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We were lucky with the doctor of

of Ilyushk appeared unexpectedly. Just took and loudly declared: “Mother! I here!“ and after that all my life became subordinated to expectation of this magnificent instant - when I at last am able to get acquainted with the daughter (then ultrasonography still said to us that the girl will appear)...

Pregnancy proceeded remarkably, mummy and the kid enjoyed sovmestna time and were heated on the sun, so far... So far mother did not get on research of Doppler after which the doctor told: “It is urgent in maternity hospital, at you heavy gestoz“.


From consultation I was sent to the Lyubertsy maternity hospital. I arrived there in the evening, and since morning to me rendered a verdict “urgent Caesarian!“ but after this operation neither at me, nor at the baby of chances to survive almost any will not be since children`s PITA at them never before was not, and the adult is on a sink. But if mine have an opportunity to transfer me to the 8 or 15 maternity hospital, then they a tuda will release me, but only provided that from there will call and will tell that I am translated there. I had no communications so I called darling to say goodbye and signed a consent to operation.

However darling had the opinion on on what light he wants me and the son to see (on Doppler told that it is the boy). By means of the good girlfriend it found phones 15 of maternity hospital and maternity hospital at 8 GKB. In the 15th maternity hospital reception refused, and the 8th maternity hospital the chief physician Nikolay Nikolaevich, having listened to confused and obfuscatory explanations of darling, told that it will accept me, only he should talk to my attending physician to understand a situation first-hand. After this conversation he told darling that he should get permission in medical department for my hospitalization and that it is possible to carry me.

Ksenia and my pregnant daughter-in-law waited for me by car near maternity hospital and as soon as darling got permission, at once went to take away my things. Yes, it is necessary to tell that at this time I stood with them on the street that doctors me against my will did not put on the operating table. When we came to take away things, in chamber I was waited by a wheelchair to carry to the operating room. I drove the car in cloudy day and understood that life is FINE and that we with the kid will run about on paths of autumn park, collecting leaves by armfuls...

Darling waited for me near gate of maternity hospital. Me put, and the doctor after survey rendered a desired verdict:“ Prolongation“! It meant that every day gave new forces to small, giving more opportunities to remain in this wonderful world! whether

Should say

that after this verdict I had the hardest nervous breakdown: one mention of the Lyubertsy maternity hospital and the butchers working there caused the strongest nervous trembling and tears. Gradually care and kindness of medical staff helped me to calm down, and I already began to forget about this horror when speak to you:“ We will cut anyway, here only opportunities will live at you“...

after that, but all this had a purpose: to allow to survive to the son !

the Kind look of Nikolay Nikolaevich gave

to me confidence in happy end of all this enterprise and gave strength to transfer all these procedures courageously. Its support and a steady careful voice gave the chance to come true to this miracle, emergence one more child on light!

On the night of September 18 my state was at the critical end of the resources, and the decision about Caesarian was made, but we were 31 weeks old! and chances to survive at the son were inexpressibly higher:-).

Operation took place

remarkably, but my state was so heavy that I dangled between heaven and earth 4 more days, all these 4 days doctors fought for my life, and in the next chamber other angels in white dressing gowns fought for life of my boy.

We survived! We won! And it only thanks to boundless professionalism of the chief physician of maternity hospital at 8 GKB Nikolaev Nikolay Nikolaevich! Thank you very much more sincerely!!! Thanks that you save lives of such little and fragile kids that you give hope and life in this such cruel world...

Yes, forgot to tell, in two months I took out the treasure in a big parcel with blue ribbons, to both pride and my happiness there were no borders. Thanks, many thanks to all people who made so many efforts that my kid was born:-).

P. S. This joyful event took place in 2003, but only now I regained consciousness from all nightmares and horrors in which nonprofessionalism and carelessness of doctors from the Lyubertsy maternity hospital shipped me, just now everything was forgotten and remained only pure and joyful feeling of boundless motherhood...