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Helping mothers to nurse longer...

the Nature allocated the woman with ability to take out, give rise and raise the kid breast milk. But only every third woman continues to nurse the child in three months after the delivery. There is a lot of reasons for that, but not the last role is played here by problems which easily are solved by means of modern accessories to feeding of newborns. A milk pump - from their number. whether


mother Needs a milk pump?

Today experts answer with

this question positively. Most often doctors recommend to apply a milk pump at a nagrubaniye of mammary glands, a laktostaza, an inflammation and cracks of nipples, mastitis, irregular shape of nipples (the pulled-in and flat nipples).

Feeding by the decanted milk is exclusively valuable

also when nursing of the weakened children who are born premature or have some anomalies of development.

Often young mothers face

a problem of shortage of milk. Therefore right after childbirth doctors recommend to use an effective milk pump thanks to which intake of milk happens quicker. Further regular use of a milk pump between feedings allows to stimulate a lactation.

the “bank“ of milk Created by means of a milk pump will give to mother the chance to leave from the child if it works or studies.


a milk pump are recommended by doctors?

Effective and reliable that has to be confirmed clinically. In Scientific center of health of children of the Russian Academy of Medical Science and GKB No. 13 clinical tests of a milk pump of ISIS which is let out by the English company AVENT were carried out. This milk pump was recognized effective, and its use was recommended in the following cases: for prevention of a gipogalaktiya (a lack of milk) during formation of a lactation in the first days after the delivery, for prevention of a laktostaz, at complex treatment of patients with laktitsionny mastitis, at the injured nipples, for decantation of milk after feeding. Such clinically proved effects allow doctors to recommend ISIS milk pump to one and all women who want to avoid problems when breastfeeding.

Besides, experts note physiology, a gigiyenichnost, a practicality and reliability of a milk pump of ISIS.


the Milk pump of ISIS imitates natural process of sucking of the child. At the same time the woman is not a passive participant of process of decantation, and itself can regulate intensity of influence. At the beginning of decantation mother is recommended to prepare a breast by means of easy pressings on the milk pump handle. At the same time secretory process - milk inflow is started. Further the movements can be more intensive. Thus, the woman herself can “adapt“ to a rhythm of sucking of own kid which is known only to her for one. The funnel of a milk pump has a soft silicone nozzle - a petal masseur. At decantation five petal sections of a masseur contract and unclenched synchronously. Thanks to it there is very careful and delicate massage of mammary glands that allow to decant milk even from distant shares of a breast. By the way, “back“ milk is saturated the fats especially valuable to the kid.

of Gigiyenichnost

When feeding the newborn needs to pay special attention to hygiene. That is why doctors recommend to sterilize surely all accessories to feeding and decantation. ISIS milk pump easily understands, all its parts, including a silicone diaphragm and a petal masseur, maintain sterilization, both by means of boiling, and by means of steam in household sterilizers.

the Practicality and efficiency

a Small amount of details allows

quickly and without difficulties to collect and sort ISIS milk pump. Unlike electric milk pumps, the device works silently, does not depend on sources of electric current.

the Special silicone diaphragm a milk pump of ISIS creates the powerful depression allowing to decant effectively and quickly milk. At the same time the woman does not feel any painful feelings as it is easy to control depression by means of pressing by finger-tips on the milk pump handle.


Milk pumps of ISIS are made by

in England, their safety and quality are confirmed with the Russian certificates. The tests which are carried out in clinical conditions confirmed high reliability of milk pumps. In addition to it, on milk pumps of ISIS the special guarantee for a period of 12 months is provided.

In the Russian market can meet by

many accessories to decantation of breast milk today. At the choice of a milk pump doctors recommend to pay attention to clinically proved efficiency, physiology, a gigiyenichnost, a practicality and reliability.

Hot line of breastfeeding: 8 - 800 - 200 - BABY (8 - 800 - 200 - 22 - 29). Toll free in Russia.