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Still Albert Einstein noticed golden rules of planning of time of

that people like to cut firewood because at the same time action is followed by result at once. From - for remoteness of result in time people can hesitate with performance of large and difficult tasks.

Important point in system of planning is control of rational use of working hours. It gives to the head the chance to reveal reserves for further improvement of the work and rational use of working hours.

in the course of individual planning and management of the activity the head knows the work, resources and possibilities of cooperation better; obtains reasonable data on the rights, restrictions and on use of working hours. As a result the head learns himself that allows not just to work, and to achieve good results.


It is offered ten “gold“ rules formulated by us which implementation will help you to achieve the best organization of your work and successful planning of the time.

  1. of Form working blocks in which you will include performance of tasks, large or similar on character.
to The one who constantly interrupts the work or who is disturbed by strangers it is necessary for

for performance of a task much more time, than concentrated only on performance of work of the same volume. Breaks demand additional expenses of time and efforts for next “running start“ and “immersion“ in work. If to unite performance of several small on volume, but similar works on character (for example, telephone conversations, answers to letters of correspondents, discussion of office questions with employees) in working blocks, then the saving of time will be available.

  1. of Intentionally retire and establish not business hours.

For performance of extremely important tasks needs to have an opportunity to work quietly, without any hindrances from the outside. Inadmissibly, that doors of your study were open always and for all. Besides, it is all the same impossible to arrange so that you could be always found by phone, it is necessary to leave to clients, on negotiations, etc. from time to time. Means, it is necessary to establish personal not business hours. For this purpose it is necessary to switch phone to the secretary, colleagues or to use an answering machine. Only in this case in your working schedule there will be a period when you are able, having as much as possible concentrated, to achieve the highest labor productivity and productivity. It will be possible to answer the phone calls which came to this period later.

establish to
  1. of At negotiation regulations, and also define necessary expenses of time for performance of certain tasks.

Duration of performance of this or that work usually depends on available time. Almost each businessman complains of too protracted and low-productive negotiations. It is necessary to discuss everything that is necessary, but no more than an hour. This time quite has to be enough to listen to all points of view and to make the main decisions. Sometimes business meetings turn into useless “talking shop“. Most often they are appointed to 10 o`clock in the morning, and negotiations last till a lunch. Meanwhile, if to make an appointment on 11 o`clock in the morning, then it also by all means will end by a lunch, and, perhaps, with the best result. So, it is necessary to establish rigid time frames at negotiation, meetings, etc. Time - money and if the last constantly consider, then time expenses, finally too having the monetary value, consider extremely seldom.

  1. of Adhere to the principle of establishment of priorities when performing all types of works.

Nobody is able to cope with all affairs which it is necessary or it would be desirable to make. The widespread phenomenon and a problem is the aspiration to make at once too many cases. However in days only 24 hours. Somehow to stretch the working day, some take, in urgent cases also part of night. Do not forget that the stress arises not from what we made, and from what we did not manage to make. We are oppressed by consciousness that we did not manage to finish work. The only opportunity to cope with a stream of tasks, business meetings, arrangements - it is accurate and unambiguous to establish for them priorities, being guided by achievement of own purposes and performance of really important issues. Thanks to it it is possible to use in the best way every day, hour and minute. First of all it is expedient to undertake that business for which the priority No. 1 is allocated.

  1. of Whenever possible carry out only really important issues (Pareto principle).
found out Vilfredo Pareto`s

in the 19th century that only the small part of result of any activity represents real value. So, for example, 80% of success of firm are achieved thanks to only 20% of clients or only in 20% of the text of article or the circular letter 80% of all information contain. If we when reading, at meetings, when entering data in the computer, etc. we will be limited to what is really important, having used only 20% of the working hours, we will receive 80% of result. The main difficulty is in revealing those 20% on which the success of business depends. In this case small determines by a decisive image a lot of things!

  1. of Fully use delegation as the paid service.
Any businessman valuing the time should not do to

everything. They by all means have to carry out those tasks which performance others could undertake. To that who has no subordinates at all or employees do not possess sufficient qualification, it is necessary to recruit subordinates with the corresponding preparation or to take care of training of already available personnel. As delegation of powers involves considerable saving of time, the long time is the more favorable and most cheaper to use paid services out of the firm, resorting to the help of various agencies, consulting firms and organizations rendering various services. In modern conditions in the market of services any professional assistance is offered. Costs of use of the paid services “on the party“ will be anyway less, than the employer`s costs of keeping of the additional regular employee.

  1. of perform Large tasks small parts (tactics of “cutting of a salami“).
Still Albert Einstein noticed

that most of people likes to cut firewood because at the same time action is followed by result at once. From - for the fact that the result is remote on time people can “shirk“ large and difficult tasks or to hesitate with their performance, in other words, to shelve them. Even having strongly got hungry, the person is not able to eat the whole bull at once, he can eat about two beefsteaks every day. The purposes and projects also should be divided into small portions and to carry out them during rather long time, every day allotting for this work approximately two hours. On reaching the first intermediate purpose also certain results which will stimulate performance of the remained tasks will come to light.

Establish to
  1. of for yourself terms of performance of affairs of category of “A“ (TsDF).
, as a rule, does not have

In good intentions of a shortcoming, there is not enough usually time to execute conceived. The reason is simple: only you will be going to undertake for planned as it is necessary to hold an unplanned business meeting, negotiations drag on, there are unforeseen circumstances or just distract small, daily affairs, and then it is necessary to refuse conceived. If in advance, for example at the beginning of a month, in a working calendar to reserve certain temporary blocks for performance of the undertakings and to perceive them as in advance planned business meetings or meetings in addition to mark them with the same color marker which you use for designation of all the important issues then it will psychologically adjust you on obligation of their performance. When you begin to bring further in a calendar terms of new negotiations, meetings, etc., “will involuntarily stumble“ about the former record and will be forced to transfer the planned action to other term. It does not happen if in a calendar there is no record about the business conceived by you. Only this way it is possible to force to allocate by all means in the schedule time for performance of affairs, really important for you, belonging to the so-called category “A“, or And - put. Records about planned own And - affairs as well as record about business meetings, meetings, etc., it is necessary to add with concrete data, i.e. figures, dates and the facts (TsDF). When terms of carrying out various actions are coordinated with other employees, “arrangements with themselves“ should be considered by all means when planning all other affairs.

  1. of carry out the Main tasks early in the morning (feeling of success).
“Morning hour gives to

gold us“. Who did not endure it: at the beginning of the working day all plans are overset from - for unforeseen circumstances: the heap of unplanned talk, phone calls, etc. crosses out all best ideas? However what is executed in advance (for example, before all daily affairs, such as phone conversations, answers to business letters, meetings, etc.) creates feeling of true success; nobody will be able to take away or spoil result of early work at you any more. The secret of success of many businessmen is that they still early in the morning houses or on a workplace just before the beginning of the working day manage to execute this or that business, important for them, or, at least, to begin it. The similar decisive advancing anyway pays off.

Consciously consider
  1. of in working plans of fluctuation of level of working capacity.

the Majority of us on itself feels that labor productivity during the working day changes, it reaches peak, sharply decreases. There is it irrespective of whether the person is “lark“ or “owl“. Anyway it is necessary to plan performance of the most important works for the working capacity increase periods. At this time the person feels full of strength and manages to make much more and with the best result, than during working capacity recession. The works of routine character which are not of great importance should be carried out in an afternoon. When planning affairs per day it is necessary to remember that the most important issues are carried out at the beginning of the working day. In the period of the highest working capacity it is expedient to conduct interviews with employees, meetings and business meetings with clients. Devote the period of recession of working capacity to consultations and phone calls.

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