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Give to the girls their dreams, their fairy tales!

There was a wish to share with you stories about what gifts to me were made by darling as he surprised me and upset for a year of our meetings.

the First gift from it in my life (I on zodiac sign of Fish, and many things in my room are symbolically connected with it).

the Picture is very serious gift as in relation to it it is possible to see the true relation to presented this picture. Of course, it is possible to argue with this statement, but for me what this person, having appeared in my life is unusual became undoubted, won my heart gradually, bribing me attention, care and caress. Thanks to this gift I could understand as far as important it will be pleasant to this person me, to surprise me as he thinks of my mood. If I am for it just next little girl, then he would present me spirits or a photo album, but not such unusual gift.

When we began to meet it, so it turned out that he occasionally remained with me to spend the night, and, once, in the morning, sitting down to a table to have breakfast, I was so pleasantly surprised! He made coffee, and on a table put a pack of the Malyshok cookies to children of 5 months! This day to our relations 5 months were executed. I was so struck that just tears of emotion gathered in the eyes. Not only that I all life considered that men never remember “such“ insignificant dates, so still the usual cookies bought in a supermarket were so presented...

Later, several months later when we had a rest with it in the south, he presented me a star! However, not from the sky, but almost. There was it so: we sat in front of the beautiful color fountain under the moon and kissed as he suddenly screamed: “Look, look!“ Also began to show on the sky, I stared as the silly woman at the night sky, nothing is perfect without understanding, here he jumped and ran to the fountain, ran all over it around, bent in water and got a starfish from there! It was the most usual, bought in the market while I chose souvenirs, but it such native and such for me fantastic.

But, unfortunately, as well as happens in life, all good comes to an end, and owing to unsuccessfully developed family circumstances we became more rare to see and to discuss pressing problems more, but not love. My darling very attentive, very careful and tender, but despite all this, he disappointed me with one gift. All ridge of its magnificent memorable gifts was crossed out by a holiday of the International Women`s Day on March 8!

For this holiday besides a smart bouquet from my favourite flowers I received a tea naborchik (in Japanese - the Chinese style) on two persons. Of course, it beautiful, but such chaynichok with cups in any shop at every turn, and to all other I was never fond of tea drinking or Japanese - the Chinese hand-made articles! Here so it turned out that the mood is impaired a little by a simple sample gift, whether handed for March 8 slightly “under drums“ without any sincerity or enthusiasm.

Frankly speaking, I never also loved on March 8, seemingly, that men for all this time did not learn to understand an essence of this holiday. In my opinion, I would prefer to receive as a gift just attention, its attention to me for the whole day or evening! And I think that it is possible to present attention not only presence, and the small fairy tale where everyone feels like that Real Woman!

would like to wish

I to me to all young people, boys, men: “Give to the girls their dreams, their fairy tales!“ Little girls constantly speak about them, and for this purpose it is not necessary to learn under tortures of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs their desires before date. Just a little attention and there is a little desire to present to the girl pleasant minutes!