I darned! It is better, than was!“ .

All the time to an extract we friendly communicated with Marina, she roddomovsky told any gossips to me though got acquainted - that we only on childbirth... Generally, I was very much - is very happy! What and everything I wish. Yes, only on an extract I learned that a full name of our midwife Marina Valuyskikh, and give it God of health.