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Sanatorium of

(the story 6 - the summer boy)

In sanatorium the coolest - a trampoline in the gym. We jumped every day after gymnastics. Only the trenersha got harmful. If we not so did exercises or pushed little girls, on a trampoline did not let.

Still there the pool was. Absolutely without water. With balls: blue, red, green. We each other threw these balls. And it is possible to dive into them.


once dived, and a leg to me on a nose got. It it is unintentional, but we all the same fought. The aunt Masha from the pool expelled us and put tags to cut out.

There two teachers were. Aunt Masha and Venus Marsovna. The aunt Masha of Sledge called me. And Venus Marsovna - Shura. But it is the best of all - Alexander. Or just Sasha. I love the name.

If we begin to rage, the aunt Masha to cut out tags puts. And Venus Marsovna stands in the corner. Dimka liked to stand in a corner. It from a corner showed to little girls of an ugly face. And I liked to cut out tags. They near the dining room on a long scaffold were hung up. Beautifully. I saw the tags at once. At me one edge always shorter leaves.

A still there the horse was by nickname my pleasure. On it allowed to drive not everything. It too treatment was. Elena Nikolaevna, the mistress of a horse, itself spoke to whom it is necessary. And we in turn got, and without saddle around went. And the aunt Lena spoke:
- to Raise one hand. Another. Leg back. Without hands. To relax.

A the groom runs for us and holds that we did not fall. It is so healthy! As cowboys. Little girls at first were afraid.

A at a sanatorium dog Liski 5 puppies were. She red and cunning, as fox. And puppies bright and multi-colored. Two white with red spots. One - three-colored. One - black with a red muzzle. And one more - same as mother.

We a lodge made

by it of pieces of cardboard. And bread was dragged. They love more meat.

I love

Ya too. But some meat we were not given. And cooked every day pearl barley. Absolutely tasteless. Puppies at first did not eat it. And then got used. Only all will be soiled. At each other climb, and we take away them. And Lisk seldom fed them. Little girls speak, it has not enough milk.

A the cook saw that we feed puppies. Also speaks:
- If I only could, I would drown these dogs at once as were born. At anybody hands did not reach. And now what shot up on pearl barley - that. Parted a kennel. To feed children there is nothing. And here still puppies on my head.


A then it became cold, and I lost the jacket. Went for massage. Left a jacket on a chair. Then forgot, ran to the gym. And as to the dining room to go, there is no jacket. I ran to a massage office. All chairs empty stand.

the Aunt Masha told

- Until bring warm things from the house, do not walk.

the nurse woman Zoya everything kept saying

- Mai cold - bumper-crop year.

to me a jacket was found long such and red. I told at once:
- I in such will not go. It devchachya. Better in game I will sit. There it is interesting. Or in library of the book I will look.

A during the rain to us the real cinema was shown. Not a video player, and on the big screen. Only winter.“ Snow queen“. There Kai and Gerda. And too it is cold. When Kai saw the Snow queen in a window, little girls began to groan. And Sashka whispered me in ear: - Let`s tonight them frighten by

But did not begin to frighten by

. Because snow went. And we looked out of the window as it fell on trees and houses. Also it seemed that soon New year. Venus Marsovna told:
- Here to you a gift from the snow queen. Nothing, will thaw tomorrow.

the woman Zoya told

- Such climate at us. In the summer snow will drop out, in the winter slush.

Us on the street was not let in snowballs to be played in the evening. And at night someone in a window looked on us. I wanted to look, but was cold from - under blankets to get out.

We in the morning as rose, ran out on a porch. And on trees green leaves and white big snow flowers. We went on a breakfast - branches shook. From them as it posyptsya.

we Watch

, on the football field My Pleasure it is grazed. Snow a hoof rakes, looks for a grass. Sashka speaks:
- So reindeers do.

the father arrived To Sashka. The whole package of any food brought. Sashka apple gave me big and 3 cookies. But having all the same felt hungry. If I had a father - he too by car would come to me every week. And mother goes by the bus. Or on lifts. She still goes to business trips often.

A by a lunch all snow thawed. Pools everywhere and dirt.

One white puppy died. Probably froze. His watchman carried away.

it so grudged

for me. I stood in a corridor, and cried. And here the woman Zoya approached and speaks:
- That you so endure. Mother will arrive soon. Will bring to you something tasty. We here during war starved. Did of potato cleanings of a koktletka. Gorky - pregorky. And tea carrot was drunk. And you to satiety eat bread.

Thought that I from - for food, and I from - for a puppy.

A other puppies survived. Only the lodge at them collapsed. We under a porch transferred them.

A me on walk was let out. I in game bothered all.

it became warmer than

. And mother arrived. Speaks:
- What you at me the percher became. The permit free is given. And feed on free of charge.

the Disco farewell was the whole 3 hours. Venus Marsovna the Baba-yaga put on. She with us danced, asked any riddles, and shouted:
- Nastroyenye what?
A we to it:
- Nastroyenye - in!

I the song about summer was sung.

A in the last evening I said goodbye to puppies. Nothing, others will arrive - will feed them too. Mother told, to other change meat will begin to be given. Here to puppies will carry.