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The woman who is forgotten to be congratulated...

on March 8... What good holiday. This day we want to congratulate all women of the whole world, we want to present them pleasure and happiness. We give gifts, flowers, we kiss, we tell tender words, we praise. This only day we do not abuse them.

But the woman whom on this holiday nobody congratulates but only he abuses and exploits, however, as well as in any other day is. This woman does not feel arrival of a holiday, on March 8 all about her forget, forget about her female beauty and tenderness: Her name - the Windows Operating System.

Not only that on March 8 for it the usual working day moreover also strain it more: force to send all cards, to book tickets for balls on the Internet. And it all the same, she already managed to get used to this injustice and already almost forgot that she is a woman!

But I will not allow such lawlessness and I will congratulate her.

My dear, beloved Windows!

Though you often are buggy though constantly you force me to be nervous when I write the document in the Word and I forget to keep it though you brake when I ask you about something though sometimes you do not understand, I all the same love you. Whatever you were - still young the ninety fifth, the two-thousand, or blossomed unknown beauty of XP which already accumulated experience the ninety eighth, become the adult woman - I all the same love you and I will love you throughout all your course of life.


Ya chose you among a great number of others: multiuser Linux, QNX working in real time, fantastically beautiful MacOS. Also I promise that I will be always with you.

A as you grew up lately! In the latest version you had seductive rotundities, now it is more pleasant to work with you. And you are buggy now less, here, however, to demand from pieces of iron of much became. But you it can forgive, you are worthy only the strongest, most powerful and fastest iron!

Not of grief, let others will not congratulate you, but know that there is at least one person who appreciates you as the woman.

With a holiday on March 8, beloved Windows!