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Pregnancy and addictions: whether it is worth risking?

Will be a question about such, it seems, all well-known things as smoking, alcohol and drugs about which all absolutely precisely know that it is unhealthy. But, probably, from constant repeatability of this thesis its contents gradually loses the initial sense - to warn about danger, and danger very serious. Pregnancy - not time for check of correctness of this or that medical statement: consequences can be more serious, than ever as in your hands not only own health and destiny which you are free to complicate, but also health and destiny of your future child, for whom you in the answer.

Smoking we Will tell


at once and unambiguously: smoking makes very harmful effects on pregnant women. Why? The matter is that the tobacco smoke contains a set of harmful substances - nicotine, carbon monoxide, cyanide of hydrogen, pitch and some carcinogens (the substance provoking oncological diseases), such as diazobenzopirin. All these substances together are also separately very dangerous to the developing fruit.


Besides, when smoking actively absorb the vitamins B which are contained in an organism and With, and also folic acid which lack can result in defects of the central nervous system therefore also any risk of complications for mother and the child increases. Not to be unfounded, we will list the most often found complications.


In - the first, it is revealed that at the smoking women cases of the birth of malovesny children - weighing less than 2000 are very often observed. And reduction of weight of the newborn is proportional to number of the cigarettes smoked by the woman during pregnancy. To the contrary, such result is not observed at non-smoking women. Thus, there is direct link between smoking and the slowed-down development of a fruit.

In - the second, smoking during pregnancy increases risk of an abortion, death of a fruit or already been born child soon after the delivery. And the risk is directly connected with number of the smoked cigarettes. It is revealed that it increases by 35% at the women smoking during pregnancy more pack of cigarettes in day. Besides, smoking increases probability of serious complications, potentially even deadly, at the most future mother. Also, for example, the risk of rejection of a placenta increases, - approximately for 25% at moderately smoking and for 65% at chain smokers. At the smoking women to a bowl also prelying of a placenta is observed (a placenta arrangement over an exit from a uterus), and the risk increases for 25% at moderately smoking and for 90% at chain smokers.

the Known and estimated harmful consequences of smoking for the general health of the person are very various

. First of all it is the increased risk of pulmonary diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema (the disease of lungs caused by expansion of pulmonary bubbles - alveoluses and gradual destruction of interalveolar partitions) and lung cancer; and it is warm - vascular, including coronary heart disease (stenocardia, a myocardial infarction etc. belong to it) frustration warmly - vascular system and atherosclerosis (a disease at which there is a congestion of fatty deposits and formation of atherosclerotic plaques on an internal surface of arteries in various bodies - in heart, a brain, kidneys, etc., - leading to sharp reduction or to complete cessation of a blood-groove). At smokers the probability even of cancer of a bladder and stomach ulcer significantly increases. Death rate among smokers is 30 - 80% higher, than at non-smoking. These supervision have the most general character therefore you can project the described sad situation on the pregnant woman whose immunity is weakened several times by incubation of the child, and also on the unprotected kid who is in a womb of mother - smoking consequences in this case assume a scale of accident.

the Fruit in a womb of the smoking mother also receives less oxygen and nutrients from - for what mother smokes and also because vessels of a placenta can be changed and narrowed. All this leads to a fruit growth inhibition.

the Woman smoking pass 20 cigarettes (pack), inhales a tobacco smoke more than 11 thousand times during pregnancy, ensuring also to the child all described above, often irreparable, consequences.

But exists also so-called passive, or secondary, smoking which happens when the person himself does not smoke, but is near the smoker and inhales a tobacco smoke. Consequences in this case, unfortunately, the same, as at “active“ smoking. Therefore a conclusion is unambiguous and is not subject to the appeal: it is necessary to leave off smoking prior to pregnancy and to make the maximum efforts to avoid a fate of the passive smoker.


Alcohol intake by the pregnant woman also represents a great risk. Why? Let`s address first of all consequences. Moderate alcohol intake during pregnancy increases probability of an abortion, and excessive - often leads to anomalies at a fruit. Chronic alcoholism during pregnancy can result in the anomaly of development of a fruit called by the fetal alcoholic syndrome (FAS).

the PASS is characterized by the slowed-down development of the child before childbirth, defects of extremities. At children of alcoholics characteristic front signs - a short flat nose, a flat top jaw, squint are shown. Children about the PASS can also have problems of behavioural character. They often observe disorders of function of the speech, inadequacy of motor reactions. Perinatal (with 28 - y weeks of pregnancy till 7 days after the delivery) the level of child mortality makes in this case 15 - 20%.


In the majority of researches it is confirmed that for emergence GRAZED enough four - five small doses of alcohol a day. However in a soft form of anomaly arise also at two doses a day. It led to a conclusion that there is no safe dose of alcohol for pregnant women. For this reason on labels of all alcoholic beverages the corresponding cautions to pregnant women are printed.

When it is not about regular alcohol intake, and about its use only occasionally, for example at parties or celebrations of these or those events, it is necessary to remind that there is no safe dose of consumption of alcohol for pregnant women, as well as there are no alcoholic beverages resolved for them. And the red wine allegedly useful to an organism propagandized by many, as well as the cognac which is allegedly positively influencing heart, also do not belong to their number.

Drug addiction

Drugs - very widespread phenomenon in our society, and drug addiction, unfortunately, occurs among pregnant women even more often. Dependence on drugs can be physical, psychological or physics - psychological. Physical dependence means a drug taking for removal of the unpleasant symptoms arising at cancellation of narcotic preparations after their prolonged use. It does not mean tendency to drugs and the more so drug addiction yet. For example, many fans of coffee feel unpleasant symptoms if for any time refuse this drink, but it is, of course, yet not drug addiction. Psychological dependence means that the person at the emotional level is inclined to a drug taking. This thirst for drugs can be stronger, than at physical dependence, and can lead to a systematic drug taking. Usually understand a drug taking as the term “drug addiction“, forbidden by the law. But you have to include in “black list“ and those drugs which do quite legally, for example petroldiazepines and barbiturates (these are hypnotic drugs and the calming preparations which are already contraindicated during pregnancy), and also caffeine and already mentioned alcohol and smoking.


Again - not to be unfounded, we will look how drugs influence an organism of the pregnant woman and a fruit? Pay attention that here we refuse from conditionally - presumable form of presentation - can affect - and we use affirmative, confirmed with a repeated bitter experience - influence unambiguously.

In - the first, in most cases the women doing drugs wait for complication during pregnancy. Some preparations result in deficiency of nutrients, to anemia (anemia) and the slowed-down development of a fruit. Also predisposition to a late gestoz of pregnant women increases.


In - the second, it is precisely established that a number of drugs make very harmful effects on a fruit.

First of all should tell

that such child after the birth itself becomes predisposed to drug addiction.


It is established that opiates (the substances received from opium directly or a synthetic way) can cause euphoria, slackness or drowsiness, and also to reduce sensitivity to pain. Their regular reception often results in physical dependence. Morphine, heroin and codeine belong to this group of drugs. At the women accepting opiates during pregnancy the risk of premature birth increases, delays of pre-natal growth of a fruit, a gestoz, etc. the Child who was born at such mother can be mentally retarded. The intravenous use of drugs in connection with a transmission of infection via repeatedly used syringes and needles can lead to hepatitis, at last, to AIDS. Any of these diseases represents a big problem for the pregnant woman.

Hallucinogens , such as acid, mescaline, peyot, pentsiklidin, can lead to a mental disorder. They causes abnormal development of a fruit in animals and, perhaps, the person though the last is still insufficiently proved.

Marijuana and hashish contain tetrahydrocannabinol . Researches showed that the use of this drug by the pregnant woman can lead to serious malformations of nervous, is warm - vascular systems at the child. The use of stimulators of the central nervous system, such as amphetamines , causes in the child defects warmly - vascular system.

Intoxication cocaine can cause spasms, arrhythmia, a hypertension and the increased temperature in mother, and the long use of cocaine - violation of circulation of nutrients and temperature condition that will perniciously affect the child. Cocaine can become the reason of an abortion, premature office of a placenta and congenital defects at the child.


Besides, drugs are most often used for a long time, sometimes even several days in a row. At the same time the person eats very little and drinks. And it can lead to a fruit growth inhibition.

What to do?

First of all needs to stop a drug taking even before conception. If you use drugs, be honest with the doctor. Tell it what preparations you use. Ask it about everything, as for drug addiction consequences for future child. Victim of drug addiction - first of all your child, and the earlier the doctor will begin to solve this problem, the consequences will be easier.

It is natural that disposal of a drug addiction requires system medical treatment as, however, and with chronic stages of alcoholism and smoking. But for the majority actually habitual use of cigarettes and alcohol occasionally which seems such irregular and therefore safe. And it as we found out, absolutely not so.

If will power, a habit, an environment etc. do not allow you to refuse resolutely these unsafe delusions, try to use the visualization method described below which will allow you to change wrong beliefs and to achieve desirable result.

for this purpose you make the following process:

  1. of what you want . Try to cope with internal objections and contradictions, having understood what advantages the problem can bring you. For example, what useful functions are carried out for you by smoking? It can be feeling of relaxation, a way of communication, pastime. Think of in what safer ways you could achieve these objectives. Find at least three ways which would be easily available to you as well as cigarettes. Let these ways involve various touch systems: visual, acoustical, feelings, perhaps, smell and taste.

For example, you can relax, twisting beads in hands, drawing on paper, playing sports, looking at rotation of a pendulum, listening to pleasant music, taking a shower and so on. It is not obligatory to support communication with colleagues by means of smoking. You can drink together a tea cup, it is simple to approach and talk. If you occupy the leisure with smoking of cigarettes, then, perhaps, it would be better for someone to write the letter at this time, to read the book, to look at the interesting magazine, to play a computer game and so on.

  1. of Enter the weakened, perceiving condition of mind by means of self-hypnosis, auto-training or meditation . In this state imagine brightly and distinctly, the fact that you already have desirable result, change. Imagine process of achievement of the purpose and the purpose: how you will look at the same time with what you will see a surrounding situation and people that you will hear at the same time what you will feel? For example, when I will leave off smoking, my child will be healthy, I will have no problems with pregnancy, I will be more cheerful, I will have a pleasant complexion, I will notice smiles and approval of other people when they learn that I do not smoke any more, my health will improve, I will feel safe and is comfortable. Try to formulate result positively, that is not what you will not have, and what you will get. For example, instead of telling: “I will cease to be ill“, you speak:“ I will feel easily and well, my child will be born healthy“.
  2. Wait for
  3. and believe that you receive it . You have abilities, opportunities, all necessary resources that to reach it. Think and add missing resources to this state that is that you still can make for achievement of this purpose. For example, I have to throw out all cigarettes from the house. I will not “shoot“ cigarettes at friends. I will not catch a smell of cigarettes. Instead I will catch a smell of aromatic oils, either cologne, or fresh air.
  4. Tell
  5. to yourself that you deserve it . It means that this illness is not for you punishment for any sins. You consider yourself as the good person and can accept and love yourself such what you are. You will do everything possible to reach desirable changes. This process has to help you to cope with the internal doubts and contradictions hindering the achievement of the purpose. It will help you to realize and represent accurately what you aspire to and what steps you need to take that to reach it.

In implementation of all these tasks not the last place is taken also by the psychotherapist.

By the way, pregnancy very much will help you with achievement of success of visualization as psychologically - an emotional condition of the pregnant woman more movably, respectively, it is more inspired, and auto-training takes place more successfully. Just you remember that there are no unsoluble problems - there are people who do not want to solve them.