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All about development of the kid from 1 year to 1 year and 3 months

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approximate games - occupations which should be carried out with the child of this age.

Education of informative activity in the course of actions with objects

Program contents .

of the Child learn to perform the interconnected direct and return operations with objects: to display and collect, to take out and put, shift balls in a box, a bucket, to skatyvat them on a fillet, to display and collect color caps, to string on a core of 5 identical rings, to put hollow objects (smaller in bigger), to cover identical hollow objects (cubes, cones) smaller big. Show to the kid how it is possible to collect a toy from 2 - x parts (a nested doll, a bachata). In games with the child use the objects made of various materials (metal, a tree, polyethylene, paper, fabric) publishing various sounding (a hand bell, a tambourine, a rattle).

Occupation with cubes

the Purpose. in the course of practical actions to acquaint the child with features of a cube - the steady geometrical figure having identical sides. On emotionally - to give to a sensual, approximate basis an idea of properties of the filled and hollow capacities.

Material. 8 cubes of one size (4 cm) and colors are placed in two boxes of 10x10x3 cm and 5x5x15 cm in size

the occupation Course. Mother gives to the child the flat box closed by a cover.

“That there?“ - the adult asks, stirring up a box. The kid opens it and takes out serially a cube behind a cube. Mother teaches the kid to action of a consecutive vykladyvaniye of objects, that is one by one. At the end the empty box is shown to the kid: “Is not present! there is nothing!“ The box is closed by a cover and stirred up: “Does not rattle. The empty box“ - states mother.


Then the kid offers a high box, mother stirs up a box: “Tuk - tuk! What there?“ Mother inclines a high box and one by one gives to the kid a cube behind a cube (the sequence of actions with objects is so observed). When the box becomes empty, to the kid suggest to glance in it, to stir up: “Is not present! There is nothing!“

In the third part of occupation mother with the child build a turret, and then the train. Cubes are imposed vertically or put one to another in the horizontal plane.

Occupation with color caps

the Purpose. On emotionally - a sensual, approximate basis to acquaint the child with objects of conical shape (hollow cones of different color and size) - “caps“.

Material. 8 multi-colored caps which are consistently put one in another. Color of caps can be chosen randomly or according to primary colors of a range.

occupation Course. Mother puts before the kid a toy - the caps cleaned consistently one another. The child sees only the top, biggest cap. Mother moves up all design to the kid and suggests to remove the top subject, then following it. Pays attention of the baby to color of each cap and consistently (in a row) builds one by one.

In the second part of occupation mother in the face of the child “curtails“ all caps, consistently covering smaller big. All this is followed by cheerful conversation, is emotionally beaten. Then the kid is given an opportunity to work with caps as he wants.

mother shows

On the subsequent occupations how it is possible to construct a beautiful turret, imposing consistently each smaller cap on bigger.

Occupation with a nested doll

the Purpose. to Acquaint the child with the displayed design: from one, big, there is the second, small.

Material. Two toys - big and small. From boxes it is cut out or by method of an excess of a cardboard level two little tables become: big and small.

occupation Course. For game with nested dolls can think up an entertaining plot. For example, they can ride machines, dance, play at hide-and-seek: to hide under a kerchief in the face of the kid. And he let finds them under a kerchief.

at the end of occupation mother suggests “to give to drink“ them tea, to treat. Nested dolls put for the improvised little tables, big - for a high (big) little table; small - for low (small). Cups prepare in advance, from the shell of a nutlet or a thin paper strip curtailed by spiralky. Mother brightly beats a situation of tea drinking, nested dolls thank the child. The adult once again consolidates the knowledge gained by the kid, showing a nested doll small and a nested doll big. Putting serially in hands of the kid one, other toy, asks to show where “big“ and where a “small“ matreshechka. The size of objects is emphasized with voice (at small - a voice thin).

Further the kid plays

with nested dolls randomly as he wants.

Occupation with ringlets

the Purpose. to Learn to perform operation of threading on a core. To teach the child to take a ring finger-tips, clasping it from above, or big and index with fingers, clasping it sideways.

Material. the Pyramid - one-color rings (diameter not less than 8 - 9 cm, 5 - 6 pieces) on a core.

occupation Course. Before the child 5 - 6 rings of the identical size lie. Mother induces the kid to take a ring in hand, to carry out by a palm on a surface, to try to put on a lateral surface, to take for a drive to the left - to the right; teaches the child to take a ring finger-tips.


“Let`s collect a pyramid!“ - mother offers. It the first moves up to itself a core and lowers on it a ring. Then suggests to repeat its action. If the kid is at a loss, mother his handle performs operation or again shows. It is possible to use sound reception: a ring, having passed through a core, falls in its top part, falling on a support, makes a sound. “Tuk!“ - cheerfully mother comments, induces to repeat an onomatopoeia. Then the pyramid gathers completely. Mother focuses attention of the child on result of its “work“.

If at the kid interest remains, it is possible to repeat game with ringlets at first. It is possible to repeat collecting a pyramid with rings of other color. Thus the kid sees two pyramids of different flowers collected by him. Mother emphasizes their color.

Occupation with balls

the Purpose. in the course of practical actions on emotionally - a sensual, approximate basis to teach to handle objects taking into account their form and position in space. To form ability to take a ball finger-tips, to skatyvat on a tray.

Material. 8 spheres (diameter of 4 cm) of one size and color. A tray for rolling spheres.

occupation Course. Mother offers the child a box with spheres. The child acts with a box, chooses balls, they are rolled. Mother rolls one, other ball to the child. Classes can be given sitting on a carpet. Then mother takes a box and suggests the kid to bring on one spheres which collect in a box again.

In the following part of occupation of the child spheres on a fillet learn to skatyvat

. It can be made of a cardboard. They are rolled again. Collecting spheres in a box and their raskatyvaniye repeats several times.

Occupation “That in a saucepan?“

Purpose. to Acquaint the child with various objects, to help it to remember their names.

Material. the vegetables Set (carrot, a cucumber, a turnip, tomato), a saucepan with a cover. The vegetables set is put in a saucepan in advance.

occupation Course. Mother shows to the child a saucepan: “What there?“

the Kid opens a cover and chooses vegetables. Mother suggests to consider them. She puts in hands of the child one subject, another, suggests to carry out by tips of fingers on a surface of each subject.“ It is a cucumber green, it is carrot“, - she says. Objects are put in a saucepan again. Occupation repeats.

Education of informative activity at acquaintance with surrounding

Program contents .

Acquaintance with household goods. The child of 1 g - 1 g 3 months acquaint with pieces of furniture (a table, a chair, a bed), ware (a spoon, a plate, a cup), clothes (a cap, a dress, shoes). Pay attention of the kid to their appointment and ways of actions with them. Acquaint with the elementary vehicles (a carriage, the cart, a wheelchair). Show the car standing near the house (goes, hoots, there are wheels, they turn). Show the animals living nearby: cat (“pussycat“), dog, birdies. Note features of each animal (eyes, a tail, ears).

the Adult carries out by Instsenirovaniye`s

by means of toys display of simple plots by means of toys of the average size, for example with a doll, a nested doll, a duck. Includes in the instsenirovany toys representing animals (a doggie, a kitty, the hare, a bear). Carries out with these toys displays of everyday and amusing situations, including vehicles (cars with a body, cars, carts, the sledge).


In an instsenirovaniye with a doll fixes idea of pieces of furniture, clothes and ware (a spoon, a plate, a cup).

Examining of pictures

of the Child images of familiar objects learn to learn

. For examining offer pictures on which one subject is represented, without additional details, in static situation (a doll “lyalya“, a doggie “av - av“, a duck “hectare - hectare“).

Acquaintance to fiction

to the Child can read simple works of folklore (a poteshka, a song, a story) in which content the studied actions available to its understanding are reflected (“Pat-a-cake“, “To forty - a crow“, “A finger - the boy“). To 1 g 3 months the baby learn to understand the simple plot expressed poetically (“Geese are geese“, A. Bartho “Watches the sun in a window“).

Occupation with a doll

the Purpose. to Continue to acquaint the child with surrounding objects, their features and opportunities of use. To teach the facilitated names (a doll - “lyalya“, a doggie - “av - av“). To give concept of common names of these objects, to induce to use the facilitated version of the name or an onomatopoeia in the active speech. To teach the kid to learn familiar objects of the picture, to call them the facilitated words.

Material. Doll of the average size (30 - 40 cm), doggie (20 - 25 cm). Two pictures on which the doll and a doggie is represented.

occupation Course. Mother cleans toys, so that the kid them did not see in the beginning occupation. She attracts the child with cheerful conversation, trying to concentrate its attention, then plays a sketch: knock is distributed. “Someone goes to us on a visit“, - mother says; before eyes of the kid the doll appears. “The doll - “lyalya“ came to Sasha (a name of the child)“, - mother explains. The doll greets if the kid wants to take it in hand, mother gives, but comments on actions of the child: “Where at “lyala“ eyes (handles, legs, a mouth, a nose)? (shows) and where at Sashenka? (shows). Then asks to repeat: “lyalya“ and right there specifies: “Doll“. There is a display of the picture representing a doll further: “Here “lyalya“ - a doll on the picture. Where “lyalya?“ - Here! On the picture - “lyalya“.


In the following part of occupation suddenly distribute bark and there is a doggie, the doll hides. Similar to the first part the sketch with a doggie is carried out, the facilitated word “av-av“ is entered.

In the third part of occupation there is a doll again, the doggie rejoices to a meeting with it. Once again mother tries to enter into the active dictionary: “lyalya“, “av - av“. Asks to repeat them. Shows pictures: “Where “lyalya“?“, “Where“ av - av “?“ If the child is at a loss, mother is responsible for it.

Occupation with the toy car

the Purpose. to Continue to acquaint the child with names of the objects and toys which are in the immediate environment. To learn to understand the words designating actions of a subject (“the Car - “bi - bi“ - went, stopped“).

Material. the Toy car with a body, a doll.

Note: toys have to be proportional each other, the car of 30 - 40 cm, a doll of 20 - 25 cm

the occupation Course. Mother invites the kid to play. Behind a door the sound of the bibikayushchy car is distributed. “What is it? you Hear: “bi - bi - bi“?“ To the room the car drives.

Note: mother is in a doorway to the room and plays the first part of occupation, without showing a toy at once. So the adult increases approximate activity of the kid.


In the second part of occupation plays a car trip sketch, new words - “bi are entered - bi“ went: “bi - bi - bi“, the car hoots: “bi - bi - bi“. “As the car hoots, repeat!“ - mother asks. In the course of occupation the adult focuses attention of the kid on operations of the machine: went, stopped, hooted, again went. Mother tries to enter words into the active dictionary of the child: “bi - bi“ also “bibikat“, at the end builds the offer: “Bibi Bibikayet“.


In the following part of occupation in a car body puts a doll:“ Lyalya“ went; stopped “bi - bi“. The sketch “a doll in the car“ is played situationally, the adult thinks out different simple collisions of a plot, amusing the kid. Enters new and repeats acquaintances for the child lepetny words and onomatopoeias. Makes active the speech of the child. At the end of occupation the doll goes by the car, promising that it will arrive on a visit soon.

Note : it is necessary to repeat occupations 2 - 3 times, strengthening impressions and consolidating knowledge of the kid.

Reading a poteshka “Pat-a-cake - pat-a-cake“

the Purpose. to Teach children to imitate game actions, to form feeling of a rhythm.

occupation Course. Mother plays with the child, reciting:

- Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake! (The child claps palms)
Where were?
- At the grandmother.
- What you ate?
- the Squash. (the Child does by small lamps handles )
- Drank a prostokvashka. Prostokvashka of a vkusnenk, ( the Child inclines a head forward )
the Squash of a sladenk,
the Grandmother of a dobrenk!
Drank, ate, shu - at - at... (the Kid parts with handles )
was flown Home, ( Waves hands )
On a head Pat-a-cake started singing mudflows,
. ( the Child puts handles on a head )



Occupation - the game “Assignments“

Display of objects in operation. Playing with several objects of a simple plot with use of synthesis of actions (“The doggie sat down. The doll sat down. Sasha sat down on a stool“). The game “Assignments“ is a performance of the verbal assignment consisting of one action with participation and the help of the adult.

Purpose. to Continue to acquaint the child with names of actions of a doll, nested doll, a doggie, people. To learn to understand the common name of these actions (to go, fall, sit down, to lay down). In the active speech to allow their replacement with the facilitated words (The doll - “lyalya“, goes - “a top - a top - a top“).

Material. Doll, doggie (bear, Buratino).

occupation Course. Game with objects is developed situationally. The adult thinks out a plot, proceeding from children`s experience and interest in actions of characters. For example, the nested doll came in the beginning, then - a doggie and so on. Then they serially sit down, dance, sing. “The nested doll dances, the doggie dances, the doll dances“ - the adult says.