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Business was in May

Pregnancy washing was very desired and long-awaited therefore, as for the child, we approached everything with special care and attention. I attended classes of water aerobics and physical culture for pregnant women, went to courses, every day herself walked and ate properly... generally, prepared for a meeting with the kid with all responsibility.

I approached

With the same responsibility also the choice of maternity hospital and the doctor. Also I should define - whether I will give birth by agreement with the doctor or under the contract. About free childbirth and about arrival from the ambulance did not go to the first free maternity hospital of the speech. I decided on maternity hospital quickly enough. It is considered in Moscow a one of the best, two of my friends gave birth exactly there and there is it not so far from the house.

Practically on any interesting question to me is come to the rescue by the Internet therefore without my attention there was left no website though somehow connected with childbirth. Having read and having analysed a large number of opinions, having communicated to already taken place mummies, I decided to give birth by agreement. Skilled mummies advised me also the doctor.

Anna Ivanovna (an assumed name) me was pleasant to

at once both as the person, and as the doctor. I was glad that she will deliver at me. The only thing, she made a reservation - since childbirth not under the contract, she does not leave at night, and from May 1 to May 4 she in Moscow will not be at all - she goes for the dacha. And I had a term just on May 4. Several times we met it, and on April 30 having looked at me, she told that for holidays I can quietly walk.

generally, I was absolutely ready to childbirth. As then it appeared, the only thing that I did not provide - it is the MIDWIFE who in all this process occupies nearly the most important role.

So, I arrived to maternity hospital on May 11 with things and with small night fights which on arrival in maternity hospital ended. The doctor looked at me, told that she disclosures any, but, nevertheless, in maternity hospital left, and itself left home. To evening of fight began to amplify, the stopper departed. I was examined by the doctor on duty - disclosure of 2 cm, it is time in a rodblok.

my acquaintance to the midwife took place Here! She was called Albyn (an assumed name). I do not know why, but it was not pleasant to me at once - rather young and self-confident, an imperious look, a pose of “a hand in a side“ and a command voice: “Leave things, quickly in a procedural office, then you will approach me“. I am a person quiet and the situation was not that that to argue and swear at someone, I was waited by my kid, and I waited for him!


brought me into a rodblok, gave couple of injections and by the command voice said:“ It is IMPOSSIBLE to leave a rodblok anywhere, I will come“. Frankly speaking, I imagined absolutely other picture, judging by responses from the Internet and to stories of girlfriends where midwifes sat constantly with the woman in labor, did massage of a waist, told ridiculous stories, amused, well, encouraged and started talking: it did not shine me. Well and figs with you, I thought and concentrated only on myself with the baby - went on a rodbloka, did myself massage, applied the correct technicians of breath, looked in a window (though there was a night, and nothing was visible).

When pain became intolerable, I called Albina. She came, shouted at me - you not one such, all pass through it! And do not distract me at all, I sleep, me for study tomorrow!!!! On my requests to call the doctor, she said that the doctor on duty at us one on all maternity hospital and when it has time, it will come. So repeated several times. Then the doctor came, punctured to me a bubble. Albina several times resorted, checked sensors. But me was not to it any more... About Anna Ivanovna the speech also did not go, there was a night, and I knew that it will not arrive.

the Last hour before Albyn`s families sat with me, controlled a situation. At last, I began attempts. I remember, all ran, began to fuss, and someone told: “Well give, Albine, you will deliver!“ . It seemed to me strange - why the midwife will deliver and where doctors? Around me several people led by Albina gathered. Of course, she did not forget to shout at me. Everything passed remarkably, on the third attempt I gave birth to my daughter! The midwife accepted the baby, put her to me on a stomach, then carried out all necessary procedures - measured growth, weight, turned in diapers and in a blanket, put under a lamp, and escaped.

In five minutes Anna Ivanovna came - took up watch. All procedures concerning me were carried out by her. Albina came, asked how are you, and the first time very sincerely smiled! Then returned and, having giggled, told: “You will not pay off me!“ .

Next time she visited me in two days when she took up watch. Again asked about health, about the baby, but in eyes as Scrooge Makdak, had only dollars. Of course, my husband thanked her then:-).

Nevertheless, I cannot tell that I was not lucky with the midwife, but also I can tell that it was lucky. When I had fights, I did not worry that my doctor will not arrive, I knew that I in maternity hospital and will deliver me. In a minute after the delivery, in a month, and after 10 months, I can tell what I did not have and there is no negative attitude left neither to childbirth, nor to doctors, nor to the midwife.

Ya I perceive manifestation of my daughter on light as the greatest event which is followed only by pleasure, smiles and kind and sincere memoirs! All negative emotions, memoirs and pain leave somewhere very far when you see a small native lump which lived at you in a stomach several seconds ago. Albina in some degree was the good fellow, it constantly kept me in a tone and did not allow to relax, become limp and give in to someone`s pity. I do not know, as if I behaved if I was ironed on the head and calmed. I am very grateful to all. The birth of the child is a miracle, the motherhood is huge radost:. I already want the second.:-)