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Whether there can be Kot good from the point of view of Mice?

I will tell small background In the beginning. Long ago, more than 10 years ago, my friend somehow heard as I is proud I speak of myself as about a great and mighty Bull (as was born in a year of the Bull). The girlfriend burst out laughing and said the phrase which decided my fate:“ Yes what you are the Great Bull, - she told, - rather small mouse“. Posoprotivlyavshis some time, was necessary to reconcile. A bull I can and not to be, but at least - is obliged by a mouse! Over time I not just agreed with the choice of my friend, but also recognized the Mouse by the official totem.

Further this history proceeded at a wedding of the same girlfriend where I was a witness. I to a wedding did not see the witness. And in general I had an impression about it as about a cat - the playboy, the playboy. It about me had an unflattering opinion too - as about the paper pusher who is not wishing even to poke out a nose from - under kip of papers. Thank God, the first impressions did not come true. Now we still see in each other a cat and a mouse, but associations others now: I call him “mine a tomcat“, he me - “myshulya“.

Certainly, all my family, having understood long ago from where wind blows, began to give me any souvenir mice. Of course, and my friend did not stand aside. However, as you understand, it was possible to call such gift original only on pervost, that is years so two back when we just began to meet the friend. I think, this fact also forced recently my friend to move the nice cat`s moustaches.

he declared

On the eve of March 8: “Plan nothing - we will go to meet relatives“. Considering the fact that I knew his parents, this acquaintance, to put it mildly, guarded me. To everything, he still mentioned that will show me an ideal family on which we in our relations and should be leveled. And in general I learn about it, about itself and about our possible relationship there is a lot of new! Having heard it, I nearly fell. Here so a present, I thought. Having a little reflected over all this alone, I was already ready to everything. And option to carry out on March 8 in a circle it (well of course!) ideal relatives, seemed to me the desirablest. In the head also other more dreadful options like the convinced communists, sayentolog, the Swedish families and other nonsense of the same sort climbed.

on March 8 I waited for

with some share of horror. When we met the friend in the afternoon, he presented set of cosmetics quite on duty and reported that the basic will be farther. When I learned that this fine is “further“ at all not where there live his parents, to go forward to me somehow sharply was ceased to want. My weak popiskivaniye (type and whether costs, and whether it is necessary, I am not ready yet) were met by the answer that who then will congratulate relatives, and unless I do not want to recognize them closer (interestingly, how closer, I wanted to take an interest, but wisely kept silent). Here so we reached to “Barricade“ metro station, and then reached a zoo. I feverishly tried to remember whether I heard something about those who prefer to meet in this place (gays? lesbians? zoophiles?!) . I shy took an interest as call those relatives. The answer “differently“ did not calm me at all.

at the very beginning of a zoo. I had a thought to pull time - perhaps either the friend will change the mind, or I, maybe, what I will think up - but lamas obviously did not show desire to understand my position. So, having twisted a little near them, I fatefully trudged for the friend. Literally through several meters he declared that we already almost came and advised me to represent a little pleasure on a face. Acquaintance to relatives, according to him, had to happen in some underground room. The only thing that occurred at once to me - it is “Night watch“ and vampires. It, one may say, did not bring me to this room, and dragged.

After a while eyes got used to weak lighting. People with canines and the burning eyes there, thank God, did not appear. Before me there was a corridor covered on the one hand with glass. Not at once I understood whom me order to meet: behind glass there were MICE of the most different colors. And small, and more, awfully bright and nice. Together with the friend we approached each glass, the friend said something type: “Get acquainted - it is Myshulya!“ And then congratulated them and me since March 8. I left it already completely happy and happy. And here the friend declares: “And now we go to learn to establish an ideal family“. I understood, as some pleasant dirty trick is possibly covered here.

Having passed

by monkeys, polar bears, otters and different crocodiles, we got to quite strange part of a zoo - a children`s zoo (any geese, rabbits etc.) . The friend brought me to the open-air cage which was called “The cat`s house“, and there … in one lodge peacefully get on a cat and a lot of mice. The cat with huge attention beheld petty intrigues and drove a muzzle from one corner to another. I suggested that it is tried on whom quicker to eat. Here the friend even took offense. As he explained, the cat recalculates the mice that any of them was not lost inadvertently. All my attempts to distract a cat from this important occupation were not crowned with success. As a result my friend told that each cat has to have the mouse which he will love and for which he will care. There is no need to disturb this family, it is better to construct by analogy with them own (well, certainly, without harem of mice).

Here such unusual gift I received

for March 8 this year. A lot of mice and allegory to a happy koshacha - a myshachy family!