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Services for the house

Before revolution in Russia there was completely created market of services for the house - existed steady demand for servants (now house personnel) and the offer of these services in all price positions, the settled prices, and also agencies on hiring of servants and the contingent of the people who chose this work as the main way of earnings, a profession.

In Soviet period this market was if it is not destroyed, then very strongly deformed and transferred to illegal existence. Demand was considerably reduced, and the offer existed or podpolno, or on acquaintance and could not become a legal way of earnings at all. And the relation to work in the home sphere very strongly changed - it is not prestigious, unpromising, is even shameful. Also it was necessary to the tortured women after day of work to work at a factory of the house the nurse, the maid, the cook and the governess in one person.

in recent years the market of house services revives gradually and formed by

, especially in Moscow where the level of the income and where an opportunity to promote and receive good money does not leave time and forces for occupation a household and children is much higher usual over the country.

In Moscow now the market of the offer of house services endures splash, the set of the agencies on employment and hiring of personnel specializing on house servants open, demand grows and, respectively, also the offer grows. The increasing number of teachers, health workers, people with the higher education find self-realization in work in others families. And there is no wonder, considering compensation level in state structures.

But as any growing market, the market of house services has the difficulties. So, the qualified, professional, skilled personnel in obvious deficiency. The offer in the market of house servants huge, the cost of compensation decreases due to inflow of cheap labor from the province, Ukraine, Belarus. At the same time it is not enough professionals knowing the work and guaranteeing quality. If the woman mastered the house, cleaned, prepared and erased, raised the children - it does not do her automatically by the professional in this sphere. 80 percent of offers in the market of house servants - such. And they beat down the prices that does work in the sphere of house services unattractive for the true professionals knowing the price to the work.

the Main contingent in the market of house work - women, the most demanded age - 35 - 55 years, children grew up, the experience is developed, the low wage, pension is even lower, do not hire anywhere - it is necessary to go in servants. On the periphery and in the CIS countries situation is even worse, there are cities and areas where there is no work just, here and go to Moscow to earnings. Teachers, physicians, people with the higher education in those areas which are less demanded presently prevail.

the tendency was outlined Recently - to this sphere there are more and more young specialists. And they already perceive this work as a profession as a sphere of application of forces.

the Review of the settled prices in the market of house services in Moscow

of Service of the nurse - teachers : there was a tendency to count compensation of house personnel, proceeding from hourly payment.

So, the cost of services of the governess varies from 1,5 to 3 dollars for hour of work. Is lower than this limit - the illiterate relative from the CIS - the shny village, the top limit does not exist. The average cost of services of the qualified governess with formation of the necessary profile and experience in a family from Moscow or near Moscow area - 2,5 dollars an hour. The less loading - the more expensive are of services. A real opportunity to save on fee of the governess - to offer the fixed salary. If the cost of services of the governess at standard 10 - the hour working day and five-day working week at the rate of 2,5 dale. in an hour will make the 550th dale. in a month, a salary in the 500th dale. will be the compromise which is quite satisfying both parties.

the Most difficult - to find

the governess on the non-standard schedule - evening hours, Sundays, morning hours, part-time, several days a week. Such options of work can interest either pensioners, or the working people who need a side job, and also living very close, and it is always a question of luck.

Within the settled service prices of governesses, as the personnel estimate the cost of the work, depends not so much on qualification how many from that how many the person received earlier.

That is the spoiled and unpampered governesses exist. With other things being equal they will estimate differently the cost of the services that does not affect quality of their work at all.

the Personnel at the choice of work are guided by the most various reasons: proximity to the house, load degree, compensation, an operating mode, prospects, but the most important factor - the human relations, sympathy or antipathy, psychological climate. Any person will prefer to work, let and for smaller money where he is appreciated and respect than where are dissatisfied with him and do not trust.

the specific type of house personnel - so-called of the housekeeper and nurse in one person Exists. These are ideal hostesses who one hand cook borsch, another is stroke-oared, are engaged in the third with the child, and other remained hands wash clothes, clean the apartment, wash a plate and buy products. At such loading of special knowledge of the developing techniques and rules of etiquette it is not necessary to expect. Usually this work for women of middle age without vocational education and experience, they come to Moscow from the remote place on earnings, do all that they did in the house and receive for it money, decent on their representations. In a year - another they accustom and begin to understand the price to the work, and begin to look for other place, and they are succeeded by others. Such lady can be invited with a salary, beginning from 250 dollars a month if to provide accommodation and food, but then without claims, it is necessary to train her in all knowledge of housekeeping in your house. The professional will cost from 400 dollars and above depending on an operating mode and loading, but you will be able quietly to entrust such person the house and children.

the Governess will be able to prepare your child for school, to develop by various modern techniques of his ability, to practise music, languages, cultural and esthetic development, to give classes with it in concrete subjects of the school program. Hour of work of the governess depending on qualification and degree of inquiries of parents costs from 3 to 15 dollars.

the Maid, the housemaid, the housekeeper, the housekeeper - depending on the volume of work, the number of family members, the area of the apartment or the house - 20 - 25 dollars for standard 8 - michasovy the working day. Washing of windows and clear-out are paid separately.

Nevertheless, in the presence of enough time and a great patience, you will be able to find such personnel what you wish, and for such money what is ready to spend. Only a little luck is necessary.