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How much is the good nurse and how to find it?

of Ways to find the child nurse are not a lot of and not so a little. Yapereprobovala practically all from them. It would be just guilty not podelitsyas the public the already two years` experience.

Can find the nurse:

the First way of search of the nurse is considered the safest. But in it it is inherent tselyyryad problems.

can not appear

of Acquaintances or it is possible as a result of long searches naytinyanyu through acquaintances, as unpredictable as Inyang, found according to the announcement.

the Choice will be anyway small

. It is unlikely will offer you more than 5 - 6 pretenders. The nurse surely too will feel “exclusivity“.

If to you carries

and the nurse will be from your immediate environment, for example, mother`s girlfriend, then probably and it will be much quieter to you to leave rebenkav the first time, but further there can be big ethical problems. What to do, for example, if in one or two weeks of work you understand, chtonyanya does not arrange you? How to tell about it to the nurse, rekomendovavshemunyanyu to the person? Who will recommend you the new nurse now?

If you took

the nurse of the familiar for a long time person, to you inevitably to pridetsyarazdelitsya between the friendly informal relations with the nurse iformalny. What you will face if it turns out, for example, what nyanyasovershenno not so communicates with your child how you would like it? She does not beat him, of course, and even does not shout at him, but, let us assume, slishkomchasto calms 2 summer kids by means of a candy or feeds voprekiy to protests because she considers that only it is a pravilnymvospitaniye? And she can just reads to the child less, than to you would etogokhotetsya? Or has too often a rest and drinks tea, the child one in the room so far? These problems can seem someone a trifle, but for YOU onimonut to be serious.

In my opinion, the good nurse, is the nurse neutral, capable to follow your instructions in accuracy even if they d not vsegdakanutsya by it correct. She, of course, can and has to state the mneniyev controversial issues, but after discussion of a situation with you, it to dolzhnadeystvovat and just as YOU consider it necessary because onavospityvat YOUR child. Sometimes, it is very difficult to achieve takikhvzaimootnosheniye with well familiar person with whom already slozhilisyopredelenny relations. The most pleasant for you in every respect chelovekmozht not to meet your expectations as the nurse for a vashegorebenka at all. Quite so quite often the situation is with grandmothers. If it was not lucky, then it was not lucky. Unfortunately, according to my acquaintances, it is not vezetdostatochno frequent.

I do not know

whether I in nurses wanted to have the close acquaintance. To me, unfortunately (fishers to happiness), it was not necessary to make such decision. The suitable nurse srediznakomy just did not appear.

On acquaintance of the nurse was not, it is terrible to take foreign person. What to do? So there is a wish that somebody competently solved your problem zatebya. Here and I so thought and therefore began to ring round agencies.

At first I decided that the nurse is necessary to me for only 2 - 3 hours a day. Mnesoobshchili, that in this case, the nurse has to have very big pochasovayaoplata. At the present prices - it is 1 - 1,5 dollar an hour. At such malenkomkolichestvo of hours more likely the last, than the first. I estimated that etoprimerno 80 dollars a month and agreed. The agency needed to byotdat 40 more dollars. In some agencies it was necessary at once to go to ipodpisat the contract, in others - was to give the consent on telefonu in more detail enough to describe what nurse I want to have. I very much do not love vykhoditlishny time from the house therefore I was limited to oral instructions in neskolkikhagentstvo, and began to wait. It is necessary to tell, passed to many vremeniprezhda, than I was called and told approximately following:“ We have a nurse svysshy pedagogical education, very good and kind, it is 45 years old, onavyrastit two children and she lives in 40 minutes from you. At it estyopyt 3 years in a family with the child of 2 years. She, of course, would like rabotatpolny day, but she is ready to consider your offer. If you want, Toma we can arrive to you and talk“. I, of course, tried to a poluchitbolsha of information and on this nurse, and about others who to me were offered too. But also the subsequent characteristics, as a rule, did not differ in a nioriginalnost, details. Perhaps, I would find out bolsheinformation at personal meeting, but not to receive ALL potentsialnopodkhodyashchy nurses moreover and their managers! There was no wish to go on five times in day of a vagentstvo to me too. I was interested as agency proveryaetnyan. I was answered that they watch documents, medical certificates of an irekomendation. I thought, as itself I am able to watch documents and references, hardly I accept such check. Recommendations of strangers will hardly help a mnetozha. Anyway, there were very few offers.

Then I decided that, it is possible all the matter is that good nurses to hotyatrabotat the whole day and to make good money, and I decided to change approach. To Stalaiskat the nurse for the whole day. I was told that in this case the ostavka can say that in general is cheaper. That it costs at least 250 dollars in mesyatspr the eight-hour working day. Plus at least a half of a rate of the nurse - to agency. I agreed. The offered nurses according to the description differed in nothing from previous. I became puzzled. And that it is better a prochuvstvovatsituation, decided to try to probe the market independently.


Ya that under all other equal conditions, all - is more convenient, and for the nurse, and dlyanas when the nurse does not go to the child through all city. In this case and it is possible to pay less, and infections the nurse will bring less, and the working day it will begin not exhausted by a crush in transport. Having taken “From hand to hand“, I selected suitable nurses, taking into account the announcement of an imest of accommodation of the nurse (on a phone number). By the way, any agency, never offered me the nurse closer, than in 30 minutes transport from us.

Texts of announcements in newspapers, as a rule, differ in nothing in

from technical descriptions which gave me in agencies earlier. Even if the posravneniye lacked something, with information from agency, also, everything vyyasnyaloss the first words during telephone conversation with the pretender.

I made by

of All not less than 20 calls that time. Having personally talked to nurses, I obtained about them much more information, than could give me agency. It gave me enthusiasm. I thought that without intermediaries to me to a dazheluchsha. I quite can also hold preliminary negotiations. However the niodna the nurse was not pleasant to me again. Of course, I am much better for a predstavlyalaseba the nurse, having spoken with it personally by phone. However, all the same ostavaloschuvstvo that person absolutely unfamiliar. Any documents and rekomendatsiiv our time can be organized. At competent approach the professionalnyymoshennik will be able to deceive both the individual, and any agency to which he to a nyanyatozha, in essence, comes from the street. Unfortunately, agencies only to obeshchayutproverit the nurse, and in practice do not go further banal verification of documents. By Yamogu to make the same, but I as the person who is personally interested after a krayneymer, I will make it most honestly.

Some nurses which could be pleasant to me, having learned that I have a netkottedzha in the country, cooks and housekeepers, and I do not plan trip abroad, lost interest. Others were not pleasant to me. The most unpleasant, chtoya felt as the applicant. The first and main the question which was myobsuzhdat was monetary. Many did not even try to learn anything the pro-child. Asked whether it is necessary to prepare what apartment at us, who eshchebudt in the apartment except the child and, even whether we have a microwave.

asked to tell

Ya the nurse about herself. As a rule, nurses were dostatochnorazgovorchiva. Attentively listening to the nurse, it was possible to receive weight faktovdlya reflections and from experience of its previous work and about her family. The correct, competent speech was for me big plus too. Having talked dostatochnodolgo, I, even at initial visibility of wellbeing, it is frequent obnaruzhivalanechto it that did not arrange me at all. One, for example, from a gordostyyusoobshchil to me that she is very appeasable woman. In a former family where onapoluchat 400 dollars at 12 - the hour working day every other day where were an eshcheekonomka and the cook, the girl of 4 years was constantly fed for breakfast with cervelat. To Vrezultatya the girl had locks. But this nurse did not begin to complain the naekonomka buying not those products, to the girl`s parents! From this eerasskaz and blew softly infinite dismantling in kitchen. “Bednyyrebenok“, - I thought.

Time went, and I even had no slightest desire to invite at least one nurse for personal meeting. There was only a horror: “As I can an ostavitrebenka absolutely to the stranger!“ The solution of a question was postponed, the benefit that I had no work yet, and I quite coped. As a last resort, it was always possible to resort to the help of girlfriends. But it odnazhdysluchitsya so that on Thursday offered me work to which I a dolzhnabyla to come next Tuesday: you represent what nightmare? I, of course, stopped ringing again on “From hand to hand“. With former result. In an agentstvodazha there was no sense to address. Obviously, for days off they to me would find nothing. Then I remembered council of one girlfriend, printed announcements, put the one-year-old child on the sledge, and on the first snowball we to poyekhalirazveshivat these announcements on the residential district...

When we came back home, on an answering machine there were already three calls. Nikakayagazeta cannot brag of such efficiency. All Friday and Saturday of a myotvechala on calls continuously. Payment was appointed minimum - 1500 rubles a month. A full load with the child, till 40 o`clock in a week. Vobyazannosti entered also: daily damp cleaning, cooking for the child, and for us - an ironing. The child has a serious allergy, and these are nakladyvalodopolnitelny problems and duties. Despite much more skromnyeusloviya, than I planned earlier, talk with potential nyanyamiprintsipialno differed from those which I conducted before. These nurses of a bylizainteresovana in work, and, at me. They called me. They differed in nothing in Vostaln from professionals from the newspaper. Bylikhoroshy and bad, there were those whom payment or conditions did not arrange, there were those whom everything suited, and they suited me previously. In a poslednemsluchaa, I wrote down their phone and short comments about a nashegorazgovor. Name, age, education, profession, experience, existence sobstvennykhdety, general impressions. In two days I once again saw the spiskiya called only three nurses. I thrust to them on a visit for acquaintance:“ It is possible right now? In about 15 - 30 minutes?“ Having visited at house nurses (sosednikhdoma), having looked at their families, documents, I was much more sure vy reliability than if the nurse to me was recommended by agency. I zheprikhodit to the nurse unexpectedly. It is unlikely in such extraordinary situatsiikaky - nibud the swindler would manage to be trained for visit seriously. To Vrezultatya we spent Sunday and Monday with the chosen nurse together (two more were for emergency), and on Tuesday it already worked itself, and I left to a narabot. My continuous arrivals to unexpected time allowed me to vozmozhnostyubeditsya that it seems everything is all right. It was the pensioner with a vysshimobrazovaniye. She lived together with the husband through the yard from us. Grew up troikhsvoy children. Worked for us year. Everything was normal, it is even ideal if not her husband, from - for whom we in a year also left it. By the way, I saw the husband from the very beginning too. Problems arose how the nurse began to work for us.

But me it was already simpler than

. I understood the main thing. Agencies specially to the nurse`s zavyshayutzarplat. They wait for convenient clients. Of course, there is nothing more simply, chemnayt the nurse for big money. And the commission charges at the same time are higher. New Russians Pokazhinut on light: but to raise or lower a salary - moyelichny business and business of circumstances. I represent what quantity zvonkovbylo if I designated a salary, for example, of 250 dollars a month as planned at the beginning. Also all mestnyeprofessionalka which could be also through agency, and cherezgazeta would call, for certain. But we even carry ourselves to middle class hardly. Why platittak there is a lot of when and so everything arranges?

When I looked for the new nurse, I already, without reflecting, the kleityobjyavleniya went. To avoid mad quantity of calls, I specified at once vobjyavleniya age of the child, the nurse`s duty (including obligations for the house) and its salary - 2000 rubles a month (inflation in a year). Calls bylodostatochno, but any more were not excess reasonings on that, for example, that we plan to pay drizzles a little. It was not necessary to repeat also hundred times to one itozha. Those whom something did not suit simply did not call. This their right - to look for more suitable employer. And we found in own a podjezdedevochka of 23 years absolutely us arranging.

Still from the first we refused hourly payment. It okazalosvygodno and to us (in general maybe it is not less, but everything is predictable) and the nurse (the monthly guaranteed earnings). As well as for the first time, at once byloobuslovleno that the day regimen unrationed is also regulated a tolkoverkhny limit in a week, no more than 40 hours. But it can be 3 chasasegodnya, but 12 tomorrow. All the rest, for example, work on Saturday - a zadopolnitelny payment. Such strange schedule was demanded by my work. But it onokazatsya by the most optimum as we, in a consequence, never had problems with late arrivals. Vseobyazannost were stipulated and registered. From this fall our child goes to a garden, but the nurse to a podrabatyvayet us still.

the Most important dignity of our nurses that it is byliprilichny women both of them valued the work. And, so and a delalivsa about what they were asked as they were asked. What, actually, to us itrebovatsya. Perhaps, nurses also did not own any latest techniques, but honestly read what I asked, showed cards, played games which I left. I did not see how they did it, but saw return a porebenka. I saw with what mood the child with the nurse remains. Chestnogovor, I with the child am engaged much less. The nurse - the governess a water bottle, it, perhaps, and is good, but, in my opinion, except a sluchayevpogruzheniye on language Wednesday, unreasonably expensively. When the child grew up, our nurse just drove the child on the developing occupations.

Tires with

, of course, to look for the nurse independently. Week continuously of an otvechatn are ringing. But also with managers in agency it is necessary to conduct dlitelnyeperegovor too. However, time having found the decent nurse in 3 days, I do not panic to a priperspektiva of new search any more. I am quiet. I know that the nurse so or inachebudt is found. It is reflected in my relationship with nurses. Obychnyenyani, anything special. And tolerant shortcomings, of course, were found sovremeny both in that, and in another. But I compare the situation with a situation of usvoy acquaintances and I understand that any excesses and only the second nurse of a zadv of year at very moderate payment is in itself neplokhoyrezultat.

of Good luck to you in search of the nurse!