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Our excommunication about a breast of

Ya it was always ready for feeding by a breast. Even doubts did not arise: I will feed! This spirit helped me to worry and laktostaz, both crisis, and attacks of careful advisers (a night break, you have not enough milk, to wash a breast with soap etc.) .


But here to the son executed year, and the thought even more often began to appear: and how to finish? I do not carry myself to adherents of feeding to school at all. I was simply tired.

at the Night Kiryusha twitched to a breast each hour, and did not fall asleep with calm, and complained, span, again sucked and again span. I got up broken. He badly ate, I had a snack too and reproached myself that the child does not receive good nutrition. It was impossible to play and communicate fully, the son at the most inappropriate moment remembered what needs to be sucked then sometimes filled up, forcing down hardly the set mode. It was necessary to stack on night with fight and hour “having a snack“.

Besides, Kiryusha had a “lovely“ manner to finger a breast during feeding, to unscrew a nipple of other breast, and in general, to treat her as to property. I am a person at heart independent, and such manifestations even if from the beloved child, I was frankly irritated, not to mention fear for the health. It was impossible to forbid, he began to sob with transition to a hysterics (we have since the birth a hyper excitability).

In completion of everything, during feeding the head began to hurt me and “to pull“ a breast. Yes, and very much it bothered to be protected by condoms, I could not wait for transition to favourite tablets.

But how to separate from a breast? I did not recognize options with mustard, to convince that I “sisya got sick“ it seemed nonsense. Not to give a breast categorically … so he also agreed!

session at university, restoration after “akademka“ was for

I very useful. I carried out preparation. In - the first, once a week one of grandmothers slept with Kiryusha. It turned out that the son sleeps very well all night long, and without remembering a breast. I never mixed the concept “mother“ and “sisya“, after half a year did not speak about a breast “to eat, food“. Children eat a squash, mashed potatoes, soup. A breast - it is temporary, good, but is temporary, I inspired in myself.

In day when Kiryushe was executed year and three months, I went to other city. To postpone a trip of an opportunity was not and desires too. I last time fed him, he took a nap at a breast... in three hours I already sat in the train.

By the morning could milk me. I tried to be decanted, but how to take out the ocean? Promuchivshis day and having been frightened of mastitis, I consulted with the doctor, and began to accept “Norkolut“. A week later milk was almost not.

“Shouted?!“ - sympathetically acquaintances ask me, having learned about our emergency excommunication. Droplets! Kiryusha remained on care of my mother. She, of course, worried how he will transfer separation. And so, he also did not remember the “gone“ breast!

In several nights it, at last, had a falling asleep ritual, at night he almost does not wake up. So, hnyknt few times - you will press to yourself, you will stroke, and sleeps further. Kirill began to eat perfectly, will only ask: “You want to eat?“ - vigorously nods and rushes behind a spoon.

two months Later was never ill

(as, however, and for last year, fie - fie). The mood is excellent, understands the mass of words, satisfies requests, grew three more teeth. However, began to cling strongly to me, probably, unconsciously missed in a month. You will go to a bathtub to wash - costs under a door and roars, ignoring the father. But it will pass.

it would be Far worse than

, in my opinion, if having seen me, Kiryusha would shout:“ Titki!!!“ - as the daughter of my colleague sucking a breast till 2,5 years. Everything is good moderately.

Ya it is happy that my kid is brought up by mother`s milk. I am happy that now it passed into a new era of the life.