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The childbirth I remember cheerful childbirth of

with a smile. Of course, there was both a hard work, and fear of the unknown, surprise to the processes happening in me and it is a lot of another what write in clever books about and speak on courses. But that moment when I understood that my baby here - here will be born, erased all pains and alarms.

Over me and my husband (gave birth together) all delivery room laughed. Within all 10 hours we sat side by side on a bed and embraced each other. It amused all who passed by. “To them to give birth, and all of them embrace and embrace“. it is difficult for p to allocate to

someone one of all personnel who helped to be born on light to my daughter. The cheerful anesthesiologist, the kind man, ran by and invited:“ To whom to anesthetize to whom to anesthetize“. The manager of office took active part in my childbirth, she said how I make an effort, directed my actions, always with me spoke gently and ironed on a hand at the moments of the highest tension.


When at me began attempts, practically all delivery room gathered at my bed. I open eyes, there is one person. I close and again I open, and them already two. And so on, to 7 people. Heard that began to give birth, and all came running. And not just observed, and encouraged and praised. I then felt very fine. Means, I do everything correctly, I am interesting and is interesting to them my child. About indifference which all reproach doctors even the speech did not go.

On a patrimonial table during breaks we joked and laughed together with the midwife, she in detail told me what occurs. I was a full participant of process, but not the detached onlooker. And thanks to the people surrounding me in white (or green) dressing gowns this process became easy and cheerful.

But the most cheerful moment in labor is when the newly made father took on hands the daughter in a few minutes after the birth. I did not see such ridiculous look more at anybody. It both affection, and fear, and huge surprise, and the shining pride, and endless love. Probably, it is impossible to call these feelings ridiculous or cheerful, but imagine all these emotions on one tired face of one man who already, eventually, became a father. To me it was very cheerful.

A still. I did not face such advantage and such serious relation to the business yet. It very much touched and incredibly made laugh.

I Can sum up of

the result useful to future mummies: to give birth cheerfully and easily, the main thing - a positive spirit.