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The kindest midwife of

it is possible, having read this article, many will tell: it was first labor, she does not know with what yet there are midwifes, but I all - will write.

I Gave birth in the 11th maternity hospital, in the last left boxing, midwifes at me was two, one accepted me together with the doctor, and another was almost always near then! Never I will forget this woman (plak!) it seemed to me, it is sacred.

Me was given and put, told to lie only on a back. She came and speaks:

- You long ago so? (though I strongly did not suffer, just worried)
- Not really
- How many? (Time was 16. 50)
- C 5 mornings, it is a lot of?
- Not really, you want to sleep?
- Very much, only I cannot fall asleep.
- Well, it is easy to correct it.

She called some aunt, and that gave to me an injection so I do not even remember how it pulled out a needle. I woke up in 3 hours with huge replenishment in forces, in the neighboring box the girl shouted.

I rushed here... I shout, she goes on the head around strokes - do not shout the girl, leave forces on childbirth. I unscrew hands, it - as you will take the child if you break hands. Further - it is more, time goes...

22. 30 - I understood that I began to make an effort, she approaches - examined, speaks: not tuzhsya, early still. Also left to a table in a far corner. And I cannot - I make an effort. She approaches, begins to persuade: well the darling, well suffer, well still though half-hour. Generally, I did not obey her, and she did not swear, did not shout, and just persuaded, distracted the problems - she iron should put a door, windows can next year will put. To me removed an elastic band from hair, told, so it is necessary. Then with these attempts I namuchat it, and repeated everything: “I am, probably, not the most not obedient woman in labor, huh?“ And she said what is even more disobediently and everything at me is good, it is only not necessary to make an effort strongly.

as a result she so was delighted to

when the head appeared (she rejoiced even more, than I), helped me to get on a chair and then called me by the sun, the lassie, zainky. “You only do not worry, everything will be good“ - I will remember this phrase well. And when my dochura appeared all - the midwife ran around me and kept saying:“ You saw, you have a daughter, a dochurochka, you are glad, glad?“ I smiled to it...

then I do not remember

A... Regained consciousness, lowed, and right there it: “Well, the child, regained consciousness? Well and it is good! How you feel? Well? Well and it is nice - went“. It brought me to chamber, helped to get more, to the huge regret, I did not see it. And with this huge stress (childbirth), I forgot her name though all childbirth tried to remember it.

Here such kind and, in my opinion, the best was at me a midwife.

A was given rise by me in 01. 05.