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Migraine - a female illness of

of the Man suffer from migraine attacks by 3 times less than women. Therefore, probably, it is considered to be migraine as a female illness. Experts allocate several main reasons causing this disease.

tension Pain


It those who long should work at the computer or a desk are subject to

, as a rule. Tension of muscles of a neck and a humeral belt increases in an inconvenient pose, with low hung head, as causes pain. Try to sit at a desktop so that the back was a straight line, shoulders are straightened, the keyboard of the computer has to be at such distance from eyes that it was not necessary to bend low. Each 1 - 1,5 hour do 15 - a minute break.

Dangerous food

some substances which are contained in food can Cause pain. Having migraine it is necessary to include less often in a diet smoked sausages, ham, sausages and sausages in which the content of nitrites is increased. Caffeine - in chocolate, coffee, black tea is not less harmful and tiramin, in a large number contained in firm cheese, and also. Nitrites, tiramin and caffeine at first reduce brain vessels, and after - expand, as leads to migraine attacks.

Medicinal migraine

Is caused by the return action of analgetics. Brings abuse of aspirin to it more often - 3 - 4 tablets a day. Analgetics in combination with barbiturates, caffeine, and also some sedative preparations can also cause a headache. Refuse analginum. Use not medicinal therapy, for example autogenic training. Female migraine. Arises before monthly. To prevent an attack, try not to overtire these days, to sleep not less than 8 hours a day, to walk more in the fresh air.

of the Consequence of the latent depression

Use recommendations of psychologists: you do not keep in yourself negative emotions; work according to the lights; do not try to please all; be an optimist; laugh more often. How to kill pain? Turn on the quiet, quiet music. Lay down on a back, concentrate on the feelings. Deeply inhale and detain an exhalation. Raise the right hand up, gradually straining her muscles. In 5 seconds slowly lower a hand, make an exhalation. Repeat the same the left hand. Do this exercise, raising serially legs on height of 50 - 60 cm