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Methods of self-complacency

Such negative emotions as anger, aggression and irritation take away many mental forces. In this regard we will consider methods of their suspension, techniques, and also three effective ways of finding of composure in any critical situations.

Negative emotions, especially such as anger, aggression and irritation, take away many mental forces and therefore it is desirable to fall as seldom as possible into such state which is seriously complicating business activity and, naturally, not giving the chance to create positive business image. In this regard it makes sense to consider techniques and methods of their suspension.

  1. Always divide the person and a problem. Concentrate on it. It is more important. It will switch you from emotional level to rational. Then it is simpler and easier to resolve a contradiction. Besides such switching exempts from affect, rough emotional reaction at which the consciousness is disconnected and process of behavior is not controlled.
  2. Present to
  3. on the place other person. As if it behaved in this situation? Play a role of this person. It will help to forget about itself and to cool anger.
  4. Can be presented to
  5. also such picture. Between you and your partner a glass wall. You see its angry gestures, but do not hear what he tells. The need will disappear to answer with “growl“ too. Choose some detail in its toilet (badly sewn button, the tie which got off on one side, etc.), look attentively at it, tell thoughtfully: “You will lose a button, and on sale of such is not present“. You will hear in reply: “What to hell button!“ Show:“ This“.
  6. you began to boil for anger, are ready to state to the partner offensive words, but overcome yourself: quietly, you are sure of yourself, you are self-controlled. Smile or represent a smile myshechno. Present what smile, ridiculous at you.
also following three methods of self-complacency are Very useful to


  1. of Rationalization of anger . This method demands to comprehend first of all the reason which generated anger and to attach it other significance. Emotions operated you, and the reason fell down. Wake him. Learn lessons.

Look for something positive in what happened. It always is. Find, and the situation will look a little differently.

, as a rule, the person almost tries to obtain nothing

In anger. And you reached nothing too, having given vent to the emotions. Wonder: Whether “What I did not reach is very important for me?“ After such questions to you it has to become ridiculous if you have humour.


whether your partner of which you think had those motives and intentions? Whether and in the business he wanted to humiliate you by the own words or actions?

Double-check yourself and mentally ask whether you made everything that your partner did not behave roughly and offensively. Probably, it was dissatisfied with your actions if to speak frankly. Tell yourself:“ Yes, this type has to have enormous endurance and great respect for me not to break“.

  1. of Visualization of anger . His technician it is directed to enduring an event which will cool anger. For example, you were offended by some person. You on it are angry. But if you could see this person in any humiliating situation, you would have a content (“So and it is necessary to you“), it is possible - even pity to it. And your anger, most likely, would disappear.

    of the Technician of visualization teaches that all conflict situation was lost in imagination, as if on the internal screen and by that would extinguish anger. For visualization it is necessary to relax, concentrate on internal feelings and to normalize breath. It is possible to recommend the following options of visualization of anger:

    1. in human height, caused your anger. Let he will be a dwarf, the gnome or a small insect;
    2. try to see this person in a ridiculous look;
    3. present anger in the energy bunch form which goes through you to the earth;
    4. think up a scene of the imagined revenge in relation to your offender and enjoy a revenge (only in imagination, of course).
  1. of the Relaxation (communication force between nervous and muscular systems). Her technician it is based on relaxation of muscular system after which also the nervous system relaxes. Using this equipment, it is necessary to work in the following sequence.

    1. try to soften the anger In the beginning and to appease aggression. Let`s them leave you and do not constrain them. Take this time with any physical activity.
    2. Then as much as possible relax, carry out small auto-training and myshechno represent a smile on the face. Let it will be similar to a grimace in the beginning. Look at yourself in a mirror. Your look will really raise at you a smile, but not artificial, but real, but, however, very ironic.
    3. quicker to calm down, it is not necessary to pace the room quickly. Stop and concentrate on the internal feelings better. You monitor the breath. Try that it was deeper.
    4. you do not hurry with the answer to yours, probably, too to the excited partner. You hold a pause as long as possible. Such pause will allow to calm down quicker, to concentrate and pick up the worthy answer better. At the same time you do not seek to revenge the partner or any word to wound his self-esteem. You remember need “to save face“ both for yourself, and for it.

It is known that negative emotions more influence our hearing. Therefore in intense situations it is necessary to fix attention not on negative acoustical feelings, and on visually perceived objects.

the Opponent irritating you continues to tell to

something that causes negative emotion. To be fenced off from action of his speech, try to see his face - as it is possible more distinctly, in all details as though you were going then to draw his portrait on memory.

Should be looked silently, very attentively, but not to “stare“, namely to consider to see. During this deliberate pause when you became silent, try to see as much as possible details of a situation near your excited opponent.

Whoever was your opponent - the chief or the subordinate, senior or younger, - your sudden, unexpected silence by all means will cause in it bewilderment: its emotional intensity will begin to weaken.

Consciously kept calm always is manifestation of strength of mind and therefore gives huge advantage, having the big force of influence. It is necessary only that your silence and examining were not apprehended by the opponent as manifestation of hostility and the ironic attitude towards him.