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Carbonara spaghetti: The Roman classics of

is a quintessence of the Roman cuisine. Eggs and cheese sauce which is carried by heat of just cooked spaghetti to full readiness. A consistence of such sauce if it is correct to make it, - the absolute velvet. Petals of the Italian bacon so thinly shade taste of a dish that it is necessary to uplift about itself praise to pigs. And when it seems to you that paste is ideal, the bright note of hot garlic goes into action - and the dish becomes even better. High nutritiousness of this dish - only one of the reasons for which it is present at the menu of each trattoriya respecting itself.

But all this ideally. Most often will serve you the spaghetti which are filled in with heavy, too fat sauce. Or that it is even worse, - with too large number of cheese which flatly refuses to melt and just sticks to macaroni. And even correctly made carbonara spaghetti can be spoiled by the slow waiter. If not to give this dish on a table immediately, sauce stiffens, and spaghetti become sticky and rubber.

The Italian cookbooks do not make recommendations how to solve the arisen problems. The majority of recipes contain insignificant distinctions in the list of ingredients, technology of preparation identical everywhere: to make crude eggs and cheese sauce; to melt fat from bacon; to boil spaghetti; to add sauce to hot macaroni and to mix until the dish gets desired unity. Noticeable distinction between recipes consisted only in a quantitative ratio of ingredients. Especially - eggs and cheese. It, most likely, also is a key to success. And I began to experiment.

Most important

of Egg make a basis of juicy, silky sauce which pastes other ingredients to thin tubules of spaghetti. To bring eggs to the necessary degree of readiness, only heat from the cooked macaroni is necessary. Therefore - it is so important to define that accurately how many it is necessary to take eggs. I began experiment with two (at the rate on 0,5 kg of spaghetti), having mixed them with 1 glass of polished cheese. When hot macaroni was added to this sauce, it turned out dense and komkovaty. Four eggs made sauce too liquid and crude. Three appeared just right. Sauce turned out silky, perfectly enveloped spaghetti and at the same time was damp and saturated.

Now about cheese. In Rome Romano is used pekorino. It is the matured cheese from sheep milk possessing characteristic distinct smack. In our opinion, one cup pekorino does sauce too sharp. But if to reduce amount of cheese, sauce will lose the saturation. After a number of experiments I came to a conclusion that the combination of cheeses - a quarter of a glass pekorino and three quarters of a glass parmidzhano redzhano best of all will approach.

Many recipes recommend to add heavy cream to sauce. We, however, rejected this excess. Cream left in a mouth a raid of fat and, the most terrible, killed aroma of cheeses. The spoon behind a spoon I gradually reduced amount of cream in the recipe, but all who tried were satisfied only when cream was completely excluded.

And here garlic was very useful. For a start I fried several crushed segments in a small amount of olive oil, and then added them to sauce. But the fried garlic lacked fortress to maintain taste of eggs and cheese. And with crude garlic it turned out remarkably. Having adjoined to hot macaroni, it slightly heated up, and it allowed it “to reveal“.

the Choice of bacon “carbonara“ usually prepare


In Rome with a salty pork dewlap for a guanchiala. With it we had problems. In other words, the guanchiala cannot buy outside Italy. Therefore I tested the Italian pancetta and the American bacon which are available on sale. Both of these products are made from a peritoneum, but do not smoke pancetta but only salt with pepper and other spices (usually with a carnation). The American bacon is smoked, and at a zasalivaniye add sugar why at it there is a distinct sweetish smack.

A paradoxical image the American bacon won competition. Pancetta though it was thinly cut and fried to a crunch, after a while after mixing with sauce became unpleasantly rigid. Bacon kept the crackling texture and gave to a dish pleasant sweetish smack and aroma of smoking.

the Wine note

In Italy still argue whether it should be added wine to the carbonara spaghetti. To walk so to walk - I tried to add the dry red wine (which is usually used in traditional recipes), dry Vermouth (which got to me only in one recipe, but very much intrigued) and dry white wine which was given preference in the majority of the recipes found by me.

When I used red wine, taste turned out quite good, but insufficiently bright to be in harmony with aroma of smoked bacon. Vermouth gave distinct grass smack which was not pleasant to me at all, as well as to the majority trying. Best of all white wine approached - it perfectly shaded taste of bacon and increased aroma of a dish. Besides, it became clear: that wine showed the taste, it is necessary to add not less than a half-glass. And it is necessary to do it during frying of bacon.

Eventually I trained for


Before the described experiments with carbonara paste her traditionally. In a big serving bowl mixed eggs with cheese, added the fried bacon, then spread spaghetti and mixed everything. But there is one problem here. It is syrno very difficult to distribute evenly - egg mix that it completely covered all macaroni.

And if to mix eggs and cheese separately and already ready sauce to pour out on macaroni? In this case it is also possible to warm up previously a serving bowl (what could not be made earlier - in it there was a sauce), and spaghetti will remain warm longer. And, at last, I found out that spaghetti needs to be mixed at first with syrno - egg mix, and already then carefully to enter the fried bacon. Thus bacon is evenly distributed on all dish.



of the carbonara Spaghetti
of 4 - 6 portions

That is necessary :
0,25 glasses of the olive oil “extra virdzhin“, 250 g of bacon (6 - 8 slices), 0,5 glasses of dry white wine, 3 very fresh eggs, 0,75 glasses small polished parmidzhano redzhano, 0,25 glasses of Romano who is small rubbed pekorino, 3 cloves of melkoporublenny garlic, 500 g of spaghetti, salt and fresh ground black pepper.

What to do :

  1. In a big pan to bring 4 l of water to boiling.
  2. So far water heats up, in a big frying pan on average fire to warm olive oil - yet will not begin to start to boil, but will not smoke. To cut bacon lengthways in half, and then across on small pieces, to fry, stirring slowly until it becomes crackling. To pour in wine and to prepare until the smell of alcohol evaporates, and wine slightly does not uvaritsya, 6 - 8 min. To remove from fire and to cover that heat remained. In a small bowl to shake up an egg fork with cheese and garlic; to set aside aside.
  3. When water will begin to boil an abrupt key, to fill up in a pan of spaghetti and 1 tablespoon of usual salt. To mix carefully that macaroni did not stick together. To cook to a state “al an awning“. To cast away paste on a colander, to merge water, having kept a half-glass. To allow spaghetti to dry up slightly during 5 - 10 sec. (they have to remain slightly damp), to shift in the warmed-up serving bowl. If macaroni is too dry, to add a little water from cooking and to stir. To immediately pour out egg mix on hot spaghetti, to strew 1 h l. flakes of sea salt or an incomplete teaspoon of usual salt, it is good to mix. To pour out mix of bacon and uvarenny wine in macaroni, to season generously with black pepper and to mix carefully. At once a tax on a table.

Bon appetit !