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The suit or how to grow thin to the feeding mother of

This devil`s green boucle suit was a last straw. The mother-in-law convinced me that it to me to the person and as if specially on me it is sewed. I understood that he to me is great, but not so as far as I would like it. The suit, a gift of husband`s mother, was 52 sizes! I was similar in it to the elderly teacher.

- Me long direct skirts do not go, - I stated, lifting a hem to habitual pass.
- You are not just married woman now, you are a mother. It would be time to refuse the fitting things and open dresses, - set me on the right path the mother-in-law.

Frankly speaking, I refused similar dresses already more than a year ago, several months prior to the birth of the little sonny. For pregnancy I gained 16 kilograms, 7 of which strongly settled on my hips and a stomach. Fight for milk deprived of me an opportunity to go on a diet or to cease to eat at least for the night. And a set of economic cares did not do continuous carrying the kid on hands me more harmonously, probably, the number of the consumed calories exceeded all energy consumption. Plus to everything, during pregnancy and after the delivery an organism is adjusted on the maximum preservation of all nutrients in the form of not esthetic fatty stocks. Having understood that you will not argue with the nature, and, having placed priorities in favor of the kid, I gave myself odds for half a year. But, when time of introduction of a feeding up came, and again there was a question of return of to a doberemenny form, it turned out that I got used to eat much and at any time, and it is difficult for me to change the gastronomic habits.

So there passed three more months, there was no this ill-fated green suit which opened for me eyes on my present way of life yet. It was suddenly remembered that I have nothing to carry. All my former things to which I treated with such awe and love did not fit me, risking to get out of fashion hopelessly. My present clothes consisted of the jeans bought by chance on a flea market, a jumper - the loose overall hiding not only superfluous, but also, in general, everything, a brassiere for feeding and several inconceivable dressing gowns. On itself, fat, it there was no wish even to be spent. Except that change of a figure I perceived as a temporary phenomenon, forgetting that nothing in itself will resolve. Also suddenly it became clear that, it appears, davny - long ago I did not buy to myself cosmetics, being limited to children`s face cream and a skin for washing “The pure line“. And earlier expensive cosmetics was my hang-up as, however, and beautiful linen. Now I am not indifferent to the developing toys and children`s books. All the best, of course, for children but also to send itself to an ash heap of history rather early to the - that 26 years. So, at went it is time to work!


So to return confidence in the irresistibility to me it was necessary: to grow thin for 6 - 7 kg, to reduce waist volume by 8 - 10 cm, hips on 5 - 6 cm, besides, to get rid of hated “tanks“ and to tighten a belt. I myself gave to term two months, having decided to act slowly but surely.

the Stage preparatory

As growing thin with an experience and having positive experience in this difficult business, I know that to jump straight away, so to doom myself to a failure therefore week I gave myself on a swing. Namely, I just limited fancy bread, cookies and butter in the diet. Ceased to eat after 19 hours. Also increased walk duration with the child, the benefit there came the spring. The Siberian frosts held us locked up, depriving of the kid of fresh air, and me pleasure of the movement. Now it was possible to be engaged in such original forms of sport as walking on a cross-country terrain with a carriage also its throwing on the fifth floor.

For this week I dumped half a kilogram. That the foundation is laid, it is time to complicate a task.

Main stage. Week the first


to achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to work in several directions at once. Receiving the first result stimulates us on further feats while lack of it long time is capable to shake even the most iron will.

Ya decided to go on the easy diet excluding only gingerbreads - cookies, fat meat, mayonnaise. Ceased to eat after 18 hours. And, above all, ruthlessly reduced the volume of a portion twice. Besides, forbade herself numerous having a snack during the day. For the night nevertheless allowed herself to drink a glass of kefir as at night the kid sucks with special eagerness.

As my main problem places, I was engaged in self-massage of these zones. Self-massage is very effective, at the same time is simple to a disgrace. My mother by means of this method grew thin for 10 kilograms, and in the right places. Of course, at reasonable restrictions in food, but as a supportive application self-massage - a thing excellent. I decided to follow its example and devoted 10 minutes a day to torture of the stomach. Ideally, however, it is necessary to be engaged twice a day. But to save time, the second session of manual massage I replaced with massage with a rigid mitten, at the same time taking a shower. Also I bought cream for elasticity of skin of a body, hoping that together with all the rest and it somehow will prove.

At last and the gymnastic hoop was taken by

from the storeroom and took the lawful place near the TV. Now evening viewing of The House - 2 teleproject began to be combined successfully with scrolling of a hulakhup in three calling for 5 minutes and with jumps on a big ball.

All - having remembered

that I not only good mother, but also the attractive woman, by a holiday on March 8 I updated all the cosmetics, having much acquired on shops while my blessed in which - that eyelids remained with the kid. It will be necessary to return still the right of once a week to go to the pool, and that with arrival of winter I strongly got stuck at home, and it absolutely suited the husband.

Week the second

Results in a week: weight - stable 65 kg, volume of hips did not change, but in waists minus centimeter, besides, the belt was considerably tightened. In general, for a start it is quite good. But for more noticeable effect the task should be complicated still. Decided not to touch a diet yet, increased physical activity, namely: minutes 20 we dance with the child on hands to rhythmical music that it gives pleasure to both of us (though you will not call “gantelka“ easy in 10 kg). Still I began to swing a press with the kid lying standing. Three calling on five times though the sonny persistently demanded continuation. Well, not all at once.

Week the third

Results in a week: weight decreased by kilogram, for the rest any changes. Frankly speaking, does not impress.

Called mother, complained. She told that on the growing moon to grow thin much more difficult, and on growing old extra kilos will thaw like the moon. Something new from area of astrology? Let`s check. Also mother strongly recommended to do massage manually twice a day and after it to do several special exercises on an extension. The reluctance, of course, but is necessary.

Decided to buy

a belt with effect of a sauna for combustion of fats and to put on it during a dancing pause and cleaning of the apartment. Generally I do not trust advertizing, but judged so that if massage softens fat, then, perhaps, the belt will help to burn it.

Yes, to hardly feeding mother to grow thin. Though there are lucky women who grow thin only thanks to feeding by a breast. Unfortunately, it is not my case.

Week the fourth

Results in a week: got rid of kilogram of live weight, in a waist grew thin for centimeter, the volume of hips differs in stability.

Weight is lost by

slowly, but, I hope, truly. The girlfriend recognizing only radical ways of weight loss was surprised: “How you, in general, manage to grow thin, you do nothing?“ “To do“ in its understanding is to sit week on naked kefir.“ You know, I for some reason do not like to starve. Well, does not give me this pleasure. I am better as - nibud“ - I joke. Though I and after six am hungry too. But this matter of habit.

Bought advertizing of massage cream against cellulitis. Thanks to it, it was succeeded to persuade to do massage twice a day. Manufacturers claim that “in two weeks the layer hypodermically - fatty deposits considerably will decrease“. Well, once again it is necessary to act as a guinea pig.

Week the fifth

Results in a week: weight - 62,5 kg, in waists minus one and a half centimeters, hips postroynet on centimeter.“ Losses“ in a month: in weight - 3 kg, in a waist - 3 - 4 cm, in hips - 1 cm. Speed, frankly speaking, turtle. But nutritionists consider that optimum weight reduction is and there are 3 kg a month. Pleases that the waist just thaws in the eyes and the belt is tightened. It is passed just a half of a way, ahead a month more. What still it to think up? But about it next time.

a suit the girlfriend promised to alter

A, it dangles on me as a wedding ring on a little finger. Whether still will be.

Be continued.