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of the Man like to talk about discrepancy and unpredictability of female soul. It is considered that we can even influence these lines of our nature (read - we do everything specially). Nothing similar, experts stand up for us, the female organism is subordinated to rigid dictatorship of hormones. The list of troublemakers is attached - persons interested can make a claim.

Strictly speaking, hormones are chemicals which produce special, endocrine, glands of our organism. Their work can be compared to game of an orchestra. As the conductor of this “collective“ the main endocrine gland - a hypophysis, settled down in the brain basis acts. It sets a rhythm in which other “musicians“ will perform the parts: thyroid gland, ovaries, adrenal glands. As well as in an orchestra, each of hormones has the mission - to tell important information or the order from the creators, hormonal glands, to other bodies. Having appeared in blood, they move off in searches of the recipient, and having reached him, transfer the instruction. Only two are known to the majority of us - three of these substances (among them there is for certain an adrenaline, estrogen and progesterone), actually; they are tens, all of them are developed in different quantities, and everyone makes the contribution to creation of the general melody of an organism of which there is our health. Here only many details of this mechanism are still unknown to experts. One is indisputable: this surprising orchestra has mighty influence almost on all our vital signs, he directs our behavior and sets the tone for mood, forcing us to long or have fun, overflows with energy or, on the contrary, deprives of forces, calms or enrages.


it is developed by special gland - epifiz, it is located in a brain.

Main “party“ - adjustment of a dream.


It is noticed experts in untwisting of the mechanism of a seasonal depression.

Since November when days become shorter, many of us is overcome by fatigue, and the mood gets a shade of lyrical despair. Nothing serious, the seasonal depression which begins usually late fall or in the winter is so shown, and passes without trace in the spring. It is considered that this state is connected with the fact that light day is shortened and we should spend much time at artificial lighting. Scientists assume that from - for shortages of a daylight our brain switches over to “the night mode“ of work and “demands“ to increase production of melatonin. By the way, the seasonal depression occurs at women three times more often than at men.

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Yes, we are depressed now. Not to feel like at home the fighter of the besieged fortress, invite us more often to walk: experts consider that day walks are in the fresh air capable to return us goodwill and optimism.


it are developed by adrenal glands.

Main “party“ - support of processes of a metabolism.


It is noticed in belonging to group of the hormones participating in start of the mechanism of sleeplessness.

Most often the reason of problems with a dream. At the moments of disorders our organism begins to produce adrenaline, and the effect which is had by it does not allow us to fall asleep. To be fair it is necessary to tell that not it one can be guilty of the incident. Sleeplessness still the set of hormonal violations causes, for example, excess of hormones of a thyroid gland. That is why sleeplessness is rather symptom, but not an independent illness.

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We “are so lovely“ to

when we do not sleep, isn`t that so? And so, to observe this “magnificence“ as seldom as possible, take care of that we did not worry. The arsenal of the means capable to calm the woman is so big that everyone can choose for himself option to liking. And experts, in return, are ready to help you in couple of a practical advice. You watch that before going to bed we did not think of sad and went to bed at the same time.

Estrogen and progesterone

them develop


Main “party“ - these smooth movements, soft manners, rounded shapes, velvety skin, brilliant hair and a sparkle in a look - they do the woman by the woman.

Are noticed by

experts in active assistance to development of PMS (a premenstrual syndrome) and pregnancy.

of PMS - a thunder-storm and horror of a strong half of mankind. In 7 - 10 days prior to the beginning of periods all storms of this world blow over them with a high speed: our explosive irritability is replaced by sudden grief which, sometimes without interruption, floods of tears then it is made a fresh start follow. And you think to us easily?! Let`s add a picture of our state with sleeplessness, fatigue, an increase in weight and problems with skin, and it will become clear who was lucky more.

the Reason of all these peripetias - hormonal changes in different phases of a menstrual cycle though not all in this question is clear to experts. It is known that in the middle of a cycle when from an ovary the ovum appears, production of estrogen quickly increases, and then also sharply falls. At the same time the progesterone level (we still will talk about it), which brings the contribution in common cause grows. And here result: such hormonal jumps do us less susceptible to serotonin - to peculiar “hormone of happiness“ which is produced in a brain.

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your rescue - in our movement. It appears, occupations by any kinds of aerobics and swimming increase serotonin level in blood that facilitates PMS symptoms. So it is a high time to acquaint softly and delicately us with sports occupations. Massage and the weakening bathtubs will be kind allies to you, and contraceptive tablets will give the most reliable effect - they will smooth hormonal differences throughout all menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy - the fascinating period, the absolute champion on number of new impressions and feelings. As for our mood, two noticeable stages in this sense fall on this time: gushing irritability in the first weeks of expectation and the released indifference at the end of term. Both the state as you already understood, is cast by hormones, to be exact, progesterone. Since the beginning of pregnancy it is excreted by a yellow body, and with 14 - y relay the placenta accepts weeks. Progesterone is called the chief keeper of pregnancy - it relaxes smooth muscles of which uterus walls that they did not begin to be reduced ahead of time consist. Thus, the kid will be reliably protected from any surprises and can quietly grow to the term of childbirth. One trouble: progesterone works blindly and affects by the mighty weakening force everything around! To it - that future mothers are also obliged by noble slowness in affairs and serene tranquility of spirit. It is no wonder that for the benefit of safety of the kid for 9 months concentration of progesterone gradually grows in blood of his mother. As for trouble-makers - estrogen, they will cause a stir when preparation for childbirth begins - they should shorten and soften a uterus neck to facilitate to the child issue.

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you think that you worked for the benefit of common cause already enough once - future child? At all not, consider that you made the first contribution - it will be followed by obligatory regular “investments“ in development of the enterprise. Otherwise... well, you are farther all you know:“ penalties“, “disputes“, “arbitration“...

Triyodtironin and tiroksin

it develops

a thyroid gland.

Main “party“ - support of processes of a metabolism in all bodies and fabrics.

Are noticed by

experts in the exhausting diligence and “laziness“ on the verge of boycott - neither that nor another usually brings to good.

does not have

I justice in this world again - failures in work of a thyroid gland (overproduction of a triyodtironin and a tiroksin is called gipertireozy, shortage - a hypothyroidism) meet at women more often. There is an opinion that the cause is - those global hormonal reorganizations by which pregnancy and process of the birth of the child is followed, and still - emotional shake-ups and our old familiar stress. If the thyroid gland “overworks“, excreting too much triyodtironin and a tiroksin, the organism receives an excess dose of stimulators, from - for what we feel badly: heart fights more often, intestines seek to be exempted from the contents, we lose weight, worse we sleep. The shortage in production of hormones is fraught with delay of our internal life: all of us time freeze, we gain weight, and intestines “are with insult locked“ in any convenient and inconvenient occasion.

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Take heart and with quiet conscience shift the solution of these problems to shoulders of experts. Having received results of analyses on the content of hormones in blood, data of ultrasonography, the endocrinologist will appoint the treatment suitable a case.