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To whom is the contract favorable?

Future mummies!

Before you the long and happy way of transformations which began with that moment when you learned that in you new life arose. And irrespective of, pregnancy was planned or not if the child desired, you soar on wings. And it will not be prevented by neither toxicosis, nor drowsiness, nor catastrophic changes of own dimensions. The only thing that can sadden pleasure of expectation is negative and frightening forecasts of doctors concerning health of the child.

During this period of time should communicate with doctors quite often: to pass various inspections, to make a set of tests, and their results can be unpleasant opening. Of course, with our ecology and a way of life of absolutely healthy people practically did not remain, and at desire it is possible to find some disease at any person, but doctors so manage to exaggerate that having left from them, really it seems that it is already incurably sick and it is a high time to write the will. And pregnant women are worth hinting at some illness, and the stress is guaranteed.

the Instinct of motherhood is put by

in us since the birth, and the woman always intuitively feels a condition of the kid. Therefore, first of all, listen to own heart and intuition. I hope, my history will help somebody to look differently at current situation and not to lower a hand.

So, having learned about pregnancy, I addressed in a regional maternity welfare unit and was registered. There it was necessary to spend for a campaign the whole day as before each office there was a turn. Doctors wearily waved away from my questions, answering that pregnancy is a natural physiological state, I not the first, and not the last... I do not undertake to condemn them, loading enormous, and a material interest any. The poor set of analyses only partially, in my opinion, reflected all picture of a course of pregnancy, and on the rest our free medicine just has no means.

Ya read various specialized magazines where in the most iridescent paints practice of conducting pregnancy undersigns for civilized clinics. And, having learned that the doctor of ZhK forgot to direct me to testing of HGCh (defining probability of presence of pathology at a fruit), decided to look for clinic where it is not necessary to sit in turns, to the detriment of work one for another canceling the scheduled meetings and then to listen to remarks of the management; where about us with the kid will care and provide all interesting information in full.

Having stayed several days in the Internet, having asked all given rise girlfriends, I stopped on “Evromeda“. Unlike the maternity hospitals providing paid services in conducting pregnancy (in fact, not different from ZhK), the whole program with the wide list of services and analyses including massage, an aromatherapy, gymnastics, occupations at school for future mothers and many other things was offered there. The cost of the contract was at the same time quite accepted. The good equipment, kind medical staff, European-quality repair, protection added favorable impression.

As soon as we concluded the contract, the doctor, having seen my medical record, began to insist on the additional subcontract. As at me seemingly not everything is all right with a hormonal background supervision of the endocrinologist is also necessary, otherwise there is a danger of an abortion (exact calculation: to lose the child when already you feel how it moves inside, prospect awful). It is necessary, so it is necessary, we without hesitation paid in addition $250. As it became clear

by p later, in it there was no need about what I was told by the endocrinologist as hormonal changes during pregnancy happen at all, and there is nothing dangerous in it.

When I made tests, it turned out that for the favorable course of pregnancy I need to accept a number of homeopathic medicines which can be bought in the only drugstore with which “Evromed“ signed the contract, at the same time essential discounts are provided to patients. Actually, the prices are much higher there, than in city drugstores. The cost of each preparation not less than $50, and the doctor who wrote out the recipe draws interest from realization. As then it became clear, these preparations registered to all patients of the center.

After testing at me were also revealed by high titres of a virus of simple herpes, (98% of mankind have it). I was directed to consultation of the immunologist which in paints described to me a terrible picture of pre-natal infection of a fruit, almost programmed appearance of the child on light with congenital pathology: bilateral pneumonia and heap of other diseases. And any more not hints, and directly told that if I am good mother and I do not want to do much harm to the child, then surely has to make the additional test ($30) which is not included in the contract price any more for check of results of the previous analyses.

By itself, this analysis confirmed the diagnosis. To me not less than 3 strongly recommended to lie down in a hospital also - x courses (everyone for 10 days) to dig through Immunoglobulin or more effective European analog is better than it (unfortunately, I do not remember the exact name). The cost of one course made about 54 thousand rubles. Five and a half thousand dollars - for us a large sum, and for several days you will not collect it, but fear to infect the child, and then all life to blame yourself for the fact that did not do everything possible and impossible that to prevent it...

the Common sense sank in a storm of emotions. Calculation of doctors was correct again: the pervorodyashchy woman is strongly vulnerable in the inexperience and is ready for everything if only to keep the child, and heart muffles a reason voice.

the Benefit, my husband insisted on additional consultation at other expert in the field, professor who is engaged in this perspective several decades. That, having checked the analyses made in “Evromeda“ told that such diagnostics was carried out in the Stone Age and all received results are doubtful, and demand check. Now it becomes on the basis of DNA that allows to make the diagnosis more precisely. Having made these tests, I received result that the virus of simple herpes is not found. It became clear that once again at us tried to fleece.

Ya found confirmation to it literally at once. During development of the above described events I attended school of future mothers on the Evromeda base. Having communicated to many mummies, I understood that the program - the minimum of this medical center is the room of each patient in own hospital: practically all were frightened by infection of the child with a virus of herpes and by some, less resistant, completed several courses, for the others there were others, sometimes ridiculous pretexts.

the Cost of one day of stay (not including treatment), made not less than $150. At the same time to some nothing was done, just few times asked to make blood tests and urine, and supervision of doctors could drag on for 1 - 2 weeks. In case of refusal from hospitalization demanded to sign the application form which sense was as follows: the center relieves any responsibility from itself in case of a failure of events. And if really something happened, even, several months later, it would be the main justificatory argument as the patient did not carry out the instruction of doctors, so itself is guilty of everything.

as a result we broke off the contract with “Evromed“. And they even returned part of money, however, not at once and very reluctantly, minus all already rendered services calculated on prime costs and minus of 10% of contract cost for the missed profit. We had one problem which was also a cause of failure from further supervision in the center: in ZhK and in “Evromeda“ delivered me different terms of childbirth with an interval of week. The policy of “Evromed“ was is as follows: if term approached, and there are no fights, then pregnant women go to a hospital where stimulate with it patrimonial activity that, of course, did not suit me.

According to the recommendation of acquaintances, we addressed to maternity hospital at 7 GKB to Gorbunov Alexander Lvovich. We discussed further tactics of conducting pregnancy including confusion in terms at preliminary consultation. Gorbunov hotly assured me that if all analyses are normal, it is enough amniotic waters and ultrasonography will not reveal any deviations, then we will wait for not less than a week. The child himself knows when he has to be born, and boys especially do not hurry. This fact was decisive in the choice of this maternity hospital

But here the term of childbirth approached. Some days before it at me the stopper and when I arrived to survey departed, the doctor told that I should arrive next day - on Friday: even if fights will not be, we will puncture an amniotic bubble. I began to object: all analyses and ultrasonography it is normal to what such urgency? He began to convince me that if fights begin during week-end, there will be a crew on duty, but not that with which it works and in which it is confident. And if there are any problems in labor, then during week-end we will find nobody. And in general, I have to trust the personal doctor, he knows that he does.

All this

sounded quite convincingly, but I was tormented all night long by doubts, fights there was no wish to go. Did not begin, but the husband convinced me to go to maternity hospital. I underwent all preparatory procedures. The doctor examined me and sent to delivery room. At ten o`clock mornings to me pierced a fetal bubble and sent in rodzat. In a few minutes weak contractions began. I was connected to the monitor to control fights and a condition of a fruit. Several times the nurse came and put to me pricks, saying that this anesthetic and vitaminchik. But after each prick the curve of fights jumped up sharply up, pain was intolerable.

Having understood

that it is stimulation, I began to ask to stop giving injections and to give me the chance to give rise most. She tried to convince me of the return again, but I saw the name of an ampoule - oxytocin. From the moment of a puncture of a bubble passed no more than an hour, and intervals between fights became shorter, fights practically did not stop. On my requirements to call the doctor, the nurse shrugged shoulders and left, but the doctor did not appear. After a while the husband moved off in his searches, and it turned out that on the floor there are no none of medical staff, all at meeting.

the Doctor appeared almost in an hour, having learned about stimulation, pretended that he is very surprised and, having promised to understand, left. There passed an hour more, pain became intolerable. I any more practically saw nothing and did not hear, felt feverish me, went hot. When Gorbunov came next time, I began to ask him to make to me epiduralny anesthesia, and he told that opening of a neck already of 9 cm and to do epiduralny anesthesia late, through 30 minutes - hour childbirth will begin. From the moment of a puncture of a bubble about 3 passed - x hours, and first labor, as a rule, lasts not less than 10 - 12 hours. Prompt childbirth is very dangerous, first of all to the child.

On my question why so soon, he answered that when I arrived, I already had an opening of 4 cm. It is strange that he did not tell it to me on arrival at survey at once. And why was to puncture a fetal bubble and the more so to do stimulation if I already was in labor, and everything quite could develop the turn. He could not answer it nothing intelligible, and I at that moment had no forces to sort out the relations. Pain receded only for several seconds, and only thanks to the husband I did not forget to breathe correctly as it was vital to the child.

I do not know

Ya, as if sustained all this if the husband was not near. When I was beaten by a fever, it wrapped up me when went hot, turned on the conditioner, massed a waist, read verses, sang songs. A lot of things hardly sank in me, but its presence instilled confidence in happy end of events.

First labor is even not so much pain, how many fear of the unknown from - for lack of experience, uncertainty - whether everything goes as it is necessary, and doctors not always can or consider it necessary to support and calm. Therefore if you did not solve yet to take the husband on childbirth or not, take surely, but at first ask him whether he wants it and whether it is ready to pass with you through it hard test. And if he is really true friend, then everything endured even more will rally you as he with own eyes will see what you had to pass through, and from it will love and appreciate even more you.

Of course, to you will hardly manage to keep appeal in these hours, but any minute you will be able to ask it to leave, and during attempts, the headboard can have it and just whisper tender words, encourage or repeat instructions of the midwife. If for any reasons you do not want to take it with yourself, then take mother, the grandmother or the girlfriend. The main thing that someone was near, held by a hand, satisfied your requests if it is necessary - found for doctors as they will only come occasionally whether to check everything as it should be.


Besides, it is necessary that someone controlled actions of doctors, and it is even better, filmed all process of childbirth with the camera - it will keep doctors “in a tone“ and will become the main proof in court if something, God forbid, goes not so. The choice of the doctor - not the most important, the queen on this holiday of life is the midwife, happy end of childbirth depends on her professionalism. The doctor only the coordinator who will take part in “game“ as a last resort, but belongs to him the paramount right of decision-making.

Yes, one more important participant of process is the maternity chair. Try to be convinced of its serviceability prior to the beginning of attempts, especially pay attention to hand-rail for an emphasis of hands and legs. It is very important, I felt it on own experience: legs constantly slid off, I could not concentrate and strain all groups of muscles, from - for it at the child several vessels were pressed and there were red specks on a forehead and a nape (teleangiektaziya) which will gradually disappear, but it could be avoided if the chair was serviceable.

Besides, from - for prompt childbirth to us within 2 months after the birth PEP (perinatal encephalopathy) and “suspicion on a cerebral hemorrhage“ made to

the diagnosis. After detailed inspection the diagnosis was not confirmed.

gave rise to

Ya in 6 hours! As then it became clear (to me one of nurses incidentally blabbed out), Gorbunov urgently should have left, he had plans for the weekend. At once the true reason of stimulation and a puncture of a fetal bubble became obvious. However, I perfectly understood that it will be almost impossible to prove it and there were neither forces, nor desire to be dragged on vessels. There was a wish to appear somewhat quicker houses where the express was necessary - a course at the sleepless nights to comprehend motherhood bases. Everything ended well and THANK GOD!


Ya it is sure that many mummies who experienced the mass of negative emotions had a number of claims to doctors, but arrived also. And in vain, that, he who pays the piper calls the tune. And until we are silent, without demanding execution of all obligations under the contract, without arranging blamestorming session and without asserting the rights in court, will continue to use it both free (that is clear), and paid medicine which appetites are huge, and qualification of doctors and quality of services, as a rule, leave much to be desired.

the Paid medicine in Russia will not conform to the European standards for a long time. It does not mean that we have no good, highly qualified specialists. They are enough, but they are still poorly interested in improvement of quality of services, and so everything escapes punishment, and they get paid peanuts from those sums which we pay to insurance companies. Our money settles not those pockets at all. By hearsay, the doctor of maternity hospital at 7 GKB receives a little more than $100 from $1200 the contract, and the crew delivering several dollars.

the Mechanism of withdrawal pains of the developed stereotypes will be very long and painful. Therefore if you plan to give birth soon, look for the doctor according to the recommendation of people to which you trust (at the same time there is a risk of stimulation of childbirth in time, convenient for the doctor). Or just decide on maternity hospital, learn surnames of the best doctors and go there after the beginning of fights. Let know that well thank the doctor, his crew and nurses after a safe rodorazresheniye. As a result, without involvement of intermediaries will leave much cheaper, and from you motes will blow off.

of Subjects who has no spare cash and ambitions, it is not necessary to stake on the improved conditions of paid office (in any case, our maternity hospitals). On pictures everything looks more civil and attractively, actually it is usual hospital with modest repair, and several days it is quite possible to do without TV and the refrigerator.

Indisputable advantage is the separate chamber, visit of relatives and presence of the husband on childbirth (it is possible to agree about it). The personnel serve not only paid office, but also all maternity hospital, and those of whom the money does not come the way, either are rude, or extort financial support.

is not present

of Own kitchen at paid office too, and with what feed there, food it is possible to call very conditionally. Therefore it does not cost that money which is paid for the contract.

So, most important: to be confident in success! Do not trust anybody`s forecasts what categorical they would not be, you will not recheck them several times yet. Doctors too people can be also mistaken, or are reinsured, being afraid to take the responsibility. Listen, first of all, to itself and the heart, and everything at you will be good!