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Sports career for your child of

you chose career of the athlete for the child. From the very beginning we will specify what is meant sports career in this article: it means that sport for the child will not be limited to amateur parties in table tennis or checkers, several months of circulation to the pool and domestic soccer or basketball matches during physical education classes at high school. If you, dear parents, decided to go further, then this article especially for you.

to write down the child in sports section or school, it is possible to find a set of the reasons. Here and care about health of the child, development of its strong-willed qualities and skills of self-organization, and many other things. Sport is urged to help children to realize the opportunities. It is very important to support constructive desires of the child (including - to play sports). To me the quote from B. Almazov`s story “The most beautiful horse“ is remembered:“ I do not want that several years later my son reproached me that I did not allow it to be engaged in riding“.


the sport will suit the child?

the Major question from which solution parents should begin to act - a question of the choice of a sport. Often there is a conflict between desires of the child and will of parents. If mother wants to see the daughter the figure skater, and the girl dreams of rhythmic gymnastics and feels fear of jumps on ice, then the child will not derive any pleasure from sports activities. It is impossible to press on the child in that case: the fear holds down the movements, suppresses an initiative, and therefore, dear fathers, do not put on violently your sons boxing gloves if to them more to liking a flexible pole of the jumper, and send them to track and field athletics.

the choice of a sport is influenced not only by personal preferences of children and parents, but also physical capacities of future athlete. So, for example, in artistic gymnastics an important role is played by growth, weight, a figure, flexibility, turnout and a spring ability. If the child has no the necessary parameters, it is much better to send his efforts to other course where he will make more significant progress because there are many sports in which the listed qualities are not so important. In each case it is necessary to consult to teachers of sports school.

Health - first of all Telling


about physical capacities, it is impossible to ignore a state of health of the child. At any sports school at reception always demand the certificate of a state of health and of occupation opportunities a concrete sport. It is better to approach it with full responsibility and to pass inspection at all necessary experts, otherwise at the child serious problems with health can shortly begin.

For each sport a certain list of contraindications exists. So, for example, if the child has a short-sightedness, jumps, sharp inclinations and any activity connected with danger of falling are not recommended to him. It is necessary to notice what at short-sightedness matters not only its extent, but also existence of complications at an eye bottom. It is interesting that there are no contraindications for weak sight in bench and bullet firing at all, and also in archery or an arbalest.

the Most strict requirements to a state of health are imposed on

at boxing class, fight, weightlifting, a raising of weights, ski jumping, Nordic combined, high jumps, in length and with a pole and hockey. If you have doubts concerning other sports, consult with the doctor, it is the best of all with sports, well familiar with loadings which the young athlete should test.

Some parents send to

the child to sport to improve its health. It is correct, besides cases when the child was engaged with the improving purpose are known, and then became the famous athlete. But at the same time it must be kept in mind that each separately taken sport is not panacea, that is medicine for everything. For example, equestrian sport treats diseases oporno - the motive device and helps to solve problems with mentality. Cyclic sports - swimming, the bicycle, rowing, cross-country skiing - improve work of heart and lungs. Swimming tempers an organism. Slozhnokoordinatsionny sports and oriental martial arts improve coordination of movements, develop dexterity.

When to start occupations?

One more question concerns age at which it is necessary to begin to play sports. There are so-called slozhnokoordinatsionny sports to which the artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, a diving, trampolining, sports acrobatics, sports dances, acrobatic fate - N - a beater and synchronized swimming belong. It is necessary to begin training in these sports as soon as possible. It should be noted that now sport considerably looked younger. It is connected with complication of the exercises demanding big flexibility which is easier for developing at early age. So, if in 70 - e could begin occupations with artistic gymnastics in 10 years, then now this age decreased till 4 - 5 years. So it is important not to miss the moment. In general admit children aged from 4 - 5 till 16 years depending on a sport to sports schools.

But also other extreme is. Some parents put the three-year-old child on mountain skiing, the twelve-year-old boy is given a bar or six-year-old - an air rifle. Before occupation by certain sports the child has to ripen, and not only physically, but also morally.

Where to go to study?

the Following stage on the way to sports career - the choice of sports school. Of course, for occupation by such sports as oriental martial arts, it is optional to visit sport school, at many comprehensive schools there are special sections organizing competitions to award of categories (belts) so the way to big-time sports can be begun also in them. And if your child prefers to play sports as a hobby, it is better to prefer really to sports school sports section where it is less occupations and loading it is easier.

I will not begin to provide

Ya in this article of the address of sports schools, and I will advise to address the reference book www. abcsport. ru, there you will find addresses of sports educational institutions not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also other large cities.

Sports schools are divided

into three main types: detsko - the junior sports schools (DYuSSh) specialized detsko - junior schools of the Olympic reserve (Sports school) and the experimental schools of the highest sports skill (ESHSS). In Soviet period of sports school trained athletes for professional sport, but it was possible to get to them or from DYuSSh, or “from the street“, but in the presence of obvious talent.

Now this system does not work with

, and even to sports school it is not more difficult to come “from the street“, than to DYuSSh. Addition “the Olympic reserve“ means that founders of sport school in - the first, set the tasks of the increased complexity, and in - the second, undertake to carry out them. Unfortunately, not all sports schools really have the reasons to declare training of athletes for the Olympic reserve, and therefore you should not go in cycles at the choice of school in the given abbreviations as to you schools, sports bases and clubs where training will not be worse at all can just meet.

In education of the athlete an important role is played by work of the trainer because inept pedagogical work is capable to discourage at the child to play sports. There is nothing shameful in taking an interest what education coaches of concrete school where and with what results they acted and their pupils have. It must be kept in mind that many famous trainers who are formally assigned to school work abroad or are not engaged with beginners.

the Set in sports schools happens in August, is more rare in September. If there are not enough pupils, them can gather additionally within academic year at any time. There are schools in which take everyone (certainly, taking into account a state of health), for example, in ski schools, but at inclusion in some special educational institutions it is necessary to pass selection. The majority of sports schools are state, and demand from trainers first of all results, and therefore is unprofitable to take them obviously unpromising pupils. But even if your child managed to pass selection, it is impossible to relax: from time to time certifications are carried out, and the players of groups are significantly changed. If the child does not show good results, to him suggest to pass into paid group (if school free) or into amateur group (if school paid).

Financial side of business

Is schools free, and it is not obligatory heritage of the Soviet era, and quite modern educational institutions. At paid schools payment varies depending on a sport, from the number of occupations in a week and the training period. Almost at all free sports schools there are paid groups. It makes sense to go to such group if the set in free is passed, and year from - for it does not want to be lost. There are also so-called groups of health, or amateur, intended for those who play sports for pleasure or to restore health. The loadings in such groups which were much more sparing and to especially difficult elements in them are not learned.

Expenses of parents are not limited to payment of occupations. The good equipment is necessary for the young athlete, and therefore prepare for purchase of skis, skates, a helmet for riding, a kimono for judo, a hoop for gymnastic activity of the house or other stock depending on circumstances. Some schools supply the pupils with equipment, but it must be kept in mind that often it suits only for trainings and does not correspond even to the level of intra school competitions. Besides, it is necessary to pay with a time also trips in summer sports camp.

the Problem of distribution of time

the Number of days in a week which will be given to sports activities vary depending on a sport and a grade level. So, usually in the first year of training there pass two times a week, then three, and by the time of leaving school it can be necessary to devote them up to six days a week.

Besides trainings on specialization, the child it is necessary to be engaged in also general physical training, perhaps, in choreography (synchronized swimming, figure skating). At engaged in game sports one day it is devoted to game, the others - to trainings. Studies are not interrupted by summer vacation: young athletes leave in camp on trainings and competitions, skiers are engaged on ski roller routes, and biathlonists - on shooting ranges.

from this can draw a conclusion that if in the beginning the child can visit in passing dancing studio or a circle of drawing and to take lessons of a foreign language, then gradually time for all the rest will remain less and less. Unfortunately, and to the child, and you, dear parents, it is necessary to make an important choice between sport and other kinds of activity.

my friend in the childhood did

rhythmic gymnastics, but the grandmother and the grandfather who were engaged in her education decided that music education is more important. Besides in the next entrance there lived the teacher of music who promised to supervise personally Olya, and a choice was made contrary to desires of the girl who still very much is sorry about “time spent on music“.

Here other situation: Aleksandra Korelova practised both music, and equestrian sport, but to the end of school was come to make the choice, and she chose horses. In 2004. the young sportswoman not bad performed at the Olympic Games in Athens, having shown result the best, than other our compatriot, more skilled sportswoman Elena Sidneva.

I do not want to tell

Ya at all that sport is more important and more useful than music and that music does not need to practise. I only say that a question of what is more important, everyone solves for himself. Also all is desirable - to listen to opinion of children, to consider their wishes if you, dear parents, are not afraid to hear years later from the son or the daughter reproaches that through your fault “the childhood passed in vain“ and a lot of time was spent for nothing.


did not exclude also other option: parents offer the child one, another, and nothing interests him. My schoolmate somehow complained that mother sent her to chorus, on dances, and it was “such trouble“! What to do to parents not to hear reproaches that they tortured the child occupations in circles or ruined his talents? Perhaps, someone from readers will remember the movie “She Is for the First Time Married“, namely a scene in which the daughter reproaches mother that that did not send her to the English school, otherwise she “could become a translator, to other countries would go“. That “you wanted to dance“, the daughter responds to the shy remark of mother: “Well, you never know I wanted!“ I will tell honestly, I have no children, and I cannot give a definite answer to a question how to avoid such situations in the future.

Sport and a family

Certainly, it is necessary to aspire to that the son or the daughter loved in what they are engaged, and parents have to begin to make efforts for it not on the eve of the first training at all. If you look with children of competition, then play in the yard hockey (unfortunately, recently more and more seldom it is possible to see children on a skating rink with clubs), badminton, the main thing, do all this together with children, but be not content with a role of the viewer or arbitrator in children`s game. My father on walks taught me to throw a spear and to push a kernel. Though I also chose equestrian sport, but not track and field athletics, the love for sports was put in me by these occupations. I recommend also family viewing of the opening ceremonies and closing of the Olympic Games which are singing of sport and which are not leaving indifferent even the least audience.

If you dream to see the child in professional sport, much attention it is necessary to pay also to his moral education. Sport has to be for the child end in itself, but not means show to offenders in the yard, “who the strongest“, or way to lose weight. Creative approach to occupations, and continuous search of perfection also is important for the athlete. Often we with bitterness observe how talented athletes rest on laurels, do not complicate the program, and they with ease are bypassed by younger. Of course, here it is about adults, but such qualities are put in the person since the childhood.

Even if the child successfully is engaged in

at sports school, it is difficult to foresee as there will be his sports career further. Whether to remain the athlete - the fan whether to seek to subdue Olympe or to enter the sports institute to help others to go to the Olympus - to solve to the young athlete. I would not like to develop eternal dispute between supporters of amateur and professional sport, but has to note that as the Chairman of the Olympic committee Everi Brendedzh spoke, a basis of sport are fans. Long ago it is noted that the less fans in a concrete sport, the achievements of professionals are lower. And therefore each young athlete, the fan or future professional, is important for our sport. As well as sport is important for everyone entering human life.