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The first surprise for inexperienced parents of

We got married, being students. On the fifth year in our young student`s family replenishment was expected. Naslyshannye about great difficulties of education and care of babies, we with the husband fairly worried, lived far from parents, in the hostel, and hoped only for ourselves. Behind there were difficult months of pregnancy and hard hours of childbirth. Happy and solemn, we carried the son from maternity hospital.

the Chubby envelope from a thick blanket in slightly shivering husband`s hands sometimes moved and made strange deaf sounds. From its depth only the bright knitted cap and still something gentle was seen, it is red - pink color.

Having entered the room, we indecisively stiffened on a threshold, thinking where it is better to develop the kid. The table shining the varnished surface was rejected by us as too rigid bed for a fragile little body of the child. After meeting we put an envelope on our shifted beds.

Having undressed and having carefully washed up hands, we began in four, shivering with nervousness, a free hand to give and untangle a blue satin ribbon. Having cast away it, carefully opened a blanket, and to our eyes the friable cocoon from diapers in the cheerful peas topped with unreasonably big cap appeared.

the Cap moved down forward, closing the son`s face on the tip of a nose. This cap was my pride, I knitted it, trying on on the husband`s fist. Whether it had big fists, whether I not so connected something, but my product left not by the size.

Carefully having dismissed ties, we pulled together it from the child`s head. The son looked at us the lilac eyes and funny wrinkled brows. Gentle black volosik on the top of the head stood on end.

- What it krasnenkiya, - the husband told. - Just handsome! - hasty he added, having seen I wash, expecting enthusiastic words, I will pass.

the Mouth of the child was slightly opened by

, having made the sound which is bearing a faint resemblance to miaow.

- Probably, he wants to eat! - the newly appeared father became agitated.
- But I only before an extract fed it! Next time - only in 2 hours, - I scaredly answered, having looked at the watch. - Feeding, told, it has to be strict on hours!

Here the cocoon began to move again and published quite loud bunch.

- He is already and is able to break wind! - the husband was surprised. of
- I Am afraid that he not only it is already able. Help me.

We began to develop diapers slowly. The son zachmokat lips and hiccupped. Oh, horror! The baby`s undershirts which are put on it in maternity hospital got off in a lump under a breast, the gauze diaper was unwound (then had never heard of pampers). Clothes and a red little body of the kid were densely covered with something brightly - yellow, with a smell of podkisshy milk. The son rolled up handles, having smeared at the same time the cheeks. Then he slightly strained and again broke wind.

- What is it? - the stunned husband moaned.
- That that - the shit, unless is not clear! - I responded, trying to show the experience though saw the son in maternity hospital only in the swaddled look.
- And why they are such yellow? - it was not appeased.
- And I how much I know! It is necessary to look in the book.
- It what, every time it will be? - at last, it gave the question which is especially tormenting him.


At this moment distributed knock at a door.

- Enter, - nearly we answered with whisper, being afraid to frighten of the shouts the kid.

With congratulations the neigbour in section Natashka rushed. Her daughter was two years old.

- That it with you? - she was surprised, having beheld our confused physiognomies. - Show the successor!
- Here! - we parted, opening her look the bedaubed treasure.
- My God! Dithose all it was fixed, and they stand, look! It should be washed! - Natashka began to yell.
- Yes as!? - plaintively we questioned, - It all in cooks and, probably, slippery!
- Hands! - Natashka from our stupidity became angry. - Arise managed, and to wash do not know as! Quickly bear a basin and water warm!

the Husband on lynxes rushed behind water, and I got under a bed behind a basin.

- And a towel prepare, - Natashka ordered, surely taking our krovinochka on hands. It turned it on a stomach and exempted from the bedaubed baby`s undershirts. Krovinochka, to our surprise, transferred all procedure silently, only quietly snuffled.

- Check water that not to scald the son, - the neigbour ordered, having seen the water brought by the husband. In search of a thermometer, we were swept up on the room.

- Yes an elbow try! - Natalya began to roar. - Dithat will freeze now! Leyte it is careful that did not get to ears! It substituted a back of the baby under streams of warm water and quickly made him presentable. As captivated, we looked at its dexterous movements, sure that at us so, will never turn out.

- Where a towel!? - it brought us out of tetanus.
- It what, every time will be soiled so? - the husband tormenting him a question repeated. there is no
- Yes, of course! - our fairy godmother calmed us. - Just in maternity hospital of a diaper not hardly turned. In the car shook it, here it also prepared for you a surprise. Swaddle him more tightly and more densely reel up a diaper.
- Uf! - we sighed with noticeable relief.
- And why color such at as? - all the husband tried to find out.
- Normal color. Do not worry. If only not green.

Managing to answer with

our questions, Natashka swaddled our son with dexterity of the circus conjurer meanwhile.

- Well, here, receive! How called - that?
- Anton, - chorus answered we.
- the good name. The sonny is similar to the father, - she told, giving in a charge to the happy father a warm parcel. - I ran, at me Anyutk one there. If that - call!
- Indeed to me it is similar, - the husband whispered, examining the son`s face.
- On you, on you, - I assented, sure that the kid all in me.

, but we still laugh, remembering our confusion and despair at the sight of the soiled firstborn. Our children grew up, but very much like to listen to this story.

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