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Flotilla in a thawed stream of

we Start up ships

the Winter ended. On the street warms the sun, skis with the sledge are cleaned far away, and snow promptly thaws, forming huge pools and quick streamlets. Adults diligently bypass them, trying not to have wet feet. And here children... Children surely investigate all “seasonal reservoirs“ which will get to them on walk. Means, it is time to offer them traditional spring entertainment - start of the toy ships.

Equipment of the young captain

Real “old salt“ has to provide any dangers including the threatening cold. All seamen have clothes corresponding to severe climate. If the kid does not take mother the word - it is necessary to look for the corresponding confirmations in books and movies (old Soviet movies about subjugators of the Arctic and animated films about Umka will approach). After such ideological processing the child will dress on the street even the most inconvenient clothes from his point of view. Waterproof trousers and a jacket are obligatory, and gloves or mittens on walk it is necessary to take at least 2 - 3 couples. The basic and obligatory element of a sea suit are gumboots, without them it is better not to make water hikes. The this footwear is higher, the better, and the in it waterproof trousers are filled more densely, the is quieter to mother and are more comfortable to the kid. It is also desirable to take spare socks - if the child everything is will have wet feet, it will be possible to change clothes on the next bench. The wet clearing towel wipes will not prevent on walk also, water in spring pools not really pure, and the peanut for certain more than once it is necessary to put in order. Everything is ready? Then forward, to look for a suitable reservoir.

the Unclassified waterway

Can start up ships in the next pool in the yard. Pluses of this reservoir - proximity to the house and familiar depth. Essential minus - lack of a current. The ship has to departure cheerfully in a novel distance towards to adventures, otherwise process will quickly bore the child. The ideal place for start of the vessel is the streamlet in the nearest park. In the spring the small flute along the road turns into the violent river. Due to roughnesses of a landscape the current and even - silent creeks with bays is formed.

as Alternative to a streamlet the real pond can serve

in park. It is only necessary to find suitable descent to water or the wooden bridge. At the same time the ship solemnly, with the farewell speech, is floated. Then it is possible to track how far on the middle of a pond it will departure and in general in what direction will move. It is possible to bypass a reservoir and to see the toy vessel from the opposite coast.

Ship construction

How to be if the young captain and his mother were not prepared for start-up, and this idea came to their mind spontaneously, during walk? Here the main thing - the imagination. Anything can serve as a ship. For example, the chip found on the way to park or a plastic package. However it is the best of all for p to be prepared by

for “voyages“ still at home and to make a “company“ ship the hands. For the kid it is the remarkable creative occupation developing the imagination and imagination for mother - the hour of quiet game demanding from it the unostentatious management and the feasible help in the embodiment of some ideas.

the simplest ship can be put from a usual square sheet of paper - someone from adults for certain will remember how it becomes. The sequence of actions needs to be shown to the kid and to suggest to make the whole flotilla. Minus paper ships in their fragility therefore it is necessary to do them much that the peanut was not upset, having seen as his creation razmoknt in spring water before departuring on a current.

to the Child is more senior than

it is possible to suggest to make a ship of a tree. It is desirable to involve the father or the elder brother in this occupation, then the kid will learn to use the hammer and other joiner`s tools at the same time.


Under the leadership of adults from a small and not thick board cuts the vessel of a diamond-shaped form, and in the middle the hole into which it is necessary to insert a mast is bored through. Before start it is desirable to check a board in a bathtub regarding its floodability. As a mast the branch of the suitable size and thickness which is in advance found on the street and pared down can act. The mast fastens on the vessel by means of Moment glue or is accurately hammered with the hammer into the prepared hole.

That the ship from a board was not filled up with

sideways under the weight of own sail during swimming, on the bottom at a stern it is desirable to attach Kiel. This small chip will help the ship to keep balance and will not allow to drown at “serious sea cataclysms“. As Kiel will be in water all the time, it needs to be strengthened better. For this purpose by a ship the accurate cut along a board becomes, and in it glue then the prepared chip densely is inserted into an opening is filled in, and designs allow to dry well.

As for a sail - it is the simplest to p to make it of dense paper, but this material, alas, is short-lived. It is good to use plastic bags also. But it is better to record such sail from above on a mast that did not turn. If mother had old not blown and waterproof jacket, a sail it is possible to make also of it. In this case the design of a mast needs to be complicated slightly two cross crossbeams on which fabric will fasten. Crossbeams are beaten or pasted from above and from below, at distance of 2 - 3 cm from edges of a mast. The paper sail fastens much more simply: in it do openings and just put on a mast.

Important point: the area of a sail should not be more than the area of the basis of the ship, otherwise the design will go to a bottom. In general, at any stage of work it is better to test at first the vessel in a bathroom. On the street the kid very much will be upset if he understands that the ship made with such work does not float.

One more suitable material for production of ships - polyfoam. By means of a usual knife it is easy for it to give the desirable form, it is possible even to cut out details like windows. Besides, it easy and well floats. As a mast in foam vessels it is good to fix tubules for cocktail, but then the sail has to be very easy, for example from paper. Mother can suggest the child to paint a ship, to think up to it the name and to write it on boards.

It is absolutely simple to p to make the ship of a plastic bottle. It is rather simple to cut it lengthways, to stop up a neck and to attach a sail. The mast can keep by means of plasticine or chewing gum. For stability the bottle will need weighting compounds. It can be usual coins, unnecessary keys or stoppers of bottles. They also fasten in the boat plasticine.

If wants to make a steady durable design, it is possible to make a catamaran together with the child. To a similar construction no waves and obstacles are terrible. On two boards the frame from connected a cross - crosswise sticks is beaten or becomes attached. Other option - a catamaran from the same plastic bottles; it is even not obligatory to cut them, kat can consist of two full-fledged cylinders. It is possible to make a frame on a plastic catamaran of thin easy chips or wooden pencils. It fastens on plasticine or is pasted.

Brave seafarers

So, the vessel is ready to departure. But it surely needs team and passengers. And these passengers should not be too heavy and big that the ship easily maneuvered. The little men who are cut out from a dense cardboard and painted quite will approach. The kid with pleasure will make them independently. However, to the ship it is better to paste them that did not take down a wave overboard.

Not less nice “seafarers“ turn out also from plasticine. By the way, it can be not only people, but also animals. Mother can suggest the child to think up a fascinating story about what adventures all these travelers who as will behave will face.

Descent to water

So, solemn moment. The farewell speech sounds, and the ship goes to the first swimming. But just to release it in the power of elements to the kid it is uninteresting, it is better to play.

the Real travelers do not look for easy ways. The ship can make difficulties, placing on its way branches of trees and pebbles, then walking cruise turns into an extreme alloy. If to take a shovel on walk, with its help it is possible to build water barriers from the snow remains. If the kid has friends ready to design own vessels, it is possible to arrange the real high-speed regatta: on command to float the ships and to monitor swimming. And the winner will be that ship which will float quicker, will overcome all obstacles and will remain is whole upon termination of competition.

If children have many paper ships (them it is not a pity), it is possible to arrange the whole sea fight! For example, to make start of torpedoes (the wooden sticks and chips found nearby) in enemy cruisers. It is necessary to start up in turn chips after to the ships, trying to get and turn the enemy ship. It is possible to arrange also aim throwing of stones from the coast.

the Outlook and romanticism

Ships - not only remarkable entertainment, but also a fine opportunity to develop imagination of the kid, his ability to dream. Naturally, parents have to take care of it.

If several children worked on creation of the ship, it is possible to offer a competition on the most original name of the vessel. Let the winner will with own hand write it onboard. The imagination will help the kid to endure loss if the favourite ship departured. Mother together with the baby can think up a story about long voyages and adventures of its brave vessel or just to tell the kid about great seafarers.

Game in ships - a good occasion to broaden the child`s horizons, having taught it the first lessons of geography: for example, to tell about discovery of America, about ship construction during different eras, to read together books about travel.“ Applied“ knowledge is acquired much more simply, than abstract information. For certain, designing own vessel, the kid will try to give it a type of a medieval galley or the modern passenger liner.

Anyway start of own fleet - remarkable entertainment for any child.


Safety measures

Parents have to know


Any manipulations with joiner`s tools, glue and other dangerous objects the child can make